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The Tigers are fading.  They just put Carlos Guillen on the DL with a calf strain, Magglio Ordonez is out for up to two months after breaking his ankle, and Brandon Inge has yet to return.

Minnesota now sits just a game of the Sox’ precarious pace, and the race that would provide the better history and drama is taking shape.  Anyone have the stomach for another 163-game season?

Daniel Hudson was bad, of course, but didn’t it seem like something was weird with AJ?  The two looked disjointed trying to hook up on pitch selections — strange for a catcher known as a savvy handler of pitchers, while the two passed balls were uncharacteristic of a usually reliable receiver.

The Cubs’ true believers were hoping that a sweep of the Cardinals would leave their intrepid heroes just 8.5 out of first with games upcoming against the lowly Astros.  But, alas, it’s back to a double-digit defecit and fourth place in the NL Central, with Milwaukee jumping past.

We will monitor developments in the market for both Cubs and Sox.  The deal we discussed friday for the Orioles’ Luke Scott and Miguel Tejada still sounds pretty good (Tejada would play third — you know Omar Vizquel really isn’t very good, right?), and it’s a good bet that Ted Lilly is going somewhere, soon.

Congrats to Andre Dawson on his HOF enshrinement, but I remain largely unimpressed, and feel standards should be higher.  He was a fine player for a long time, but he had only one season with an OPS over .900.

Tracy McGrady works out for the Bulls and other NBA teams today.  I would prefer he sign elsewhere, since I can’t see how he fits here.  I am not entirely convinced he’d be the right influence for a team with a first-time coach selling team concepts on both ends of the floor — McGrady has been a team player on neither end, even when he was a star.

Second Half today at 3:30, Terrys Roar of the Day at 5:30.

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  • pulseczar

    McGrady would have to really humble himself to fit into this Bulls squad. He has yet to show a capacity to do so in his career. It really depends on how honest he is with himself. Does he think he’ll ever get back to being a 30 point per night player? The next time he plays team defense will be the first time.

    • Zombie Chris Henry

      Of the alleged “superstars” that had the big contracts at one time and are now toward the end of their careers, VERY few have been able to reinvent themselves as role players. Grant Hill is the perfect example of what McGrady would have to be in order for this to be successful for the Bulls.

      But I’d say that Hill and McGrady are very different people. Odds are that McGrady would be the same miserable puke that he always was – a selfish, lazy and disruptive force that has never won a playoff series.

      Surely the Bulls are just doing Grover a favor by working him out to maybe get him a little pub and make it seem like a team is interested? That’s gotta be it. If not, they might as well grab Iverson and Shaq too. Have a nice 2002 All Star game reunion of washed up superstars that won’t accept their limitations.


    Steve Dahl mentions that the Sox stay at, basically, a nightclub/ hotel when they go to Minnesota. Sure, sure, there are bars and clubs below any hotel in a major city, and the one they stay at is the one closest to the park. Still, going into a conclave might just be the right approach to sweeping Minnesota. Play some video games. Watch National Treasure. Sweep the Twins and embarass those ridiculous Yankees in October.
    Can someone tell Lou Pinella that the Cubs cannot hit sacrifice flyballs. I think I saw the RF in a lawnchair last night. Still a good game.

  • bigtime sucker

    yeah i am kinda torn about mcgrady. my initial instinct is to say, YEAH TMAC BABY. then i looked at his stats(with a preference to shooting percentage*bad*, game footage from his stint in NYC and what not, and i am like, NO GET THIS GUY AWAY FROM ME. Then i thought about the game of basketball and the roll of roll players. If as pulseczar correctly stated it, he humbles himself, and accepts a role hole heartedly, he can provide something the bulls do not currently have on their roster, a bench player who can get his own shot off. that’s an invaluable skill that you need coming off the bench when the set’s break down(and they always do with bench guys). If he is on the floor with let’s say korver, gibson, watson,and noah, the ability to get the shot off, even if it misses is so important because gibson and noah will always have a good shot at an offensive reboud and perhaps a put back or tap in and if it goes in, it goes in. Attitude and health will be the keys. if those are good, the bulls just stole something really good. if they aren’t there, they have just pissed a couple million down the drain.

  • mad as hell fan.....

    With Drew Gooden signing a 5 year 32 million dollar deal, Rudy Gay signing a 5 year 80 million dollar deal, Brendon Haywood signing a 6 year 55 million dollar deal, Amir Johnson signing a 5 year 34 million dollar deal, with Joe Johnson signing a 6 year 120 million dollar deal etc. etc. etc. A ton of bad money is out there in the NBA. If the Bulls can get a supposedly healthy, 31 year old Tmac at 1.5-3 million dollars for a couple of years shouldn’t they do that? He has been bad/injured the past couple of seasons…..but just in ’08 he was putting up good numbers and was the co-star of a Houston team that won over 50 games in a tough West. If the guy takes a backup role, and proves himself to be a tiny bit of what he once was….isn’t the upside a lot better than Shannon Brown? Eddie House? Keith Bogans? At that money, for a former superstar who is only 31 years old….you have to do ti. Anything you get from him is a bonus, they won’t be relying on his performance.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Something weird w/AJ??? Lucky for Hudson that AJ didn’t revert back to his San Fran days and start tipping off the hitters as to what pitch is coming next. Some stories never die.

