Still a relatively new form of media, podcasting originated in the 1980s and was initially referred to as “audioblogging.” Since that time, podcast fever has blossomed to include hundreds of thousands of podcasts in the U.S. alone, covering pretty much any topic that anyone can think of — things from sports to literature, music to fashion, pets to technology to celebrities and on and on. With Chicago being as diverse and dynamic a city as it is, there are also a wide variety of podcasts devoted completely to the Windy City as well. Here are some of the best locally-focused podcasts about Chicago to check out.
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Your Chicago

Everyone in Chicago has got a couple of friends who think that this city and everything in it is the greatest on Earth — and maybe you are one of those people. Well, “Your Chicago” is hosted by these kind of people too, and you’ll love listening to their views about the things and people that make the Windy City so wonderful. Listen in to hear them chat about the city’s food, events, and so much more that is completely and utterly Chicago. And depending on what you do in and for this great city, you might even get a chance to be a guest on Your Chicago, too!

Windy City Queercast

Since it’s formation in 2006, Windy City Queercast has been paramount in offering a comfortable place to cover LGBT issues in Chicago and in the world. Brought to you by the Windy City Media Group, Windy City Queercast shows are free and uncensored, and provide all the hottest new GLBT news, entertainment and sense of community. Offered twice-weekly, Windy City Queercast is hosted by Amy Matheny and Peter Mavrik and appeals not only to Chicagoans, but to listeners from all over the world.

Wrigleyville Nation

Chicago is a baseball town! And with two MLB teams to choose from, there’s always passionate talk going on somewhere about either the Cubs or the Sox. As far as the North-siders go, those Cubbies are heartbreakers, but the die-hards love them anyway. A great way to share the excitement, and sometimes agony, with other Cubs lovers is with Wrigleyville Nation. Listen in to hear talk from the fans and for the fans, and all about the Chicago Cubs.Related:  Best Chicago Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Chicago Beer Pass

Craft beer has been booming in the U.S., and with good reason. Long gone are the days of import beers being what beer lovers are fawning over, now there are thousands of different kinds of excellent beers being made right here in this country and in Chicago. Hosted by Brad Chmielewski and Nik White, Chicago Beer Pass talks about all of the craft beer events going on in the city and surrounding areas. Grab a cold one and listen in to hear all about the city’s craft beers and scene, and enjoy the fact that Chicago has most definitely and officially become a craft beer town.

Chicago Poetry Tour

The city of Chicago can be both beautiful and edgy. It has a rich history, and its inhabitants deal with extremes in pretty much everything — and all these things are great creative fodder for poetry about this colorful town. The Chicago Poetry Tour celebrates the poets and poetry that this town has given birth to. With podcasts every two weeks, tune into the Chicago Poetry Tour to hear the words crafted about and inspired by the Windy City, and about the artists who penned them.Related: Best Street Art In Chicago

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