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freddy garcia 7 15 Bumpy Ride

As we mentioned last week, the White Sox’ mid-season tear has set them up for an emotionally charged period to come, marked by very high highs and very low lows.

Yesterday, needless to say, was an example of one of those.

Looking at an acceptable four-game split and another rung up on the Tigers, Bobby Jenks instead had the kind of day closers have, and exiled Metrodome poltergeists rattled their chains approvingly from deep within Target Field.  Should the race come down to a single game, this is one to remember.

The Cubs are making noises about returning to relevance, but any kindling of Lou Piniella’s “forest fire” should not prevent them dealing veterans for prospects (even if the market is sure to underwhelm).  If they really are sent on continuing to overpay for middling performance, they can always try to re-sign some of the same castoffs before next season.

The Phillies on Saturday tested the question that always faces Carlos Marmol — can he throw three strikes before he throws four balls?  We’ll see if the Astros get the same chance to leave their bats at the rack and “challenge” Marmol in the ninth.

Bulls introducing Ronnie Brewer at the Berto Center today (we may carry some of it if it is televised).  The long, tough combo guard can do everything but shoot threes.  He is skilled and professional enough to matter on a good team.

After reading Tom Thibodeau’s glowing assessment of Luol Deng, I look forward to seeing what the offensive plan is to get the most from a player whose game has been frustratingly incomplete.

Second Half at 3:30 today, Terry’s Roar of the Day at 5:30.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    Anybody catch the post-game interviews after Saturday’s Cubs loss? What a contrast between Piniella, who completely threw Soto under the bus, and Wells, who refused to take a reporter’s bait and instead said, “Geo busts his butt every game and it wouldn’t be fair to blame him for today.”

    • Lovie's Shiny Chin Scar

      I didn’t see that, but it’s not surprising. Lou seems pretty content on throwing everyone under the bus at this point. Good for Wells for acting like a man.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I’m not an advocate of change simply for the sake of change, or firing someone to give the team a “spark”, but perhaps it’s time to fire Pinella. It’d be one thing if the Cubs were losing, but the manager still had the support of his players. Obviously this is not the case. Nothing is to be gained by keeping Pinella there, and frankly, the Cubs may had been better off not pulling the stunt they did this weekend, actually looking like a halfway competent team against a championship contender. All it does is drag things out until the team truly hits the skids again.
        Might as well get on with looking towards the future. Paging Mr. Sandberg. I’m not giddy at the prospect of putting him there, but is it truly worse than the current situation? I don’t think that Sandberg necessarily needs “game situation” seasoning, but perhaps it would be a good way to re-acclimate him to dealing with the media full time over the 2nd half of the season, with little true in-game pressure. Apparently a grizzled old veteran like Pinella seems to have forgotten how to work it.

      • Denver Smeghead

        Piniella and Hendry both need to go.

  • bigtime sucker

    i am out of it, what happened saturday?

  • 2nd Half Adjustments

    Stupid Bobby Jenks. Watch this game actually will matter down the road. Ugh.

  • Zombie Chris Henry

    I hope the Thibs assessment of Deng is followed by a trade of Deng shortly after. With Brewer in the fold now, who is going to stretch the defense in a half court set?

    At least Brewer can run the floor and finish. Deng can’t even do that.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Problem is, Deng’s contract is MISERABLE. The only truly worse ones in the league (prior to all the goop put to pen over the last week and a half) are probably Gilbert Arenas, Elton Brand, Emeka Okafor, and Rashard Lewis.

      That’s why I’m so high on Rashard Lewis- I think he’s a far better fit for the Bulls, though from what I heard on here is that he’s happy being the power-forward-that-has-no-power on the Magic, and given Rashard for $20MM per over three years vs. Deng for his deal and a mediocre signing Redick that come out to the same amount (and Lewis clears the books a year earlier than Deng does), I figured the Bulls would have been better served to see if the Magic would consider giving up their awful paper for ours.

      Den’g’s contract is so bad that you probably couldn’t even get Eddy Curry’s contract ($10 million for a one-year “player” option doughnut). You’d really have to work it to get rid of that paper at all (you’d have to probably include Taj Gibson), and god forbid Gar be able to get anything resembling value for it? Shoo-in for exec of the decade.

      • Zombie Chris Henry

        Agreed. It doesn’t matter as much about the actual money as it does about the fit. Deng fits poorly on an NBA team, period. His skill set is ideal for a 4. His body is ideal for a morgue.

        Lewis is a lot of money, but I agree that I’d like to lose that year. Plus, you’re paying Lewis a lot, but you’re paying Rose such a small amount that it’s almost a wash.

