white sox 7 27 Of What Are You Afraid?

Stop this.

Stop this small-town garbage about not improving a first-place team, because it might hurt feelings.  If I read one more spineless column or listen to one more idiot caller fearful of “upsetting” the Sox clubhouse by adding a proven slugger or veteran starting pitcher, I am going to combust.

Ken Williams wakes up every day trying to find a way to make the team as good as it can possibly be.  He is not dumb enough to think that Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel, Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, Daniel Hudson and others are the best possible options for what they do.

He will not make a deal for its own sake, but he will examine all possible deals that will give the Sox a better chance of winning a title this season.  Just making the playoffs provides a reasonable statistical chance of winning it all, but that is not a reason to rely solely on historical luck — make the team better and improve your chances, and trust your manager to make it work.  That’s his job.

This strange attachment to “good enough, so far” is embarrassing for a fandom that enjoyed a parade just five years ago.

* * *

Nice win last night against a good pitcher, and in front of a huge, vocal sellout crowd.  John Danks continues to deal.

Carlos Zambrano has completed anger management, despite the Cubs saying his treatment was not anger management.  Z was kind enough to apologize to the boo-yah network, but failed to gather kids from the Boys and Girls Club to sit behind him, and forgot to hire Jim Gray to lift his luggage.

Accounts of Tracy McGrady’s workout describe a less-than-impressive performance.  Keep this in mind:  seven-time all-stars who can still play don’t need controlled sales showcases.  And as Jason Goff mentioned off the air during yesterday’s show, you could learn the truth if you run him through the exact same workout today.

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