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The alleged methods uncovered by Amnesty International include beatings, shootings, rape and electric shocks
More than three-quarters of the 260-year-old club's members voted for landmark change at St. Andrews
The world's first surviving set of panda triplets open their eyes for the first time.The rare set of giant panda triplets were born at Guangzhou's Chimelong Safari Park on July 29, 2014.
In newly released video, hostage John Cantlie says he will host a series of forthcoming clips in which he will explain the group's motives
Thailand's military ruler's comments triggered uproar after two tourists found bludgeoned on popular beach
AP: Senior U.S. official says Washington won't give into attempts to "extort" political gain from the detentions

What is Khorasan?

Syrian jihadist groups largely focused on fighting each other, but part of al Qaeda's franchise has its eyes on American skies
Thousands flock to the polls for a national referendum which could undo 300 years of history in the United Kindgom
Bin Laden's old network still hell-bent on blowing up American planes, and Syrian chaos is bringing it new opportunities
Militants sought to bring one of group's highly publicized actions to major Aussie city, officials say