@MayorEmanuel (credit: Simon & Schuster)

The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel took an elseworld’s Rahm Emanuel on a surreal journey through a very-real Chicago. From the rooftop garden on City Hall to walking on the frozen waters of Lake Michigan, Dan Sinker’s love of the sights, sounds, and people of Chicago brought a believable core to an unbelievable (and unbelievably profane) story.

Here are some of the locations that appeared in the story (descriptions are Sinker’s own, because @MayorEmanuel’s would be unprintable).

Hot Dougs (credit: hotdougs.com)

Hot Dougs

3324 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL
(773) 279-955 60618
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Sure, @MayorEmanuel waited for a massive blizzard to get a jump on the ever-present line here, but every minute you stand in line (and it’ll be a few) pays off. Simply the best hot dogs and sausage you will eat anywhere served up by Doug himself, the living embodiment of awesome. This “encased meats emporium” pretty much encapsulates everything that’s right with the city.

Manny's Deli (credit: mannysdeli.com)

Manny’s Deli

1141 S. Jefferson St.
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 939-2855
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The nonfiction haunt of presidential advisor David Axelrod (and @MayorEmanuel’s fictional best friend), this Chicago institution serves up a legendary corned beef, though I’m partial to their pastrami. @MayorEmanuel had his last meal at Manny’s before descending into the time vortex that claimed him.

(credit: ThinkStock)

Harold’s Chicken Shack #55

100 E. 87th
Chicago, IL 60620
(773) 224-3314
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You don’t get more Chicago than Harold’s, a local chicken chain that’s been name-checked by President Obama himself. But what makes it truly Chicago is that no two Harold’s are the same–each one has its own unique take on fried chicken and sides. The Chicago Reader’s Mike Sula painstakingly ranked all of them, and decided that #55 was the best.

Metropolis Cafe (credit: metropoliscoffee.com)

Metropolis Coffee

1039 West Granville Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 764-0400
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It wouldn’t be @MayorEmanuel without mention of coffee (he woke up every day with a profane and unending thirst for the stuff) and this local roaster does it up right. Located in Edgewater, this is a great place to grab an amazing cup of coffee and do some writing. If it’s warm, it’s just steps from the lake.

Cortland Street Bridge (credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Cortland Street Bridge

Cortland Street between Elston & Clybourn
Chicago, IL

Sure, you can’t eat there, but the 1902 drawbridge is my very favorite spot in all of the city (and where @MayorEmanuel met his mustachioed duck companion, Quaxelrod). It offers a great view of downtown if you look south, and serves as a unique gateway to an older, more industrial Chicago along the Cortland corridor.