By Lauren Wulf

Whether you’re looking for a delicious tuna meal for lent or just because you love tuna, this list has you covered. From sushi to the classic tuna melt, here are a few of the best places to try the big tuna in Chicago.

With a focus on seasonal ingredients, the tuna at BOKA is always fresh and delicious. This 2-year Michelin starred restaurant is a must-try. The yellowfin tuna is served raw with rice cakes, sriracha pearls, kewpie mayo, finger limes and pickled ginger.

For a quick bite of tuna on the go, check out Lil’ Guys in Bucktown. These mini-sandwiches are more filling than meets the eye. Even though there was plenty of sandwich to go around, you won’t want it to end. This classic tuna melt sandwich is warm, gooey and delicious. The tuna greatness continues at their additional location in Northbrook.

You may have seen chef, Heather Terhune on Bravo’s Top Chef Texas. Terhune does Chicago proud both on and off TV. The tuna tartar tostadas are one of the best things on this menu. You can get it as an entree or share it with the table as an appetizer. Served with spicy tomato salsa and meyer lemon crema, there’s a hint of spice mixed with a cool bite of creamy lemon. The tostada gives the dish a perfect amount of crunch.

For a quick sandwich, Jason’s Deli is a fresh and delicious option. The tuna melt at Jason’s is served with their homemade tuna salad, topped with melted swiss cheese, mayo and tomato, grilled on whole grain bread. This fast growing chain is popping up all over town.

Enjoy your tuna, sushi-style. Japonais is a River North hot spot and sushi mecca. The spicy tuna roll is made with seasoned tuna and sashimi. The red chili pepper mayonnaise gives the roll a delicious, spicy kick.

Spotted on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” Nana has been famous in Chicago long before it’s TV fame. The family-owned, organic restaurant serves local food fit for any family. When the tuna nicoise salad is on the menu at Nana, I highly recommend it. Perfectly seared yellowfin tuna is cooked to perfection. With fresh, organic salad served underneath, it’s a healthier alternative to the ever-delicious tuna melt.

Lauren Wulf, CBS Chicago

Lauren Wulf writes about living in Chicago on a budget on her website, A Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago.