Major Suburban Craft Show Canceled; Artists, Nonprofit Left In The ColdTower Show Productions was the go-to group for mega-holiday craft shows in the suburbs, but now they have gone out of business. As a consequence, vendors are out thousands of dollars in fees they paid in. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
COVID-19 Surcharges Not Going Anywhere At Many Chicago BusinessesBecause the coronavirus numbers are looking so good, Chicago returns to a "full normal" this Friday. But we've learned that the COVID-19 surcharges we have been paying lately may be here to stay. CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.
City Now Requires Registration Before Renting Out Housing On Such Services As AirbnbUnder the new system, shared housing hosts must submit registration applications directly to the city and receive approval before listing their homes for sharing.
Suburban Man Ended Up Losing $8,000 In Online Romance Catfishing ScamA suburban man is out $8,000 – and his story is tale of loneliness, love, pain, and a popular ruse. As CBS 2's Tim McNicholas reports, that man is not alone; in fact, 2020 was a record year for romance scams.
FULL INTERVIEW: Dr. Phil On Romance ScamsDr. Phil McGraw talks with CBS 2's Tim McNicholas about romance scams, including catfishing schemes in which people misrepresent themselves in online dating. Such scams have been spiking since the pandemic began.
Man Says He Almost Fell Victim To Scammer Who He Thinks Pirated A Real Apartment Rental AdA legitimate apartment listing was copied and pasted on a different website – and was apparently used in a scam to get money quick. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
Oak Lawn Woman Gets Locked Out Of Facebook Business Page; Even Facebook Doesn't Know If It Was ScamAn Oak Lawn woman said she was shut out of her company’s Facebook page – and even Facebook itself isn’t sure whether it’s a scam or not. CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports.
Prices Are Way Up On Almost Everything, And Experts Say It Won't Be Slowing Down AnytimeExperts say companies are struggling to keep up with demand, and production costs are skyrocketing. And now, we're paying for it. CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.
Music Manager Demands Refund For Virtual Concert That Never HappenedA music manager claims she was scammed by an up-and-coming rapper and producer. As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, the manager said she paid for Queen Key and DJ Ayo's talent, but says she got nothing in return.
Getting Hosed: A Look At The Universe Of Chicago Water, And Its Sometimes-Sordid HistoryIt's Earth Day. Here at CBS 2, we take water seriously: from lakes and rivers to pipes and bills. From sustainability to our series, "Getting Hosed" — on big, bad, City water bills: an abuse of said resource. CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards reports.
COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led Some Brands To Discontinue Some Of Their OfferingsThe coronavirus pandemic has changed every part of our lives - from the big, important things like trips and weddings, to something as simple as the salad you order for lunch. CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports on some of the brands that aren't offering as many options as they did pre-COVID.
Man Lost Everything As He Waited On Callback From IDES That Never CameA man lost his home, car, and everything waiting on a call from the Illinois Department of Employment Security - a call that never came. CBS 2's Tara Molina reports.
Scammers Target The Unemployed With Fake Job PostsHundreds of people in our area spend every day looking for a job – more than a year into the pandemic. Just when they think things are looking up because they get an interview – they learn another tough lesson. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker dug into a new type of scam and found out who is being targeted and why.
Woman Gets Bad Information From IDES, And It Wasn't A ScamA Chicago woman reached out to us after she said she got some bad information about her unemployment claim. Illinois Department of Employment Security representatives tried to blame it all on a possible scammer - but a scammer it was not. CBS 2's Tara Molina reports.
Unemployment Fraud Crossing States -- Lombard Man Says He Is A VictimOne Chicago area man is facing multiple fraudulent unemployment claims – and is the victim of a new kind of unemployment fraud that is crossing state lines and affecting several states. CBS 2's Tara Molina reports.
Expert Says COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Are Ripe For FraudCOVID vaccine cards are supposed to prove that you’ve had the shot against the novel coronavirus – but there is nothing stopping someone from making a fake, and crooks know it. CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports.
Getting Hosed: Internal Emails Reveal City Derailed An Investigation Into Bad Water Billing PracticesGetting hosed yet again two years on – in our exposé of the city’s broken water billing system, why hasn’t the city done anything? CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards has learned part of why
Southwest Airlines Begins Flights Out Of O'HareThe coronavirus pandemic may have hit the travel industry hard, but Southwest Airlines is expanding.
Getting Hosed: Internal City Emails Reveal The City Derailed An Investigation Into Bad Billing PracticesIn our exposé of the City’s bad water billing system, we’ve asked over and over — why hasn’t anything been done to fix it? When we couldn’t get a straight answer from the City, we submitted a public records request for the City’s internal emails. They sent enough to bury us. But instead, we went through each page and found where their priorities lay. CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards reports.
Bogus COVID-19 Vaccine Offers Flooding The 'Dark Web'For months, the internet has been filled with counterfeit PPE offers, phony COVID tests and ads for under-the-table miracle virus cures. Now, "dark-web" digital sellers are moving into a new territory — marketing COVID-19 vaccines, capitalizing on fear and scarcity across the globe. CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reports.
Targeting Illinois Taxpayers: An Unemployment Scammer Spills His SecretsYou’ve heard a lot about fraud in the state’s unemployment system, but you’ve never heard this: A scammer spills his secrets — how he steals your taxpayer dollars, leaving those desperately needing benefits stuck in limbo. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker reports.
USDA Recalls Dips, Salad Products From Schiller Park-Based Food EvolutionBefore you set out food to accompany your Super Bowl viewing on Sunday, there is a major food recall you should know about – involving a suburban Chicago brand.
Couple Paid For Overseas Trip With Reward Points, Trip Got Canceled, And Now Getting A Refund Is A HeadacheAirline customers are navigating mazes trying to get refunds on flights after COVID-19 derailed their travel plans. Getting your refund can be tricky as it is, and even trickier if you used reward points for the purchase. A Barrington Hills family told CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas the payment snafus are causing headaches.
Woman Kept Being Sent Parking Tickets From City Of Chicago After Moving To North CarolinaJennifer Owen moved to North Carolina and thought Chicago was part of her past, until parking tickets – a whole bunch of them – started showing up. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

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