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December 4th & 5th from 11am to 6pm

If you are like me, then your idea of a craft fair holds a distinct stigma of over-powering scents of cinnamon, pine-cones strewn about, floppy eared bunnies with wire glasses and plaid dresses and pantaloons, gaudy fake flower swags, and DIY sweatshirts featuring jingle bells and glitter paint! I am happy to announce that craft fairs have gracefully evolved since the 80’s and 90’s. The craft world now seems to be dominated by young, fresh, innovative creators and artists. The new generation of crafters not only have a unique and careful eye, but also an eco-friendly and forward approach to originality.

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I made that discovery at the same time I joyously discovered Renegade Craft Fair (or RCF as its often referred). This is the brilliant and fresh Chicago based conception of husband and wife team: Mat and Sue Daly. Together they founded RCF in 2003 as well as creating the fair’s mascot, which is an owl, based on a vintage tapestry the couple owns. In fact, each year Mat creates a new silkscreen poster featuring an owl.

With humble indie roots in Chicago over the years Renegade has expanded to Austin, Brooklyn, San Francisco, LA, and London for annual craft fairs and even spanned their holiday fairs to Austin, LA, and San Francisco.

Over the years RCF’s popularity sky rocketed to the point of offering hundreds of new artists each fair with a back log and a panel of “reviewers” that research and handpick who is “in” and who is cut. But with all that growth, Renegade consistently keeps admission for consumers free and strives hard to deliver their original mission of showcasing the best most creative and original arts and crafts with varying price points.

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At Renegade you will find a wide variety of homemade and DIY items, such as housewares, ceramics, jewelry, posters, prints, fashion pieces, stationary and much much more. For a better idea of goods visit there website. Not only can you peruse some of the artists that appear at the actual fair you can stop by their physical year round shop at 1924 W. Division Street.

In addition to exhibiting a wide and artsy variety of goods RCF also offers special features that change each fair. This may include: DJs, craft workshops, live music, art project and performances, photo booths, raffles, as wells as many kid friendly activities. There is also food and beverage vendors ensuring you can make a whole day of it.

This year the holiday craft fair will take place December 4th & 5th from 11am to 6pm at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse at 1419 W. Blackhawk St. Chicago, IL. There is street parking available but it is limited, public transportation is recommended. Some vendors take cash only and some take cash or credit/debit and there is an ATM on site.

Missy Pegues is a stay at home mother running an online vintage clothing and accessories site through www.missevintage.etsy.com. Her deep-rooted affection for fashion, particularly vintage and vintage inspired pieces have blossomed into an interior design hobby. She finds many parallels in designing a space as with designing a great and fashionable look.