Chicago’s Best Catering Companies

January 11, 2011 7:00 AM

Best Catering In Chicago

Alright all of you office managers, event planners and executive assistants – I have the answers to one of your most asked questions: where can I go to find reliable caterers who knows exactly what I want instead of having to strain through numerous menus and options? Below are the caterers I rely on daily to receive my orders delicious, on-time and exactly how I want.

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Caffe Baci
2 North LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60602

I use Caffe Baci so often that I no longer need to let them know my company affiliation. When I call, I tell them how many people the catering is for and then say things like “continental breakfast” and “assorted sandwich buffet with desserts,” and the proposal is magically created to perfection. It is so refreshing to know that a company can be so personal in a city of three million – Always reliable and always delicious.

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is a new catering company that I just recently began working with… but since I have started, I don’t know why I waited so long. Now, I must warn you – to order catering through this company, you are asked to call a 1-800 number based out of Boston. Wait! Don’t turn away yet. Create a simple account with them by giving your name, company, phone number, address and email, and every time you call, they will pull up a log of every order you have placed with them. It is even more convenient for people like me who service numerous companies because they have every address logged as well. And take my advice – always order the soup.

Beyond Events

If you are looking for a catering company who can think out of the box, this is it. Ice cream sundae bars, hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), wedding receptions, corporate events, wine pairings, corporate picnics, etc, etc, etc. You name it, they’ve got it. Beyond Events specializes in your larger, more creative events that you plan to impress. All event planners need to be familiar with this company to ensure that clients, co-workers and bosses all have a great and memorable time.

Blue Plate
1061 West Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60607

This catering company is what you want to use for your more sophisticated events. They have mastered the skill of entertaining for the elite, which includes wait staff, china and all the equipment rentals you can think of to make your event extremely classy. Blue Plate provides catering for numerous venues throughout the city including the ever-famous wedding venue, the Chicago History Museum. Trust me, they know what they are doing.

333 West Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60606

“Dependable and Delicious” is their motto and I’ll be the first to stand by it. This company reminds me of “Momma’s cookin’” with their Mrs. P’s Beef Lasagna and Baked Potato Bar with Spicy Beef and BBQ Chicken. Mmmm. However, they can also turn into the traditional catering company if needed with breakfasts and sandwiches as well. In other words, whatever your boss is craving that day, they probably have it.

Tuscany Café
77 West Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60601

Phil Stefani has already succeeded in his restaurants, such as 437 Rush and Riva, so why not open a catering café as well? The great Italian that you have grown to love over the years can also be delivered to your office. Hot, cold, small order or large, Tuscany Café wants you to enjoy Italian the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. One piece of advice, order extra cookies for you to take home and enjoy. They are to die for.

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole
is a concierge in the heart of downtown Chicago. She orders catering just about every other day and appreciates the leftovers.