DMK Burger Bar

DMK Burger Bar

A burger is on virtually every menu in the city, but it can be hard to find one that is made just right for you. Ever thought of putting porkbelly on your burger? How about cucumbers or pineapple? Look no further because here are my favorites that helped me master the art of a perfect burger.


Organic restaurants love burgers too, and at Province, they know how to do it well. They serve the greasy, gooey goodness of a burger along with your choice of porkbelly, homemade sauces, caramelized onions, egg, avocado, mushrooms, three types of cheese, and the list takes up the whole page of the menu. Burgers are served with their deliciously seasoned potato fries and homemade-spiced ketchup. Every Wednesday, Province offers Chicagoans the opportunity to build your own delicious burger for only $10 and BONUS, this price includes your choice of a 3 Floyds beer. I’m beginning to love being healthy.

161 North Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL 60661

The Counter

It all starts with a clipboard: The clipboard that asked all 2,896,016 people in the city what they enjoy to smother their burger with. Step 1: Choose your meat of choice. Would you like beef, chicken, turkey, veggie or market selection? Second, choose its weight. Third, would you like it on a bun or in a bowl? Step 2: Choose your cheese. Would you like Danish blue cheese, herb goat cheese spread, jalapeno jack, Greek feta, horseradish cheddar, sharp provolone, yellow American, Gruyere, imported Swiss, soft ripened Brie, or market selection? Step 3: Choose up to four toppings. Step 3.5: Premium toppings. Are you catching my drift? Step 4: Choose a sauce. Step 5: Choose a bun. Phew! I think it took me just as long to decide what I wanted on my burger as it did to eat, but oh, it was worth it.

666 West Diversy Parkway
Chicago, IL 60657


Located just off the Magnificent Mile, Sweetwater portrays the elegance of an upscale sports bar. Sit down, order your soothing glass of Chianti and place your order. It all stops there though, because their burgers are just as messy as a McDonald’s McRib. Sweetwater has its giant and loaded signature burgers, but if you are feeling creative, feel free to build your own. With options like Angus beef, Gorgonzola cheese, chili aioli, bacon, avocado, jalapenos, mushrooms and caramelized onions, you may want to think about carrying a bib in your Louis Vuitton.

225 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601

Epic Burger

This is a restaurant for us simple folk. All they ask is that you pick a kind of meat, which will already come with Epic sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle and grilled or raw onion. The only other thing to choose is whether you would like to add egg, cheese and/or bacon. Yes, please! After a long day’s work, you get exactly what you want without even having to think about it. Order. Enjoy. Done.

517 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60605


Ok, so it’s not build-your-own, but it might as well be with all the options to choose from. The restaurant came up with nine different crazy concoctions to add to your beef, my favorite being the #5 with prosciutto, fontina, pesto, red pepper, sea salt and vinegar chips (yes the chips go on the sandwich). If you don’t want beef, you have the option of turkey, lamb, veggie, Portobello or salmon. That’s not enough? Make it a double and then add a fried egg. Love to wash your burger down with a fresh beer? Good, because they have over 32 options to choose from. They pride themselves on their grass fed beef and it is all made with love, just like Momma’s burger- just don’t tell her I said that.

2954 North Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole is a concierge in the heart of Downtown Chicago. She is a self-described “classy girl,” but some may doubt that when they watch her eat a burger.

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