Of What Are You Afraid?

white sox 7 27 Of What Are You Afraid?

Stop this.

Stop this small-town garbage about not improving a first-place team, because it might hurt feelings.  If I read one more spineless column or listen to one more idiot caller fearful of “upsetting” the Sox clubhouse by adding a proven slugger or veteran starting pitcher, I am going to combust.

Ken Williams wakes up every day trying to find a way to make the team as good as it can possibly be.  He is not dumb enough to think that Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel, Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, Daniel Hudson and others are the best possible options for what they do.

He will not make a deal for its own sake, but he will examine all possible deals that will give the Sox a better chance of winning a title this season.  Just making the playoffs provides a reasonable statistical chance of winning it all, but that is not a reason to rely solely on historical luck — make the team better and improve your chances, and trust your manager to make it work.  That’s his job.

This strange attachment to “good enough, so far” is embarrassing for a fandom that enjoyed a parade just five years ago.

* * *

Nice win last night against a good pitcher, and in front of a huge, vocal sellout crowd.  John Danks continues to deal.

Carlos Zambrano has completed anger management, despite the Cubs saying his treatment was not anger management.  Z was kind enough to apologize to the boo-yah network, but failed to gather kids from the Boys and Girls Club to sit behind him, and forgot to hire Jim Gray to lift his luggage.

Accounts of Tracy McGrady’s workout describe a less-than-impressive performance.  Keep this in mind:  seven-time all-stars who can still play don’t need controlled sales showcases.  And as Jason Goff mentioned off the air during yesterday’s show, you could learn the truth if you run him through the exact same workout today.

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    I’m guessing that Soto’s injury isn’t that bad.
    Third base must be the toughest spot to improve. Solid lineups don’t worry about that position.
    The DH isn’t supposed to be a moving part that a manager has to worry about. It’s supposed to be a slow veteran that can still hit the ball hard. If you have to worry about it, I think you’re better off without it. If Tony Gwinn could clone himself, he’d be richer than Bill Gates. Trust me, you’d want to go to his birthday parties. Two words- Ferarri Safari.

  • D-A

    trade quentin now, this keeps continues to prove he’s a reckless player who lacks durability.

  • General Soreness

    Well said, Dan.
    As most baseball fans know, It’s not every season that the Sox are sitting atop of the Central at the end of July. It’s also fortunate for the Sox the the Twins don’t seem to be as fundamentally sound as seasons past. The Sox may be able to take this division this year but once in the playoffs, there will be the Yankees to contend with. I don’t think that this club, as currently constructed, can beat the Yankees in a 7 game series.
    If Kenny can add a left-handed power bat or a stud starting pitcher, then screw Kotsay’s chemistry.

    • George Oscar Bluth

      The Sox need both a starter and a slugger, period. Anyone who can’t see that Garcia and Hudson ain’t gonna cut it on the back end for the next couple months didn’t watch the games in Oakland. Floyd is bound to come back to earth a little and the two lefties can’t keep on their current pace(s). Offensively, while Ozzie has indisputably been pulling all the right levers lately (those hit n runs last night were beautiful, once again), reality awaits. Tejada, Dunn — those are nice thoughts, but don’t rest on the starters we currently have. Me thinks losing Peavy will, in the end, be what kills championship hopes on the SSide.


      The Royals outfield is full of lefties. You know you want to raid the Royal Piggy Ban. C’mon–it’s fun!
      Plus, they might throw in Kyle Farnsworth. His fastball still sizzlin’?
      I gotta say that, right now, the Brewers are ahead of the Cubs. If they want to start raising attendance, they have to keep Prince Fielder. But Ryan Braun–meh? HE’S WHITE! HE’S ENTITLED!

  • rubs93

    I agree with you on improving the ballclub espsically being down a starter we need to score more. From Ozzie POV he was using the DH spot to keep the bench guys involved and going with the hot bat at that spot. My only concern about Dunn is that he is coming from NL. Since you are a numbers guy and have “people” can we get Dunn’s numbers vs. former AL pitchers (Halladay, Santana, etc., etc.) Maybe this would make us all feel better on what Dunn could do in the AL.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    as i usually do, i agree with dan. stop complaining. if the sox stay put, we still have a good chance to win the division, but we’re not going to get past the rangers, rays or yankees without a big in my opinion, picture this, in the ALCS, it’s the bottom of the 8th inning at the cell, 2 outs, 2 runners on base, sox are down by 2, the DH spot in the lineup is up to bat, are we really saying that we want mark kotsay or andruw jones? i’d rather have adam dunn, and i’d more rather have prince fielder, and i don’t have a problem with giving up our top prospects to get one of those guys. some people want a pitcher, i say we can survive with hudson starting every 5th day. and once we get to the last 10-12 days of the season, we can use just our top 4 starters, and continue that if we get in the playoffs. kenny get a bat.

    the team i’m worried about is the twins, tigers are going to fall into the abyss with their unfortunate injury problems, but did you notice last night, the twins scored 19 runs off royal picthing, i know it’s the royals, but the twins are smokin’ hot right now, and they don’t even have justin morneau in their lineup.

    i think the division will come down to the last few days as it has the past couple seasons, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear game 163 again.


    I have no doubt in my mind that White Sox General Manager Ken Williams is working overtime on his cell phone trying to improve his first place A.L. Central team. Ideally, Williams would like to get BOTH a big-time power hitter like the Nationals’ Adam Dunn and/or a starting pitcher, especially in the wake of Freddy Garcia & Dan Hudson stinking up “Mount Davis” as White Sox radio voice Ed Farmer refers to that ballpark in Oakland this past weekend. It’s not necessarily a chemistry issue, but there are 3 problems I think teams have to look at with Saturday’s MLB Trade Deadline fast approaching. First, there are so many other teams in Bud Selig’s Major League Baseball that think they are buyers and there are few teams now that are considered sellers. Second, there are veteran players such as the Astros’ Roy Oswalt, now considered the biggest prize. It’s common knowledge that he wants out of Houston, but if MLB Network’s Peter Gammons all but shot down Oswalt’s request to play in St. Louis, the chances of Roy going to Philadelphia as Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci told “The Dan Patrick Show” today, can’t be much better. Third, should the Sox swing the deal for Dunn ,whether the Diamondbacks are involved or not as rumored, for example, can they sign Adam to a long-term contract beyond this season? That said, if the Sox can’t get Dunn, I think they’ll make a minor move instead. Granted, it won’t be sexy for lack of a better word, but I heard the SCORE’s own Joe Cowley on “White Sox Weekly” Saturday afternoon mention a “Geoff Blum-y-like move” that the team might be inclined to make if other teams don’t lower their asking price.

  • meesohawnee

    ok. does the score have a 2 year old designing this website. dont 2 years even know better that if we want porn there are other sites to go to like that creepie Eliot Harris? Oh speaking of thanks to Sneed for letting us know today that ron jeremy made the world tour in Chi this weekend!! Slow news week indeed! I agree with D-A trade Quentin(for pitching). Hes a disaster waiting to happen.


    For fun, go to thesmokingjacket.com (Hef’s version of Maxim Magazine)
    Check out the Girls of Comicon. Cute girls dressing like superheros/ villians is funny.

  • Gentleman RaRa

    This is the same team that brought in AJ Piersynski and Carl Everett….and won a World Series with them. Clearly, the White Sox organization isn’t afraid of stirring up a clubhouse, so why should we be?

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