Post Sox, Pre Lebron

lebron james 231 Post Sox, Pre Lebron

When the Sox postgame wraps up today, I will join you until 6:00 to discuss the day’s action and continue to follow every wisp of potentially telling information on the future of Lebron James.

The Miami Herald is reporting that James has decided to join the Heat, and that may accrete into fact by the time we talk.  But there is some thought that people close to James are floating that to gauge reaction.

Regardless, Carlos Boozer lets the Bulls come out of this a better team, if not one that can challenge the looming hegemon of that Miami squad.

No “WYC?” today.  Tomorrow, Laurence Holmes and I will bring the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour to Jameson’s Pub in Frankfort.  Join us to start your weekend, and you may win Cubs tickets.

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  • meesohawnee;_ylt=Ai_n5PL3QSJkw2QGSoSpZ2I5nYcB?slug=aw-lebrondecision070710

    Seems Mr Lebron is not gaining some fans in the media especially Wojnarowski. Usually Dan is the first to sniff out an self serving egomaniac. Geez i wonder why?

  • Go Cubs

    Huge sweep for the Cubbies! Like I said it was only a matter of time before they make a run. There’s too much talent on this team to be under .500 for much longer. And LOL at Sux fans that actually think they have a shot at the playoffs.

    • Marc

      I don’t see the point of taking a shot at the Sox, but seriously “Make a run” they beat the Dbacks the second worst team in baseball.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Disagree- they’re the worst. Unlike other bad teams, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel with the D-Backs, other than Justin Upton’s potential development. Everything else about them is poo, and even Upton is going to leave them as a free agent in 5 years.

        The D-Backs mortgaged their future to win in ’01, and so they’re still paying guys like Bernard Gilkey a million dollars a year for the next decade. They thought they had the ship in the right direction in ’07, but things fell apart.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        This is one of the funniest articles ever… even the name is striking. It explains why the DBacks future as a franchise is the bleakest in Baseball, moreso than even the Royals or Pirates.

    • Tony G-

      lmao, typical clueless cub fan!

    • me fan

      I sure hope you don’t think the slubbies can make it! GO SOX!

  • pulseczar
  • What Happened

    Screw Lebron now. He is looking more and more like a total egotistical A$$wipe with every passing second. Let him go to Miami or wherever else and I hope he blows his knee out or I hope he chokes so bad that he tarnishes his pathetic legacy he’s garnered to date.

    • What Happened

      Also, if he does end up in Miami, all he will ever be is Wade’s B!TCH… Won’t even be the best player on the Heat.

  • General Soreness

    The LA Clippers continued their bid to be one of the worst franchises in all of sports by hiring VDN yesterday. Good luck with that…..

  • Taco-Lover Tom

    Outstanding use of the word “accrete,” Dan. An effective but under-appreciated verb.

  • Flynn

    Sad to see what this blog has become. Not much to look at any longer. just thought I’d say hello. New job, new schedule, no time for here any longer unfortunately. Keep at it guys.


      yeah. wondering where you were. Rooftop bum has been gone almost a year. Wheeling Dad doesn’t check in. There was another guy (worked in government) who got a new job–why can’t I remember his name?

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Chet’s Overinflated Ego?

      • SPAULDING!

        That’s the one! Thanks, Chris

      • relentless

        I think lot of the old group got shut out by the web page

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Best-case scenario for LeBron as a Bulls fan? Chicago, Obviously.
    Next-best case? New Jersey.
    “I can deal with it”? Cleveland or New York.
    “Oh, Poo”? Miami.

    Where do I think he’s going? Nowhere, or an outside shot at New York. I don’t think you do what you’re doing in calling a network special to say you’re going to the 12th-largest media market in the country. You’re either going to #1 or staying at home.

  • bronzo

    Funny he makes no mention that Freddy Garcia won his 9th game of the year last night. Both B&B completely wrote him off at the beginning of the year as washed up. although they will admit it.

  • bronzo

    correction NEVER ADMIT IT


    Good article on the Diamondbacks. Whoever did a.m.r. for many sports franchises did a bad job. Phoenix? Miami (baseball and hockey)? Carolina? Cleveland? Houston?
    It seems like they looked at a cities in atlases or almanacs and said:
    a) what is their population?
    b) do they have…..franchise? They never calculated the diretionary spending patterns, the desire for a franchise.
    I’ll keep saying it. MLB needs a salary cap. The Mets are paying Bobby Bonilla? HOW!?!
    P.S. I hate the Carolina Panthers and the Cleveland Browns should not have been brought back.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      In Phoenix the issues are probably a bit different than they are elsewhere. Had they build the Coyotes Arena in the East Valley, they would be a popular ticket. Problem is, they built it out in Glendale in the West Valley, and that area’s demographics aren’t Hockey-friendly (heavier hispanic population, younger homeowners that overextended themselves). They should have built in the East Valley- Scottsdale or Northeast Phoenix. It’s a bear to get to Glendale arena during rush hour, and even though people may argue that the Cardinals sell out across the parking lot, the NFL is a different creature.

