(Credit: hqbeercade.com)

(Credit: hqbeercade.com)

Headquarters Beercade

950 West Wolfram Street
Pinball Alley Entrance:
2833 N. Sheffield
Chicago, Illinois 60657

(Credit: hqbeercade.com)

(Credit: hqbeercade.com)

Headquarters Beercade, with it’s awesome drink selection and awesomerer arcade games, was already pretty… you know. awesome.

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Apparently, that wasn’t enough for them. Apparently, being one of the coolest new bars just didn’t appease them. Apparently, they needed more…

This Thursday, May 23rd, Headquarters is celebrating the opening of their pinball expansion. Yes, that’s right, they’ve added 7,000 square feet of rad, pinball action. The celebration actually goes into the weekend, so if you can’t make it Thursday, you can stop by Friday or Saturday to see what kind of special celebrations they have lined up for the birth of their pinball sanctuary (or, as they’re calling it, their “pinball alley”). One very important aspect to HQ’s pinball expansion is the support of Stern Pinball. One of the last pinball manufacturers left, Stern Pinball makes high quality machines and employs great designers like Steve Ritchie.

What else can you expect from Headquarters’ pinball alley on Thursday? Special drink offers and great cocktails for starters. They’ll also have special guest DJ’s Greg Corner and Jonny Radtke (formerly of the band Kill Hannah) playing everything you’d expect in a room full of pinball machines on a day they’re dubbing #ThrowBackThursday. Oh, and most importantly: 20 pinball games. (I wonder if they’ll have the Evel Knievel pinball game, that game’s PIMP.)

So go! It’s not like you’ve got anything better to do.

Mason Johnson, CBS Chicago