There are craft beer people in the world and wine lovers too, and then there are those who prefer whiskey. And there’s much more to drinking whiskey than one would think watching the guy at the neighborhood bar drinking boiler makers. For the whiskey connoisseurs of the world, drinking whiskey is a whole other world. Whether enjoyed neat, straight or on the rocks, and regardless if opting for a single malt whiskey, a blended scotch or a finely crafted whiskey cocktail, drinking whiskey has become hip again. Whether you’re new to whiskey drinking or a seasoned whiskey lover — or maybe you’re just gearing up for St. Paddy’s Day — either way, we’ve listed some of the best Irish whiskey cocktails in all of Chicagoland to help you out.
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The Alderman 
259 E. Erie St. 18th Floor
Chicago, IL. 60611
(312) 337-0101

Located in Chicago’s trendy Streeterville neighborhood is GreenRiver, up on the 18th floor of its E. Erie address. Bright and beautiful and with a lengthy drink menu, GreenRiver offers cocktails that pay homage to the Irish Americans that helped build Chicago and make the city the thriving megalopolis that it is today. One of which is called The Alderman, and it’s a careful blend of Teeling Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey, Wild Turkey 101 Proof Rye Whiskey, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Averna Amaro, coffee, black walnut, lemon, sesame and Decanter bitters. Robust, like our city’s politics, this is a cocktail that will not soon be forgotten.

The Fado Jameson And Lemonade 
Fado Irish Pub
100 W. Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 836-0066

There’s nothing flashy or intricate about The Fado Jameson and Lemonade cocktail, but sometimes the simple things are truly the best of what’s out there. You can try one for yourself at The Fado Irish Pub on the Near North City of the city. A nice mix of Jameson Irish Whiskey with Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade, the Fado Jameson and Lemonade is sweet and fruity, and perfect for those who still want the taste of whiskey but prefer a lighter cocktail.

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Teeling Irish Coffee
Emmit’s Irish Pub
495 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60654
(312) 563-9631

There is just something comforting about a hot glass of steamy Irish coffee. Just like soup or tasty meat loaf, a nice Irish coffee will warm you up on a chilly day and help you feel that all is right in the world. In Chicago, if you’re craving an Irish coffee Emmit’s Irish Pub is the place to go. Located in one of Chicago’s more distinctively shaped buildings in the River West/West Loop area, Emmit’s Irish Pub is owned by two former fireman, and provides both the warmth and nostalgia of a traditional Irish pub. Their Teeling Irish Coffee — a pleasant combination of Teeling Irish Small Batch Whiskey, Caffe Borghetti, whipped cream and cinnamon — is perfect with either a warm meal or alone.

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Bird In The Bush
Chief O’Neill’s Pub and Restaurant
3471 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60618
(773) 583-3066

It seems suddenly like there are a lot of cocktails with ginger beer in them — and with good reason — but this is a nice little blend that whiskey lovers will not want to miss. The Bird In The Bush cocktail is also made with Black Bush Irish whiskey and blackberry currant, and it’s as sweet as it is refreshing. And Chief O’Neill’s Pub and Restaurant is the place to get it. Named for an immigrant, Chicago Police officer, author, historian and musician, Chief O’Neill’s in Chicago’s Avondale area is an ever-inviting place for dinner or drinks any day or night of the week.

Hot Toddy
The Grafton Pub
4530 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60625
(773) 271-9000

Although traditionally a Scottish drink, the Hot Toddy became popular in Ireland for its believed medicinal properties. Used to treat everything from a sore throat to the flu to even insomnia, incidentally, a Hot Toddy is also pretty delicious. And a great place to try one is at The Grafton Pub in Lincoln Square, offering great burgers and food, Irish folk music and a massive whiskey menu. Made with Irishman Original whiskey, sugar in the raw and clove-lemon, the Hot Toddy will sooth whatever is ailing you, or you might want to just enjoy it because it’s hot whiskey and it’s good.Related: Best Bars In Chicago That Opened In 2015

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