      The Diamondbacks? Even though it’s Downtown, it’s surprisingly easy and painless to get to the stadium. Their problem? A transient population. Everyone here is from somewhere else, Chicago/Upper midwest in particular (that’s why Hockey should do well here). I work for a small company, and of our seven employees, one was born in the state (four from IL, one from CT, one from OH). The D-Backs sell “well” when they play the Dodgers, Cardinals and Giants, and beyond that they only come close to selling out when they play the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox. Nobody seems willing to give up their allegiance, and a quarter of the population has been here less than 10 years.

      This is a Suns town first and foremost. Prior to 1988, they were the only game in town. Granted, the population has skyrocketed (30% increase in the last decade for PHX metro, 8 of the USA’s largest 150 cities in this county alone), and you can’t have a market this large without one each of the ‘big four’, can you? They just screwed the pooch with the Coyotes’ arena. That’s all. From what I heard, when they shared America West Arena with the Suns in downtown PHX, they sold well… but that arena was not built for Hockey in the least.

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    This will ruin the NBA. Not at first, but eventually, the nba will get very boring. at first,a ratings boom as if everyone stays healthy, miami vs la in the finals is ESPN’s wet dream. Wade Bron and Bosh vs Kobe, Gasol,and Phil Jackson will get huge ratings. but what happens if the heat have records like 76-6 or 78-4? they go through the playoffs 16-1? the eastern conference playoffs are officially a joke if all this is true. the finals will do good, but the whole journey will be sad and sorry. We should know, when we went 72-10, it was cool, but it was a joke. we won that finals series 4-2 because we took two games off, sat ron harper and basically laughed off those two games in seattle, came back to chicago and won by 19 points in a laugher. it was cool, it was yeah chicago, but let’s face it, it was boring. nobody could say the uc was hot during the 95-96 and 96-97 seasons because winnign the title was inevitable. if i am david stern i am saying, wake me next june. what a joke!!!

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      remember that scene in superman 2 where the 3 supervillians are sitting in the white house, bored to death because they easilly rampaged through the US and it was no challenge? yeah, that’s how i envision bosh, wade and lebron after 2 years of this crap. and there is no son of jor-el to inspire a challenge to these cretins. there is a lex luthor though, his name is world wide wes. could you imagine lebrzod telling wwwest, “why do you say these things when you know i will kill you for it?” anyways, that’s what i think

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I don’t think that it will be that cut-and-dried as you think. I can see this being the biggest mistake of LeBron’s career. How many minutes are these guys going to have to play? Their supporting cast will get murdered. Come June, how much gas will be left in the tank? Sad as it is, Bill Simmons makes a good point: The three-headed monster being built marginalizes guys like Steve Kerr, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, etc… How many serviceable bodies will you be able to convince to play for the minimum? I think that center is going to be a HUGE problem. Counting Bosh, I think they’re going to have to carry at least six guys to play the paint positions, and if the other five are bad, that’s not good.

        I think that LeBron will minimalize the need for a true good PG, and I know he can play the frontcourt, but can he do both at the same time when at least two of the other guys on the court -at ALL times- are stiffs? When you’re talking about Juwan Howard as a potential starting center, things could be BAD. God forbid someone gets truly hurt.

        Boston worked because they had the “big three” and several pieces around them that were at the very least oozing with potential. Rondo blossomed. Baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins became solid players. Will the same happen with Mario Chalmers? Doubtful. The Bulls had complementary players that were solid. With the Miami model, you’re resigned to guys that probably shouldn’t be on a roster.

        That being said, I’ll put $10 on Antoine Walker being in a Heat jersey next year :)

  • soxfan

    I dont see why Cubs fans have to constantly try and make Sox fans feel like they are inferior. Even when the cubs are having a horrible season Cubs fans find a way. By saying how sox fans dont show up to the games and dont support their team. I do not mind the cubs I actually find them interesting to watch (maybe not this year, its difficult for even a sox fan to watch), its the annoying cubs fans that i cannot stand anymore

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    jermain oneal is a celtic, so he won’t play center for the heat

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      i would like to see the heat sign the panther. they may have a big 3 but with the panther, unstoppable!!!

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        we will actually get to see your theories in action up close and personal here cis, but it will be with the raided blackhawks. can they win with losing all their roll players just because they have kane, toews, hossa, seabrook and keith? we will see!!! you know, i get so lost in all this, i forget, we are still celebrating a title!!! what this means is we just ride that high longer than expected.

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        if they trade for james posey we are all toast!!!

  • meesohawnee

    i love the superman analogy. funny!!!. ill take the contrary on that one if all 3 are in miami. they will think its a cakewalk and just “show up” .. after all what does a young man in miami do with all that money and 3 or more new groupies every night. come on. they have gamed us!! Making pretend that its about winning and basketball. Paalease. And remember something if you have read Tellander,Warjnarowski, etc( heck even eddie muster sounded reasonable today) and others that have finally realized what a joke this makes us as a country. This doesnt happen if Lebron doesnt have the audience of people who have nothing better to ponder and think about. Its a constant reminder in this country how power, money, greed and an audience can make a real whack job.

