Chicago is rich in history and paranormal tales. XRT has 5 of the most haunted spots in Chicago. Check out their story and click ‘read more’ to learn about the haunted happenings at each location.

Will you be visiting any of these for Halloween?

(credit: XRT/ Ghost Research Society/Dale Kaczmarek)

#1: Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Story: In days gone by, Bachelors Grove was a quiet spot where some would go to mourn those resting at the cemetery and where others would go and celebrate the lives of those buried there: perhaps taking a picnic to the banks of the quarry pond and, in warmer weather, taking a swim. Today, Bachelors Grove is a forgotten, lonely, and ransacked cemetery.

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#2: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery

Story: In the early 1930s, a young woman (now known as Resurrection Mary) went dancing with her boyfriend. They got into an argument, she left and began walking up Archer Road…and was then hit by an automobile and left to die. Since then, passersby have reported seeing a blonde woman in a ‘30s party dress hitchhiking. Some have picked her up and say that she was quiet, formal, and her skin is cool to the touch. Once Mary reaches her destination—Resurrection Cemetery—she darts towards the gates, only to disappear.

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#3: Jane Addams Hull House

Story: Jane Addams ran the Hull House, a settlement house that took in the recently-arrived European immigrants. Charles Hull’s wife died in her bedroom, which Jane stayed in until she was disturbed by constant footsteps from no one. There is also legend of a “Devil Baby,” born to a devout Catholic woman and her atheist husband (who did not approve of the religion and stated he’d, “Rather have the Devil in his house”). Addams took in the child who was born with pointed ears, scaly skin, and a tail.

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#4: Red Lion Pub

Story: This pub is reputed to be Chicago’s most haunted. It is across the street from the Biograph Theatre, which is where John Dillinger was shot down in the alley (also another haunted spot to check out for a shadowy figure that is supposedly Dillinger). Former owner John Cordwell put in a stained glass window in memory of his late father and there have been reports of… people who feel faint or dizzy and feeling a “presence” when passing by the window. Unfortunately, the bar closed a couple years ago for renovations.

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#5: Chicago Water Tower

Story: The old water tower is a majestic reminder of Chicago’s great history. It was built in 1869 and survived one of Chicago’s most tragic events: the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. After the fire swept through the area, leaving 300 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless, the water tower stood over Chicago’s charred streets, virtually unharmed. Legend has it that during the fire… a worker stayed behind in the tower instead of fleeing, tirelessly manning the pumps until he found that there was nothing more he could do. Rather than facing the fire, he ran up the stairs and hung himself before the fire could get to him.

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