Chicago winters are synonymous with ice, cold winds and snow, so make sure your pet stays warm when the temperature gets near zero. From warm and stylish sweaters for dogs to pond supplies for your fish, stores in the Chicago area offer a wide selection of gear to keep your pet comfortable and warm, even when the temperatures dip below freezing. To get started in finding the right cold-weather supplies for your pet, consider checking out the following five stores in the Chicago area.



Chicago Reptile House
14410 John Humphrey Drive
Orland Park, IL 60462  
(708) 349-9055
If your pet is the slithery sort, then maintaining a constant and warm temperature in a tank or aquarium is of utmost importance, especially if you keep your home at cooler temperatures during winter. At Chicago Reptile House, you can pick up what you need to maintain a comfortable temperature for your reptile. The store offers a selection of heating lamps, thermometers, heaters for under the tank and other gear so you can be assured your pet stays warm. Products are available for an assortment of reptiles, including snakes, frogs and turtles. The store can also help you get set up with everything you need before you bring home your new scaly friend as it offers an assortment of kits and informational books on proper pet care.

Windy City Parrot
906 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(877) 287-0810

Do you have a feathered friend? Then you’ll want to keep them cozy and warm this winter by stocking up on gear from Windy City Parrot. Located in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood, Windy City Parrot features an assortment of products your bird will appreciate this winter, including spray conditioners that prevent your bird’s skin from drying out. Other must-have items include calcium supplements, temperature controllers, heat panels and heated perches. You can also help your bird get comfortable with plush sleepers, which are available in an assortment of sizes.

Living Sea Aquarium
811 W. Devon Ave.
Park Ridge, IL  60068
(847) 698-7258

For pond owners, making sure the fish survive the winter is of utmost importance, especially as Chicago can see below-freezing temperatures. At Living Sea Aquarium, located just outside Chicago’s Northwest Side in Park Ridge, you can find pond heaters and pond deicers to keep the fish alive during cold weather. If you have a conventional indoor aquarium, you can pick up other supplies to maintain the tank’s temperature, including heaters. The store also offers an extensive selection of equipment and accessories for any tank setup.

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Tails In The City
1 E. Delaware Place
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 649-0347

If you want your pooch to be both fashionable and warm this winter, then you should check out Tails in the City. The boutique store, located in Chicago’s Near North Side, offers a wide selection of sweaters in both classic patterns and snazzy holiday designs. While it’s important your dog stays warm this winter, you should also make sure her paws are safe from sidewalk salt by picking up a set of boots. If your dog doesn’t like to wear boots, you can do the next best thing by picking up paw wax at the boutique. Scarves and coats in an array of designs will also ensure your dog is the best dressed at the doggy park.

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