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New Ordinance Could Delay Marijuana Sales In Chicago By 6 MonthsRecreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois next year, but on Tuesday, what seemed like a routine City Council Zoning Committee vote was suddenly blocked when the Black Caucus demanded a closed-door meeting.
Congratulations Irika And Dorian!As you noticed, Irika was out for a couple weeks - the reason is she ran off to get married! Congratulations Irika and Dorian!
CBS 2 Weather Watch (10 P.M. 10-15-19)CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your forecast.
New Program Lets Kids Clean Their Clothes At SchoolThe idea behind the Whirlpool Care Counts program is that clean clothes can lead to better school attendance. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
Transphobic Vandals Target Feminist BookstoreWomen & Children First bookstore in Andersonville has been targeted by vandals who put up stickers with transphobic messages.
Exelon Utilities CEO Abruptly Steps DownThe departure of Anne Pramaggiore comes as ComEd has been subpoenaed in a probe of state Sen. Martin Sandoval. CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports.
Council Black Caucus Takes Issue WIth Legal Marijuana RolloutThe caucus' chairman wants to delay sales in Chicago until July in 2020 because the current plan lacks equitability.
Chicago Teachers Union Recommends StrikeTalks will start back up first thing Wednesday morning, but Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey says a strike is now likely. CBS 2's Tara Molina reports.
Scammer Is Targeting Lost-Pet OwnersImagine losing a furry member of the family and finding hope of reuniting, only to have that hope yanked from you. CBS 2's Marissa Parra reports on a scam that is making that scenario more common.
Alderman Demands Solution To Reckless MotorcyclistsMotorcyclists are putting themselves and others in harm's way, and Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) wants solutions. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports.
More Charges Against Glendale Heights AdministratorRaquel Becerra is accused of driving drunk in a hit-and-run crash.
College Sports Pay-For-Play May Be Coming To IllinoisCalifornia recently signed a game-changer in college sports. It is the first state to sign legislation to allow athletes to make some money off themselves. As CBS 2's Matt Zahn explains, now it’s sparking other states, including Illinois, to possibly do the same.
Cicero Bowling Ball Attack Suspect Has Criminal PastDemetrius Easton is accused of throwing a bowling ball at a man's head and leaving him in a coma for days. CBS 2's Audrina Bigos reports.
ComEd Parent Exelon's CEO Abruptly ResignsThe resignation of Anne Pramaggiore appears to be connected to state Sen. Martin Sandoval. CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reports.
Zion Police Officers Talk About Fiery RescueThe officers' body cams were on as they rescued a distraught woman from a burning car. CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.
Halloween Activation PlanAfter cars were damaged in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, a new plan to combat the crime is in place just in time for the holiday this year. More from CBS 2's Steven Graves.
Chicago Teachers Union Could Strike In Two DaysCBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports on how much the strike could cost taxpayers.
CBS 2 Weather Watch (5PM 10-15-19)CBS 2 meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the extended forecast.
Gunmen On The Loose After Suburban ShootoutCBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports on stunning video from a shootout taking place in a quiet Aurora neighborhood. The shooters fled through an alleyway and are still on the loose.
Ed's Driveway: Ford EdgeCBS 2's Ed Curran test drives the Ford Edge.
CBS 2 Weather Watch (11AM 10-15-19)CBS 2 meteorologist Megan Glaros has a look at the extended forecast.
Trial Starts For Woman Accused Of Hitting And Killing Three Children With Her CarNearly a year after three small Indiana children were hit-and-killed steps from getting on their school bus, the woman accused of killing them is going to trial.
Firefighters Battle North Side BlazeChicago firefighters were busy overnight chasing a 90 minute arson spree on the North Side.
Mother Of Man Hit By Bowling Ball SpeaksCBS 2's Eric Cox speaks to the mother of a man who, in September, was hit with a bowling ball in Cicero. The man accused of hurling the ball is due in court on Tuesday.

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