“Every time I get into my car I feel like tonight’s going to be a good night.”

The Ride
The Driver: Will
Car in Question: 2006 Chevy Malibu
Spotted at: U.S. Cellular Field, 333 W. 35th St, Chicago, IL 60616
Odometer: 100,000
Car’s Nickname: My Boo


Q: Hi Will. Welcome to Defend Your Ride Chicago. What is your car’s main use?

A: I would say everything. I go to work in it, do leisure time, and everything else. It would it be nice to have a car for errands and a car for fun. Until that time, it‘s going to be one car doing it all.

Q: What is your favorite or worst part of your commute?

A: My favorite part of my commute from work to home is driving on the expressway. I really don‘t have a bad part to my commute. Since I‘m not that far away from work, I don‘t have to worry about fighting traffic or anything like that.

Q: Why is the expressway your favorite part?

A: In terms of speed, I feel confined when I’m on side streets because of all the stop signs and traffic lights. When you’re on the expressway, you can go faster and get places quicker.

Q: Do you get stuck in traffic at all?

A: I don’t get stuck in traffic a lot because I know how to weave in and out of traffic. If you know when and where to get off and on to the expressway, it makes life better for you. That way you can avoid spending most of your day in traffic, which isn’t cool.

Q: What was your favorite day trip from home?

A: Probably going out to Calumet City, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs. The streets are smoother. It’s a pleasant ride and less traffic.

Q: What’s the farthest place you have driven to in this car?

A: Great America. It took me about an hour to get up there. Even though that doesn‘t seem far. Going to the far suburbs of Chicago can take forever to get there. Sometime it takes so long you feel like you’re going to another state. Even though that day traffic was pretty good, I’ve been up there when traffic has been horrible.

Q: Do you have any rules for your car?

A: No smoking. Eating is allowed, but definitely no smoking, even if it’s messy. As long as people just make sure not to spill, then eating is fine with me. I just hate the smell of cigarettes. It gets everywhere and it’s very hard to get out.

Q: What do you listen to in your car?

A: All type of music, but mainly rap and R&B! I love listening to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, but I don’t just like contemporary stuff. I also like jazz and old school music such as The Temptations and Marvin Gaye.

Q: Do you ever rock it out, pump it up and sing along?

A: All the time! I crank my speakers all the way up to the max. I love to blast my music as I’m driving, especially on a summer day with the sun out.

Q: If your car had a theme song what would it be?

A: “I Gotta a Feeling” by Will.I.Am. Every time I get into my car I feel like tonight’s going to be a good night. The car just gives off that vibe. Once you get in, you’re going to have fun!

Photos and interview by Nicolette Chambers

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