(Credit: http://mejornohablardeciertascosas.com)

Porcelain Horse / Mejor No Hablar De Ciertas Cosas (Credit: http://mejornohablardeciertascosas.com)

29th Chicago Latino Film Festival

AMC Loews
600 North Michigan
Chicago, IL 60611
April 11-25

With such a great Latino community, it makes sense that Chicago would have a great Latino film festival. The 29th Chicago Latino Film Festival has started and features some of the best Spanish and Portuguese language films in the world. So, you know, go check it out already!

Though it started on the 11th, the Chicago Latino Film Festival is still going strong until April 25th. Every single night, Chicago is host to some of the best films in the world. (What? Don’t tell me you were under the impression that a movie had to be made in Hollywood to be good?) The films run the gamut of genres and content, to the extent that there’s a film here for everyone. Even the non-Spanish speaking among us can appreciate most of these movies thanks to a little thing called subtitles.

Below are a few suggestions for movies to check out. If none of them float your boat, check out the full schedule, there’s bound to be something for you.

Hold Up / ¡Atraco! (Credit: chicagolatinofilmfestival.org)

Hold Up / ¡Atraco! (Credit: chicagolatinofilmfestival.org)

Porcelain Horse
Director: Javier Andrade
April 17

If you’re lookin’ to see a movie tonight, you might as well go with the extreme and see Porcelain Horse. A movie about reckless abandon in the vein of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, it’s not exactly a family film. If you like to watch movies with destructive main characters surrounded by equally destructive supporting characters, Porcelain Horse is your jam.

Hold Up!
Director: Eduard Cortés
April 16 & 19

If you’re into capers, Hold Up! will probably be up your alley. Leaning more towards the comedic side of crime, Hold Up! is a film out of Spain that’s set in Panama. Inspired by real events, it’s about an exiled general planning a jewel heist so he can raise enough cash to get home.

Director: Carlos M. Jaureguialzo
April 21

A movie about love, but, you know, in a sad, melancholy kind of way. An intimately shot movie, Marriage explores the idea of love between a husband and a wife twenty years into their relationship. Unable to figure out how they got there and not sure if the love they hold is as strong as it once was, they look back on their time together for answers.

(Credit: Orange Day / Dia Naranja)

(Credit: Orange Day / Dia Naranja)

Orange Day
Director: Alejandra Szeplaki
April 19 & 21

A visually trippy movie, Orange Day is about three women – strangers – all under the impression they’re pregnant. Orange Day presents its story in a funny and individual way with bizarre music, collages and animation throughout the film. At the same time, the movie is uniquely feminine, tossing aside (or improving) clichés we’re used to in more male-dominant films.

Man From The Future
Director: Cláudio Torres
April 25

Given the choice, most people would rather go back in time to impress a girl/guy than, say, go back in time to punch Hitler right in the jaw.

Our priorities are a mess.

Zero, main character of Man from the Future, seems to be as fallible as the rest of us. Once back in time, his main goal is to save himself from humiliation. This doesn’t work out like he plans – it never does – and of course he has to go back in time again to fix it all. Thankfully, Man from the Future is hilarious, using time travel and coming of age tropes in a way that’s legitimately funny.

There you go — a handful of great suggestions. Don’t miss this chance to go outside your typical boundaries (Sylvester Stallone movies are getting a bit old) — check out the 29th Chicago Latino Film Festival!

See the festival’s full movie schedule here to get a better idea of what else they’re playing.

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