    Good to see that Lou was tired and wanted to go home last night. Sent the game right down the ‘Schlitter’. Another in the litany of BUMS that the Cubs trot out there. Take your Schlitholes, your Bergs and your Stevens’ and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine!


      On one hand, Dempster overcame some demons (that scary beast behind his back hungry for another 180 feet). Pujhols’ reached for the homer (maybe, the pitch was too close for the count, but. . .)
      Franklin (go shave that s***) got a 2-1 count, he had everyone.
      Cubs hitters still insist on that perfect pitch.
      The Cardinals look like a pack of Hoffpaur+. YEESH!


    After losing 2 out of 3 to a mediocre at best A’s team in that cavernous ballpark out in Oakland over the weekend, I’m starting to wonder if the White Sox are now in the market for a starting pitcher in the wake of back-to-back clunkers by Freddy Garcia Saturday afternoon & Dan Hudson yesterday. What’s really troubling about Hudson is that he threw a lot of pitches, 108 to be exact, in 5 unimpressive innings of work. Hudson allowed 6 hits, 5 runs (all earned), 4 BB & 4 K’s yesterday and seemed to have a devil of a time trying to find the strike zone. I realize it’s a lot to ask for someone trying to replace Jake Peavy, but I’m starting to wonder if Hudson is a Major League-quality pitcher at this stage. Hudson might be going somewhere by Saturday’s MLB Trade Deadline, but it might be a bus ticket back to Triple “A” Charlotte if he doesn’t throw strikes and pitch a lot better when he likely rematches the A’s at “The Cell” Friday night as things stand right now.

    Speaking of the MLB Trade Deadline, I was on, and here are a couple of other names the Sox may be interested in. Veteran first baseman Russell Branyan, who I believe is with Seattle once again, and Colorado OF Brad Hawpe are two new names on the Sox radar if they are unable to get Washington’s Adam Dunn & Milwaukee’s Adam Dunn.’s Ken Rosenthal mentioned Branyan’s name Saturday afternoon during their coverage of the Sox/A’s game, while Troy Renck of the Denver Post tweeted that Hawpe can be had for the suddenly forgotten Mark Teahen, despite the fact Teahen is still a good 2 weeks or so away from returning from a broken index finger.

    • Goomba

      Any left-handed bat better than Kotsay would help. Kotsay is a solid reserve, but doesn’t belong in the everyday lineup. A lesser lefty bat might actually make more sense because of the price tag on the big guns.

      I agree with you about Hudson, however, I think Freddy’s outing is at least partly due to the home plate umpire. He wasn’t giving Freddy anything remotely close to the corners, and without them he will both throw more pitches, and be forced to throw strikes in hittable parts of the zone. Freddy doesn’t have the stuff to survive a situation like that. As long the umps will give him the corners most of the time, he’ll be fine.


    Correction…Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder, my mistake. By the way, the White Sox aren’t as interested in the big first baseman as many seem to think.

  • pulseczar

    Bernard King is a good example of a scoring guard who came back from a devastating injury.

    • pulseczar

      King was a SF. Put up some similar scoring numbers to McGrady.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Does Kordell Stewart qualify into this washed up players added to Chicago teams discussion?


      Boy, I think Kordell Stewart was a guy thrown to the wolves. They signed a guy known for scrambling and asked him to stand in the pocket and throw down field.
      Bears offense is like those impossible drawings, like that three-pronged thing that cannot exist in three-dimensional space. . . . . . . . .. .
      Wait! Mike Martz is about tell Devon Hester to , = = =, +, /////, ^^^^ ! ! ! and ————–* I *.
      Somebody get me some Maalox!


    I’ve interned twice.
    It, inherently, blows. Because you work and don’t get a friggin’ dime. Oh, yeah, you get “experience.” In fact, you have to pay tuition. Jason Goth has the right approach. Reward the ones that show up ready for work. Marginalize the ones that look asleep at the wheel.

    • pulseczar

      I’m a network admin for a small school district. We’ve had interns from the local Jr college for the past couple of summers. This summer’s intern sucks. And that’s being nice.

      22 year old kid who thinks he knows everything. Name a topic (literally- any topic at all) and he has a definitive end-all opinion about it even though he’s never left mommy and daddy’s house. Couldn’t act less interested in anything I’m doing with him. No-shows at least once a week, etc. Thankfully, I’m not in charge of him so I’ve told my co-workers that I’m not dealing with him anymore. He’d be done by now but he’s been late/left early, no-showed, emailed sick so many times that he still needs 17 more days or something. Kids these days…

      Anywho, I guess what I’m getting at is what you get out of interning can be a two-way street. This kid could have two references for his resume based on what he did this summer but I wouldn’t recommend him for anything. But yeah, by definition unpaid internships usually suck.

      When I worked at AJG from 04-07, they rolled out the red carpet for interns and most of the interns were entitled silver-spoon go-getters eager to get into the industry.

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    Will Soriano be the Cubs first baseman next year?

    • Bob Loblaw

      I’ve heard of that kid, Mr. William H. Soriano. South-Asian ancestry, I believe? Can’t play a lick of baseball, though!

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