By Mason Johnson

Warning: If you love astrology, are offended easily, or/and have no sense of humor, this might make you gassy (and angry). Not your sign? Find more Horrible Horoscopes here.

(Credit: KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images)


Gemini, the stars understand that you’re an “open” soul.

But maybe you’re a little too “open.”

For one, it annoys the heck outta the Moon. When the Moon looks down upon the Earth, the last thing s/he wants to see is your far-from-perfect and painfully nude body.

Personally, I’m as liberal as the next guy. I say let it all hang out. Unfortunately, astrology isn’t based off my opinion. It’s based off the complicated positions of the stars and planets.


I can’t just go around manipulating my findings and advice to suit my own personal beliefs. Astrology is just too important of a science.

Anyways, put some clothes on. The stars insist.

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Mason Johnson knows absolutely nothing about astrology and usually goes “commando.”