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Latakia is one of the last cities in Syria under full government control
As Greece faces a risk of dropping out of the eurozone, there are questions as to what their financial situation will mean for U.S. markets
Voters rejected the demands of international creditors in a referendum, but potential turmoil awaits
After being briefed at the Pentagon about the latest Islamic State counterstrategies, President Obama declared it will be a long, drawn-out campaign against a "nimble" opponent
Latakia is one of the last cities under full government control; but its residents are growing increasingly nervous its stability will soon end
On three-nation South American tour, Latin America's first pope returns to his home soil for a Mass dedicated to the family
The Tour De France was briefly put on hold and several cyclists dropped out of the race entirely after two crashes along the course
The President is headed to the Pentagon to discuss counterstategies to combat the Islamic State.
Some riders lay on their backs in the grass and others were curled up in agony on the hot tarmac
With the deadline fast approaching, the Islamic Republic revisits old grievance