A plane carrying five people – including a retired Illinois schoolteacher – went down in Panama earlier this month. Amazingly, three people were found alive afterward. But the teacher and another educator were still missing more than a week later Friday. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

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Women From Wisconsin And Illinois Still Missing Over A Week After Panama Plane CrashA plane carrying five people – including a retired Illinois schoolteacher – went down in Panama earlier this month. Amazingly, three people were found alive afterward. But the teacher and another educator were still missing more than a week later Friday. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
U.S., Multiple Other Countries Sound Alarm On Omicron COVID-19 VariantThe world is watching as a potentially dangerous new variant of COVID-19 has prompted the U.S. to lock down travel from South Africa and seven other African countries. CBS 2's Asal Rezaei reports.
Longtime Head Of Brazilian Olympic Committee Sentenced For Corruption In Vote That Won Rio 2016 OlympicsCarlos Arthur Nuzman, the longtime head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee who helped Rio de Janeiro beat out Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics, has been sentenced to 30 years and 11 months in jail for corruption.
A Visit To The Irish Countryside For Halloween's Roots In SamhainIreland is considered the home of Halloween. CBS News' Ian Lee ventured deep into the countryside to find the origins of the holiday.
G-20 Wraps Up In Rome, President Biden Headed To Scotland For UN Climate Change ConferenceAs G-20 leaders wrap up their summit in Rome, President Joe Biden has announced efforts to fix the supply chain bottleneck. As CBS News’ Tom Hanson reports, Mr. Biden’s next stop is Scotland, for the highly-anticipated UN Climate Change Conference.
President Biden Heads To Rome For G-20 SummitPresident Joe Biden and other leaders of the world’s richest nations were in Rome Saturday night for the G-20 summit. As CBS News’ Natalie Brand reports, the question of what to do about Iran is high on the agenda.
Chicago Woman Works To Help Young Girls And Their Families Escape AfghanistanWhile the world is focused on the final boots on the ground, CBS 2’s Meredith Barack introduces us to one Chicago woman who is more concerned with innocent girls who are trying to leave Afghanistan and the grips of the Taliban.
Afghans Living In Chicago Scramble To Get Their Families Out Of AfghanistanIt is a fight against time – with President Joe Biden’s Tuesday, Aug. 31 deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan being around the corner. Afghans who talked with CBS 2's Asal Rezaei said they are desperate to get their families out.
Suburban Family Desperate For Answers About Mark Frerichs, Navy Vet Kidnapped In KabulA family from suburban Lombard is desperate to bring home their son, a U.S. Navy veteran, who was kidnapped in the Afghan capital city of Kabul more than a year ago. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
President Biden Says He Stands 'Squarely' Behind Decision To Withdraw U.S. Forces From AfghanistanThe president's statement came after thousands of Afghans, desperate to escape the country as the Taliban has taken over again, rushed to the tarmac in Kabul.
1,200 Now Dead After Powerful Earthquake In HaitiThe number of people killed in a powerful earthquake in Haiti has climbed sharply, with more than 1,200 now dead. CBS News’ Vladimir Duthiers reports.
U.S. Officials Stunned At Speed At Which Afghanistan Fell To TalibanThe Pentagon said it will take over air traffic control at Kabul Airport to help thousands of American citizens and Afghans eligible for special immigrant visas. CBS News’ Elise Preston has more on the fast-moving developments.
Taliban Insurgents Take Over Afghan Capital City Of KabulThrongs of Afghan citizens clogged the roads late Sunday as they tried to leave, and stores were shuttered. CBS News' Tom Hanson reports on what lies ahead.
More Than 300 People Dead After Earthquake Rocks HaitiThe 7.2 quake hit early Saturday morning, about 80 miles west of the capital of Port-au-Prince.
Secrets Of Ice Age Animals Come To SurfaceScientists are learning more about the animals that once roamed the earth. The Ice Age ended thousands of years ago, but in Russia, many of its secrets are coming to the surface. CBS News’ Ian Lee reports.
Biden Administration Preparing For Fall Of Kabul, Afghanistan To TalibanWith the Taliban advancing in Afghanistan, the Kabul airport is the only way out for Afghan citizens desperate to leave – and the situation is getting worse, and fast. CBS News has learned the White House is preparing for the possibility that the Taliban will take over Kabul within days. CBS News’ Michael George reports.
Richard Branson Takes Off To Space In Plane Made For Space Tourism.Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson took off into space Sunday morning on a test flight to demonstrate his company’s plane – made specifically for space tourism. CBS News' Mark Strassman reports.
President Biden Looks Ahead To Meeting With Vladimir PutinOne of the most anticipated meetings for President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip as president is a face-to-face meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. CBS News’ Skyler Henry reports on the challenges in U.S.-Russia relations.
Researchers In Britain Study Effects Of Air Pollution On Children's HealthThe researchers are also exploring ways governments can create a cleaner environment. CBS News’ Ian Lee reports.
Israeli Airstrike Destroys Gaza Building Housing Foreign News MediaThere was a powerful show of force in the Middle East on Saturday where the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories escalated Saturday. CBS News' Imtiaz Tyab reports.
Rep. Danny Davis Leads Community Effort To Send Medical Aid To India Amid COVID CrisisU.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Illinois) is heading a coalition of community leaders sending medical aid to India, as that country struggles through a devastating wave of COVID-19.
Surge In India Propels Coronavirus Cases To Record Levels WorldwideDaily COVID-19 infections in India topped 400,000 on Saturday, even as America’s pandemic pain is easing. CBS News’ Dany Bacchus reports.
2011: Marvin Zonis Talks With Walter Jacobson About Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From IraqMarvin Zonis appeared on CBS 2 as an international analyst for many years. In this clip from Oct. 21, 2011, he talks with Walter Jacobson about the Obama administration's announcement that troops would be withdrawn from Iraq by that year's end.
Sean Connery Dies At 90The world is bidding a fond farewell to the first actor who portrayed James Bond. CBS News’ Tina Kraus reports.

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