Reaching for Explanations

chris williams 8 24 Reaching for Explanations

Now I’m even more confused than usual.

If I’m reading today’s Trib hypothesis correctly, Chris Williams is bad at blocking because he has been practicing against Julius Peppers.  The key word being “because,” in this case, since Dan Pompei is speculating that Peppers’ success against Williams in Bourbonnais has made the young left tackle bad.

I’ll give you a moment to recover.

This would seem to invert the commonly-held thought that practicing against more talented, harder-working players actually elevates a player’s game.  You know — the idea that is, in fact, the principle at the very foundation of practice.

It is possible that Williams is bad, but it is also possible that we have no idea how well Peppers has been practicing either, since both players represent variables.  But carrying this wacko thought to a practical end would result in teams lowering the competition level to keep from “ruining” players, and perhaps even desiring less talent.  How does this get printed without some editor looking after things?

Hilarious that Aramis Ramirez is commenting on the pie-in-the-sky possibility of Adam Dunn joining the Cubs next year.  It’s the money still owed the lazy third-sacker that helps prevent such things, and Ramirez himself may be asked to man first next year if he keeps up the Roger Dorn act.  Problem with that is it keeps Tyler Colvin in the outfield, where his defensive problems are worrying the Cubs.

JJ Putz and Matt Thornton are believed to be structurally fit, but the same is not true of their team going into a series against Baltimore.  Another shot at Jeremy Guthrie for them tonight, if the vast umpiring conspiracy allows them the chance to compete (that being the dark cabal of Joe West, Mark Wegner, Billy Beane, sports-talk radio, Insane Clown Posse, the Russian mob, Zionist bankers, half the cast of “Glee,” Ronnie Woo Woo and the Chicago River Alligator).

  • Taco-Lover Tom

    While the rest of your list of conspirators are self-evident and essentially givens, I take issue with your inclusion of Ronnie Woo Woo. Anyone who wreaks that much havoc on the other side of town and crushes the collective spirit of Chubbieland with the vicious brutality of Mr. Woo Woo simply doesn’t belong on any Sox fan’s enemies list.

  • NorthShore Samurai

    Little known Fun Fact: Ronnie Woo-Woo is actually the head of the Yakuza.


    Throw into that mixture pairs of eyes that don’t have a great track record for evaluating offense, and you got yourself a layercake made with dread, gloom, forboding, and milk chocolate frosting.
    Adam Dunn is in a bit of a slump. . . .
    Would a Colvin trade result in a decent infield prospect? Third base still needs a backup.

  • Screen name to be named later

    Maybe Pompei subscribes to the Allen Iverson theory of practice.

    As far as any chance of the Cubs getting Dunn, it won’t happen and I don’t want it to happen. Even if they have enough money to get Dunn, they don’t have enough money to buy themselves out of the predicament they have put themselves in. I’d rather see the resources allocated elsewhere.

  • Kareem Burgess

    Good Grief!!!!! The excuses that come out of Bears camp are so LAME!!!! Here we have a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE claiming that practicing against another PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE causes the skills he’s aquired throughout his career to somehow become diminished. That’s like me claiming that the lessons my professors made me study in school led to me being an idiot. However, I think I did that all on my own.

    Man up and admit that you suck, Williams!!!!

  • Mike in davenport

    I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that the Chicago River Alligator is conspiring against the Sox. The alligator is a solitary creature; like a lone wolf.

    The Lone Wolf-like Chicago River Alligator works with no one.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    “Another shot at Jeremy Guthrie for them tonight, if the vast umpiring conspiracy allows them the chance to compete (that being the dark cabal of Joe West, Mark Wegner, Billy Beane, sports-talk radio, Insane Clown Posse, the Russian mob, Zionist bankers, half the cast of “Glee,” Ronnie Woo Woo and the Chicago River Alligator).”

    Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Lydell

      My blank check will soon follow. Oh, to be conspired against! I feel so ALIVE! Keep fondling the ballbearings, boys.


      Homer quote?

  • Chicago Transplant in TN


    You failed to include all Pope imposters, all the Elvis impersonators from the movie “3000 Miles to Graceland” and -last but not least – the Latino “Power Group” Menudo!

  • mad as hell fan.....

    so dan would yell at callers who called Aramis lazy when Aramis was going through a poor stretch in the past, but now he is “lazy” in his description of the third-sacker. When Aramis is doing well, which is generally his entire time as a Chicago Cub, dan gushes about him saying he is the best player in Chicago. Surprised Dan would go the meatball route and call Aramis lazy, because that is certainly a lazy description.


