Guide To: Buying The Perfect Mother’s Day Present

May 3, 2011 7:00 AM

Mothers Day Chicago

(credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Mothers Day Chicago

(credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Finding a beautiful, thoughtful present to make the mothers in your life feel appreciated and loved is no small task. If you’ve always ended up frustrated with the go-to gifts of chocolate and flowers or find yourself wandering stores aisles for something, anything with which to gift your significant other, mother or grandmother, perhaps it’s time to rethink the very idea of gifting.

But you don’t have to go the Mother’s-Day-gift-buying journey alone; this mother of two little boys will take your hand and guide you through finding the perfect gift to help tell the pretty-perfect moms in your life just how much you love them.

1. Mindset
Put on your game face. Resolve in your mind that this year you’ll really focus on the why of gift-purchasing instead of only the what. We buy presents for others to communicate love; not just to line their shelves with more stuff. Just like football players have to get into the right game-winning mindset before a big game, gift buyers must do the same. So remember the why {because you want to communicate that you love her and listen to her} is more important than the what {the item you actually buy} when trying to express your adoration and appreciation. Though, be aware, that the why feeds into the what.

2. For whom are you buying?
Consider hobbies, interests and personality. Buying a spa gift certificate for the mother in your life who has expressed no desire whatsoever to spend her time getting pampered will probably not communicate that you’ve put much thought into her gift.

Samely, buying a fancy, state-of-the art Kitchen Aide mixer for a woman who does not love to bake, probably won’t communicate the appreciation you’re hoping either – even if it is dressed in her favorite color.

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3. Stop, look, listen
Before you purchase that perfume, stop! Look around the house. Does she even own perfume? Does she own too much already? And recall what you’ve heard. Has she said she’d like new perfume? Has she said in passing that she’s run out or that she no longer likes the perfume she has? Sometimes just heeding those three little words, will help guide you away from buying a gift that doesn’t communicate your real intent – showing her you love and care.

4. Seasons of life make a difference
Buying for the mother of your children is entirely different than buying for your mother.
Yes, they are both women who may share the same likes and dislikes, but they are in different seasons of life. And knowing that {back to the why}, will help you find a well-loved and a well-used gift that communicates thought and effort.

For example, your wife, who is perhaps the mother of a few small children might really love running, so you could decide to buy her a pair of killer running shoes and a work-out outfit she’s been eyeing. However, if she’s not the proud owner of a double jogging stroller or employer of a frequent babysitter, she may not be able to use that present in the immediate future.

That being said, if she’s been longing to hit the pavement running for awhile and has expressed that desire {remember the listen part!}, making a way for her to be able to fulfill that want, will speak to her heart. So the running shoes coupled with a double stroller or a babysitter a few times per week, would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

Still confused as to what to buy to best communicate that you’ve taken note of who she is and care about what she likes? There are a few gifts that are excellent go-to presents most women would appreciate ready and available here in the Chicagoland area. {I say most because we’re all so very different, so again, consider the who before proceeding.}

As many moms find themselves in the role of family caretaker, most mothers would feel very loved by a present that gives them a break from their daily tasks of working, cooking, cleaning and/or child-rearing. That said, you can pamper the mothers in your life with a break from their normal chores by:

1. A Mother’s Day Brunch

Does she do most of the cooking? Give her a break from making a meal or two.
Many Chicago-area restaurants are now taking reservations for Mother’s Day brunch. Recall her favorite foods or dining establishments and give one a call to reserve some seats.
If you want to treat her to something extra special, take her on a Mother’s Day brunch on an Odyssey Cruise around the shores of Lake Michigan.
Want to stay land-bound but still feast of yummy food and gaze on beautiful scenery? Try making reservations at the Chicago Botanical Garden for the annual Mother’s Day Brunch.

Odyssey Cruise
(866) 305 – 2469

Chicago Botanical Gardens
(847) 835-5440

2. House-Cleaning Service

Is she overwhelmed by house work and could use a hand? Has she expressed that balancing her work and the houseload is overwhelming? Give her the gift of help and free up her time to relax and engage in some activities she enjoys.

Merry Maids
(312) – 455-0710

V Maids
(773) 852-1262

3. A Rest and Rejuvenation Experience

Does she wrangle children all day long or spend her days working hard at her day job serving others? Often moms are the people who take care of others before taking care of their own wants and needs, so giving the mother in your life a day where someone else cares for her, will most likely be much appreciated. {Remember to arrange for childcare for her if necessary!}

Allyu Spa
600 W. Chicago Ave. / Chicago, 60654
(312) 755- 1313

Thousand Waves Spa for Women
1212 W. Belmont Ave. / Chicago, 60657
(773) 549-0700

Mom Enjoyment:

If your significant other is mom to small children and stays at home with them, she may appreciate a pass to Little Beans Café, so she can find respite among the work week. Little Beans Café has a Manicure Monday and offers childcare in a very-friendly and very-fun interactive and imaginative play space. Mom can either indulge in a manicure or just drink a cup of coffee or tea in peace while the little ones have a blast playing – truly, this would be a gift to extend beyond a one-day celebration and breathe life into a weekday when she just needs a mommy break.

Little Beans Café
1809 W. Webster / Chicago, 60614
(773) 251- 1025

There may be no better way to celebrate all of the mothers in your life than to gift them with sharing in a unique celebration of motherhood. Listen to Your Mother, a theatrical show comprised of a collection of stories about myriad facets of motherhood, debuts in Valparaiso, IN this year featuring the writing of 12 published and unpublished writers, all of whom will share small, but poignant snapshots of motherhood.

Listen to Your Mother
Saturday, May 7, 2001, 7 p.m.
Memorial Opera House
104 Indiana Ave. / Valparaiso, IN 46383

Hyacynth Worth is mom to two small boys and wife to a gift-giving extraordinaire. She writes about all things motherhood, natural living and faith at Undercover Mother.

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