As 2014 draws closer, it’s time to look back on 2013’s high points in Chicago. This year, Best Of has continued to show you Chicago’s best local places to see and things to do. Some of our most successful content revolved around Food & Drink, or anything holiday related. Join us in celebrating 2013’s successes by checking out our top five viral posts in Chicago below.

Pizano's Pizza. (Credit: Pizano's/Facebook)

Pizano’s Pizza. (Credit: Pizano’s/Facebook)

Best Deep-Dish Chicago-Style Pizza

It may cause food snobs to turn up their noses in dismay, but the two culinary creations the rest of the world most often associate with our city are Chicago-style hot dogs (loaded with everything except ketchup) and deep-dish pizza (stuffed with everything including, perhaps, bits of the kitchen sink). Read on for the best spots to find a slice of these hearty pies in the city.

A burger with a name I don’t think I can write in this article. (Photo Credit: Kuma’s Too’s Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Kuma’s Too’s Facebook)

Best Burgers In Chicago: Kuma’s Too, Like Kuma’s Corner, But Bigger

Kuma’s Too opened February 2013, and is the little sibling to Kuma’s Corner. How do you judge the sequel to Chicago’s most beloved burger place? Do you compare it to its predecessor? Judge it as its own entity? Read the review of Kuma’s Too burgers here.

Pumpkin Patches

Best Pumpkin Patches Near Chicago

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, whether it’s pumpkin-flavored cookies and hot beverages or just the shade of pumpkin orange. Visits to the pumpkin patch was a popular activity in 2013 for couples, families or just groups of friends wishing to get into the spirit of the season. Here are five of the best pumpkin patches in the area. Be sure to explore at least one next fall.

(Credit: Firecakes Donuts' facebook)

(Credit: Firecakes Donuts’ facebook)

Best Doughnut Shops In Chicago

Ah, the doughnut: manna to children, beat officers and Monday morning office meetings around the globe. As the cupcake craze cries its last buttercream breaths, the fried orb takes its rightful place on the throne of guilty pleasures. You can’t go wrong at these Chicago cottages of doughnut heaven.

Guide To Wicker Park Fest 2013

With something for everyone, Wicker Park Fest is packed full of music, food and family activities. It’s a great way to explore the neighborhood and the variety of shops, restaurants and fashion unique to the area. Read more about this year’s Wicker Park Fest here.

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