  • Cris North Side

    We all know that LeBron James will hold his one hour “news” special called “The Decision” Tonight in Greenwich Connecticut. If you did not know the program is hosted by ESPN and all the proceeds will be given to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America although I am certain that Greenwich is not the least of the economically hard off locations for a Girls and Boys club?
    However the one thing I do not like the least is how ESPN chose ratings over Journalistic Integrity, now do not get me wrong to call ESPN a news source is a joke. ESPN is a manufactured ride a lot like the one at owners Disney theme parks, except this ride seems to be one only athletes making this much money can ride. That simply put is the reason ESPN is more about entertainment than sports journalism. We all watch these athletes go around the ride and well, whatever happens happens.
    LeBrons decision is supposed to come within the first ten minutes of the show and that to me is smartest thing ESPN can do, I myself to not be hypocrite will DVR the show so I am just as guilty as anyone else for being sucked in. I do live in Chicago and yes I will be thrilled if he chose Chicago (we GOT Boozer LeBron) yet I still feel like ESPN and camp LeBron are going about this the wrong way.
    I do not know about you guys but I still receive a newspaper every day and the reason I do it is simple, printed press is news while televised news is entertainment and they are not the same. The internet is somewhere in between depending on your educated opinion and when I say educated I do not mean school some of us have a degree in SSU street smart university.
    The thing I do not like about this is where is the line drawn with athletes and exceptions? Do we hold a one hour TV special for the next super athlete who chooses to make a spectacle of free agency? Do we hold a one hour TV special after the next college star that is drafted to NBA, NFL, etc, etc? Or when a high school phenom is about to choose a college team? Where is the line?
    James and his camp need to learn that it is not what you say as much as what you do not say that can start a fire. Michael Jordan did it best when he returned from a brief retirement from basketball all Jordan released were two words; “I’m back” and it turned the sports world on its ear. No cameras, no interviews, no media except a PR agent with a fax machine (90’s twitter I guess) that simple.
    In the end this could back fire for James? You do have five cities watching and one to choose and that leaves four cities to hate you the next morning for not choosing them. I do not know but do you think that is good for his brand?
    Most of all if the Miami rumors are correct ESPN was scooped and failed the reporters who do their jobs to report the news. If I am a reporter do I want to work for a news network that in all honesty can say they are not holding reporters back from reporting a source but let’s face it they are holding them back even if they claim they are not? So before “The Decision” I would not be surprised if a newspaper of worse an ESPN competitor reports a source close to James reveals his destination. Believe me an ESPN reporter will leak it out just to tick off ESPN management because in the world of news reporters they gain credit from the news they report, not the news they create.

  • Flynn

    Talb about an Oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one: ESPN and Journalistic integrity don’t even belong in the same sentence!

  • Racine Rev

    When is the White Panther’s news conference?

  • puddin' head

    All the hand wringing over how NBA players will look to people and fans with how they carry themselves…these guys DO NOT CARE HOW YOU AS A FAN LOOK AT THEM. give them their money and let them do what they want..its not anyone else’s business

  • Portage Park Bill

    Would Tiger woods ever team up with Phil Mickelson? Hell NO!
    Sorry Lebron. I am going to become what I thought I would never be, a Kobe fan.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I spent the early afternoon listening to Cleveland Sports Talk. Your host? Craig Krenzel :)

    They’re not too optimistic about their chances…


    I just came from U.S. Cellular Field and witnessed quite a pitching performance John Danks & Ervin Santana threw this afternoon in the finale of the White Sox/Angels’ series. There were only 5 hits combined between the two teams, but Danks gave the Sox bullpen a much-needed breather by going the full 9 in their 1-0 shutout of the Halos, completing the first 4-game sweep of Anaheim since 1983 and arguably the fastest 9 inning game in Bud Selig’s Major League Baseball this season, 1 hour, 50 minutes. All I can say is…WOW!

    As for LeBron James and “The Decision” tonight on the four-letter, all-sports network come 8p this eve, talk about sickening! It’s bad enough that LeBron will reportedly sign with the Heat, joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, if all the reports I’ve read are accurate. It’s unnecessary, senseless and an absolute farce from the folks in Bristol, CT who should know better. In fact, guess who’s part of tonight’s “Decision” special on the all-sports network? The idiot who spewed out that essay about Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints right after they won their first Super Bowl in franchise history, Jim Gray! Gimme a break! I hope LeBron NEVER wins an NBA Championship!

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    hey, with boozer in tail and a bunch of money to spend on pieces, i hope he picks cleveland. seriously, i want the east to be as comepetitive as the west. wouldn’t it be great if it was really really hard to pick who will come out of the east? boston’s big 3.5(jermain oneal is a 1/2 and if healthy, a nice pickup)a vastly improved milwaukee, miami, cleveland, chicago, charlotte, and atlanta making 7 really good teams? wouldn’t that be more fun than the nba HELL that would be lebron wade and bosh? one move makes an iffy confrence into either a great confrence or a good confrence into a highly entertaining playoffs

  • Manda Haza

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