    As the White Sox return home to host the Orioles & Yankees at U.S. Cellular Field starting tonight, might the Southsiders make one more attempt to land Manny Ramirez via the waiver wire? There’s a great deal of speculation, starting with MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds on “The Dan Patrick Show” yesterday. While The SCORE’s Kerry Sayers, Brian “The Whipping Boy” Paruch & Connor McKnight aired audio in their “Scoreboard Updates” of Reynolds going out on a limb to predict Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi will be the next Cubs’ manager, H.R. also said in that same interview that he believes that the Sox will try one more time to land the moody Dodgers’ leftfielder before the August 31st Waiver Deadline. The guy can still hit, but would the Sox, Rays or any other team be willing to tolerate his shtick if a deal can be made for Manny? He can’t play the outfield anymore, and has spent 3 stints on the DL this year with leg injuries. I think the Dodgers have had enough of Manny and would love to see him move on. I’m not so sure he’s worth the potential aggravation.


      I’m with you ABSHARK@18. Unless you’re getting him for a low low rate, I don’t think you grab a player who could go right back to the DL.
      And, I think the NL pennant will go to the Cardinals or the Braves, so the NL West doesn’t seem that good.
      I want a Cubs prospective manager that is interested in managing diverse talent, not someone who has a persistent All star roster.

  • Kenny Owens

    Boy I tell ya…This Mike Quade guy really makes my bugle mad! What is Hendry thinking? It’s almost like Mc-F-A-I-L is back running the team! What a bunch of bums! What do ya say Nate?

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    It’s Joe Wests fault that the Chicago Bears Offensive line is bad. I also blame Joe West for the demise of the Monsters & Money morning show.

  • sturty6

    honestly, i think the Bears have purposely put WIlliams in a poor position to push him as far as he can go. The have put him on a perverbial “island” on the left end. Not like the Revis Island, where no WR wants to live, his island is welcome to all athletic and speedy end rushers because they are succeeding on getting past Williams. I assume this next week after seeing what he can and can’t do, he will see more chipping from backs and TE’s. I still hold hope for Williams, as the last 1st rounder that could actually do something for this Franchise since Tommie Harris.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    manny ramirez? that’s the best you can do kenny? well at least you’re not bucking the trend of you getting a player you’ve always liked 8-10 years past their prime.

    i think if the sox can’t get to a 1 game or less back of the twins by the homestand is over, i think their season will be over, because of the tough road trips we have in september, and the overall schedule is brutal, it’s going to take alot, and some help from minnesota, but if the sox once went 25-5 over a period of 30 games, i believe they can get hot like that again, we just need the bullpen to stop blowing leads.

    and somebody needs to stop showing hawk all of the phantom ball/strike replays, i’m getting tired of him complaining, maybe a couple of them are wrong, and i do hate joe west, but every single pitch doesn’t decide the outcome of the game! relax hawk.

    nobody’s out to get the sox, the sox are just getting themselves out. any smart baseball fan would agree.

    • Big Cat

      Oh man, you Sox fans just slay me, you call Cubs fans stupid on the one hand and on the other hold on to this ridiculous belief that the one hot month a team had is the “real team” while the three and a half bad months they’ve had is not.

      Look at the Sox record against AL teams – go on, I’ll wait – and then let me know where you see another stretch of .833 baseball is coming up for them.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        i know that most of that 25-5 run was against national league teams, i know the sox suck against the AL, all i was saying is that the sox are capable of getting hot again, especially at home, not to the extent of 25-5, but i can see them sweeping the orioles, beating the yanks 2 out of 3, then having a .500 road trip, is that very optimistic? yes, but they are capable of it. you never know with this sox team, who knows they might just lie down, but i’m still giving them a chance, they’ll need some help from the twins, but i’m not losing hope yet.

        by the way, i never called cubs fans stupid. i don’t like them, but i respect their rooting interests and i know that they are a smart baseball breed.

  • Rudy and the Blowfish

    The only way that Pompeii’s article makes sense is if Williams turns out to be like Rodney McCray of the Jordan-era Bulls, the kind of player who crumbled under the ultra-competitive MJ in practice. If Peppers had half of Jordan’s practice habits I would be shocked. Whatever the reason, Williams may just be bad.

  • Dan's EGO

    I can’t read but I am HUGE!

  • meesohawnee

    i have a vision of junior bernstein with some shades raging in a limo…


    I think the guys have their answer:
    You sign Manny Ramirez to that much money, you at least, have to get out of the first round of the playoffs. How’d that ’08 Dodger team do when he was two years younger?
    You have to wonder if he wants to play.
    Nope. Thanks. Check in with Mets, Marlins, Tigers, Orioles, A’s,


    I think there is too many question marks for the money to sign Manny Ramirez.


      wait, wait, I want to throw something out there. If you don’t like it, you can send it back. . .
      Uh, If the Whitesox can borrow Manny, that sounds all right.
      (baseball has to clean up their contracts–yeesh!)

  • gmsingh

    A sports writer had a bs hypothesis? I’m shocked!

  • John Doe

    I think Kerry Sayers ought to be a spokeswoman for a Chicago-area jeans company in which in their radio ads that an echo effect is used on her voice & in their print ads, she’s modeling a pair of jeans that she would be wearing. There would be a TV ad as well.

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