Dimend Scaasi

(credit: Dimend Scaasi)

Chicago Midway International Airport

I was in Las Vegas having one of the best girls’ trips I had ever been on. Cabanas, VIP club service, Cirque Elvis and days by the pool- the days flew by. However, after an excellent trip, I was dying to come back to my Sweet Home Chicago and my wonderful boyfriend. On the last day, I sat at the pool all morning, had not showered, and was exhausted after landing at 11:00 PM at Midway airport. As I slowly dragged my heavier-than-when-I-left suitcase, my boyfriend told me to meet him at pick up in the second lane. “What? That’s only for cabs and limos. How did you get in that lane?” When I stepped outside, there he was, in a stretch limo holding pink lilies, my favorite flower. After many hugs and kisses he read me a poem he had written about our story from beginning to present. The poem ended with, in a moving vehicle, him dropping down on one knee and asking, “Will you marry me?” Let me think about it—YES!

Chicago Midway International Airport
5700 S. Cicero Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60638
(773) 686-3700

Field Museum

(credit: Field Museum)

Field Museum

Once upon a time, a friend of a friend went to the Field Museum to view the Nature of Diamonds Exhibit. Can you guess where this is going? This exhibit contained more than 800 diamonds, including a tiara worn by Salma Hyek at the 1998 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. After learning all about the diamonds she only wished she could have, there was one last case to view. When she looked down at the reading card, all it stated was, “This one is for you.” When she turned around he was down on one knee asking, “Will you marry me?” Goosebumps.

1400 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 544-9526

Zed 451

Diane and Kevin were having their typical dinner date at Zed 451. As she was getting ready, Diane placed her Tiffany ring on her left ring finger as she always did because she thought that ring made her finger magnificent. Well, this did not sit well with Kevin, so when dinner was ending he asked her, “Why do you have the ring on that finger when you should be wearing this one?” Tucked in his pocket, he pulled out the diamond ring that he had chosen specifically for her left ring finger, which obviously made it look much better. Upon the word, “Yes,” a bottle of champagne appeared along with decadent desserts. Needless to say, they were both pleased with the switch.

739 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL
(312) 266-6691

Signature Room

A co-worker and good friend of mine named Ally came to work on an average Monday. Upon Ally’s arrival, her boss informed her that she had to go to a tasting at the Signature Room, but was unable to attend due to meetings. She casually asked Ally to go in her place, in which Ally accepted, but was not happy about it. For the next three days, she repeatedly complained to her co-workers and boyfriend that she was taking Friday off and had no time to get anything done. However, when Ally arrived at the Signature Room, in place of the catering team was her boyfriend waiting at a window table, ring box in hand, and a bottle of champagne. I think you can guess how that ended.

875 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611-1894
(312) 787-9596

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole

Alycia Nicole is a concierge in the heart of downtown Chicago and doesn’t mind telling her engagement story to anyone who is pretending to listen.