Closing Camp

bears 8 19 Closing Camp

We broadcast from the Bears’ practice field for the final time of Camp Lovie 2010 (the final Camp Lovie?), as the Bears prepare to close things to the public soon and work in earnest on their secret plans to be better than all the doubters seem to think.

Fun night out last night, with several veteran players (and other team officials) enjoying a beverage or two.  Nice to have the annual off-the-record conversations that supply far more information than the mandated strings of cliches and nonsense during daily press gatherings.

We hope to have a couple guys come by when they get done with another light-contact session, so we will hold off on “Who You Crappin” for another week.

Ozzie Guillen’s self-description as a “crazy f—ing Mexican” would be much funnier if the Sox hadn’t lost the ability to win a game.  With his teem reeling, another rant comes off as stressed out and unhinged instead of just emotional.

Alexei Ramirez’s inexcusable throw home last night was emblematic of the difference between these two teams.  And Joe Mauer is better than any player the Sox have had in many years.

I don’t like Derrek Lee’s “negative atmosphere” comments about the Cubs and goats and curses, but he mitigated his thought by admitting to the alluring possibility of being the team to explode such myths.  Still, it disappoints me to hear a player say those things on the way out the door, and to hear the half-retired manager echo them.

Oak Forest is the place tomorrow for the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.  Join us at the Blarney Stone for our usual silliness, some cold beer, and the chance to win free tickets.

  • bigtime sucker

    you are lucky to have off the record conversations and hear the truth about the bears, and that statement says a lot without saying anything, i am bummed.

    derrick lee was just speaking the truth, i have called him this many times before, he is the mopiest guy i know, maybe in a more positive atmosphere in atlanta when he strikes out he won’t hang his head and slowly saunter to the bench.

    ozzie needs to shut him mouth and let his team play, i am now betting heavily on jenks needing back surgury as this lalligaging on decision making is taking a toll on the bullpen.

  • 2nd Half Adjustments

    I can has new White Sox field manager pleaze?

  • General Soreness

    This blog is just a sad remnant of what it once was. This used to be so much fun to visit even with the moronic ramblings of Timmy Mac and other saboteurs. Score management wasted a good thing by trying to monitor inane posts in a cyber world in which anyone can find “two girls, one cup” with a few clicks of the mouse. MORONS.
    Anyone else agree?

    • General Soreness

      …and is anyone else’s “comments awaiting moderation” or is it just mine? I never write curse words on this blog.

      • SPAULDING!

        I, too, am in need of Score moderation, almost always.
        It’s my arch-insert controversial pole or stance here-ways.

        I’m going to be busy, but I have to know what the throw home looked like. The Sox pitching is just running out of gas.
        Haven’t been to TJ Donlin’s in a few years.

      • pulseczar

        The old blog wasn’t much to look at but it blows this out of the water. At least Murph’s weird mug (the one where he looked like he was falling forward after catching a whiff of something pungent) isn’t staring back at me anymore.

        DB said something about an WSCR suit telling him to mention the blog during a show a week or so ago. I’m sure to get more traffic. Though, I honestly doubt DB even reads this- even the old blog.

        The moderation message is so random.


    What’s very disturbing about the White Sox/Twins’ series to me starts in the bottom 1st at Target Field. After the Sox don’t score in the top 1st in the first 2 games of this series, the Twins waste very little time scoring first and the Sox are always battling from behind. Tuesday night, John Danks allowed 4 Twins to score in the bottom 1st alone, and last night, Gavin Floyd was ineffective for the second time in less than a week vs. Francisco Liriano. Floyd ended up allowing 7 runs, 10 hits, 3 BB & 5 K’s in only 5 1/3 innings in the Sox 7-6 loss to the Twins last night at Target Field. It’ll be a moral victory if tonight’s starter, Mark Buehrle, can keep the Twins off the board in the very 1st inning vs. a rejuvenated Carl Pavano, right here on 670 The SCORE. Unfortunately, history is not on Buehrle’s side as the Southsiders try to avoid leaving Minneapolis in a 6 game hole in the A.L. Central. In Mark’s last 6 starts to the Twin Cities, he’s only 1-4 with a 6.69 ERA and hasn’t won a road start vs. their division rivals since September 21, 2007. Needless to say, it’s a bad omen.

  • wheelingdad

    Agree, General.
    Can’t beleive I am saying this ,but, I miss TimmieMac….LOL.
    This website has ruined the day to day banter.
    Not sure if this post will make it through “moderation/censorship.”
    Seems the radio hosts can reem callers, but we can’t post anything against the mighty SCORE.


      “you drink it in. . .it always goes down smooth!” True enough,
      Anchorman never gets stale.
      ABSHARK 18. It’s starting to defy odds: Even the Cubs took two against the Cardinals this weekend. I thought you could count on them beating Liriano.
      Wheelingdad, you can say things completely contradictory to B & B. I just think they want to check the bombast, and the crass name calling. Amen to that. I spent one hour on a hockey blog after the Detroit–Chicago C.S. and it was awful.

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    I went to Bears training camp in Bourbonais Tuesday night. It was OK. I didn’t see any tackling Tuesday night but I saw a lot of blocking drills and some nice passes. I think the Bears will be 6 and 10 this year. I bet Bernsie would love to be on the Jury for the Roger Clemens trial.

  • Oral Kershyster

    You guys deserve praise for dispelling the myth that Derrek Lee was among those that choked in the playoffs. He leaves unappreciated but, despite not winning anything, he is the last player that should blamed for the awful playoff years.

    • bigtime sucker

      I D IDN’t blame derrick for the playoff woes, just for being moppy and sleepy, the guy looked sleepier than sam perkins

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