Best Local Art Enthusiasts In Chicago To Follow On Twitter

September 16, 2013 7:00 AM

(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

Staying up-to-date with what’s new in the Chicago art scene can be a full-time task unto itself. Between gallery openings, new exhibits and emerging artists making their mark, finding out about these events can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. By following a number of Chicago-area art enthusiasts, you can stay in the loop of exciting events and get the scoop on what’s hot around town. Where do you get started? Consider checking out the following local art enthusiasts on Twitter.

Chicago Gallery News

The Twitter handle of Chicago Gallery News, @ChiGalleryNews is a great way to read of what’s happening in the Windy City’s art scene. The Twitter handle keeps followers informed of new gallery openings and other art-related events. The Twitter handle also links to the publication’s website, where you can find news on different galleries. The account is updated frequently, ensuring you have the latest information on what’s going on in the city, as well as news beyond the local art scene. It also doesn’t just stick to the 312 and 773 area codes; you can also use the site to check out what’s happening on the art front in the suburbs.

Art World Chicago

The Twitter handle of Art World Chicago will keep you in the know of what’s going on with local artists in and around the area. In addition to gallery openings and exhibits, the organization keeps followers updated on workshops and classes around town so you can learn new skills and network with fellow artists. The organization also follows a number of artists and writers located in Chicago, as well as those who live around the world so you can explore and find new works. How else can it keep you informed? The organization retweets a number of gallery openings and other art-related events in the area.

Bad At Sports

Why stick to just Chicago artists when you can find out what’s happening around the world? By following Bad at Sports on Twitter, you can stay up-to-date on the organization’s latest podcasts, where the art scene is discussed. The Twitter handle is also fun and, at times, a little bit cheeky; not only does it keep followers updated with the latest podcasts and articles available on the Bad at Sports site, but it also posts pictures of scenes from around Chicago. The Chicago-based organization has interviewed a number of artists and the podcasts are a fun listen, making art accessible.

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The Chicago Architecture Blog

If you’re looking for an architecture-focused Twitter, then consider checking out The Chicago Architecture Blog’s account. The blog digs deep and gives users updates on construction projects around Chicago, getting up close and personal with the construction sites. The Twitter account also directs users to articles on the blog that pertain to art, including a look at neon signs in Chicago and street art in the city’s Near West Side. The organization hits the right spot when it comes to tweeting, typically only writing a few posts per day. You won’t be inundated with tweets by following @ChicagoArchitec.

Chicago Reader

If you’re looking for a new gallery opening, then consider following the Chicago Reader’s Twitter handle. The account gives links to the website’s articles that take you off the beaten path and give you the heads up on new exhibits opening around the city. Covering food, literature, music, visual arts, dance, theater and other forms of art, the Chicago Reader will keep you updated on what’s new in the area and which new art projects you should consider. Since the Chicago Reader also has news on politics around town, you might want to consider following arts and culture writers like Aimee Levitt (@aimeelevitt) and Leor Galil (@imLeor).

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