        Deng is basketball hell personified. He’s a decent player but doesn’t have a single skill that he’s really good at. Okay defender, rebounder, shooter, finisher, slasher. But he’s not in the top half of his position at any ONE of those things. Bad


    Soto made a big time catch, there would have been no “what if” with Marmol. Having said that, Wells sounded like a true professional. It’s the kind of play that makes the game interesting. Professionals should handle the results with class.
    To go back in time, and eliminate that “smoke screen” for p.e.d.s that was The World Baseball Championship.

    I like watching Tiger on the leaderboard. It’s really hard to watch him bogey holes guys were making birdy on. He seemed up beat after his round. For one thing, he is not making good club selections.


    Highlights from the first episode of. . .
    “the Club” (or whatever they called it)
    Camera follows someone through a doorway to an office/ work room.
    Ozzie is on the phone.
    Kenny is on the phone.
    There is a soft threat from someone to someone else.
    Philosphies are discussed.
    Expectations are discussed.
    Irrelevant cliches that don’t belong on camera are said on camera.
    (by the way, didn’t watch a second of it).


    The SCORE’s Kerry Sayers says that the station is airing live coverage of Ronnie Brewer’s introductory Bulls’ press conference this afternoon at around 1:30p from United Center, shortly after transition with Mac & Spiegs.

    As for Jerry Reinsdorf’s other team, the White Sox, what a tough weekend! Friday, the defense was absolutely atrocious. Saturday, it only took an hour, 52 minutes before a rejuvenated Carl Pavano outpitched Mark Buehrle in quite a pitching duo. Yesterday, you would think 6 runs in the American League and the way the Sox were hitting Nick Blackburn, a split was very likely, right? Wrong. You don’t have to be Ed Farmer to know that 45% of lead off walks come around to score, and the duo of Bob Jenks & Sergio Santos simply didn’t have it in the bottom 9th in yesterday’s awful 7-6 loss to the Twins at Target Field. The worst part of yesterday’s 9th inning debacle was that neither pitcher recorded a single out, and while the White Sox left Minnesota adding a game to their lead in the A.L. Central with the Tigers getting swept to a bad Indians’ team in Cleveland, the Twins are right back in the race winning 3 of 4.

    The Sox start the Western leg of their 10-game road trip in Seattle tonight, and while Laurence Holmes is covering pre & postgame duty the next 3 games, I’m not exactly encouraged about the team’s prospects vs. a bad Mariners’ team & an A’s team that has always given the Sox fits, especially in Oakland with all that generous foul ground. Dan Hudson didn’t exactly throw strikes in his first start replacing the injured Jake Peavy, and he starts the M’s series in Seattle late night tonight here on The SCORE vs. a no-name pitcher that only Alex Rios has seen. He’s right-hander David Pauley, whom the White Sox have NEVER faced lifetime. You know what that means…

  • meesohawnee

    i c dan is still trying to push the bulls into being relevant.. …interesting. is that Ron Mercer or Ron Brewer? i forget. The only thing we needed yesterday would have been the viking horn. Would have been a normal weekend up there.

  • Som'ina Bull

    I’d love to see a hitter hold the bat upside down on the first pitch facing Marmol, or, as Terry used to say, “marmit”


      I think Marmol just had a bad outing on Saturday. He was used the day before in a close situation. The defense didn’t bail him out, either.

  • Bob Loblaw

    boy am I sick of people using their faith to sell a product- very, very cheap (see below)


  • Bob Loblaw

    And Terry Crowley’s lucky to be in baseball!

  • Frank

    The White Sox had plenty of chances to tack on runs and they blew it. They could have put the game out of reach and Bobby would have stayed in the pen. As angry as I was watching that game I couldn’t blame Sergio because he got up earlier in the game sat down and was totally unprepared to bail out Bobby. As far as Jenks goes he made some horrible two strike pitches that caught way too much of the plate. The team as a whole lacked focus and it isn’t going to get much easier as they head to better playing ball club in Seattle not to mention their traditionaly bad road trips out west. They could realistically be out of first place by the time they return home.


    Although Bob Jenks & Sergio Santos were both terrible in the bottom 9th yesterday in the White Sox 7-6 loss to the Twins in Minneapolis, the usually reliable Sox closer wasn’t charged with a blown save, thanks to a technicality by the folks at Major League Baseball. According to the Trib’s Mark “Gonzo” Gonzales, this is the technicality:
    “The pitcher enters the game in a save situation, and that pitcher leaves the game after relinquishing the lead-regardless of what pitcher is officially charged with allowing the runs.”
    Even though Jenks was charged with the loss yesterday, Santos was charged with the blown save.

  • puddin' head

    Wow just tuned into the show this is great sports radio some of the best ever YUK YUK two dopes with nothing to talk about

  • puddin' head

    Hey…….. Ronnie Brewer is a Bull, now they are truly a better team than the Miami Heat…yes sir you just wait

  • dave m

    wasn’t it great to hear “squawk” harrelson crying after yesterdays game? he is such a phony.

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