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Jay Cutler is making headlines by cavorting around the country with reality-TV “personality” Kristin Cavallari, living the life of a rich, single NFL QB.  Nothing wrong with bimbo-wrangling, as long as it doesn’t affect your preparation for the next game.

But there is something wrong with what Matt Forte tried to get away with.

According to today’s Sun Times, Forte got engaged to Danielle Daniels in splashy fashion — giving her a big diamond at a Trump Hotel promo event, then flying to Louisiana to celebrate.  Later, her parents hosted an engagement party at LuxBar and were planning a glamorous wedding for next year.

But then came Tuesday, when Forte finally informed Daniels that his former girlfriend is seven months pregnant with his kid.  Lovely, huh?

To Daniels’s credit, she broke everything off completely.

But as long as Forte and Cutler can keep their on-field relationship healthy, none of this matters a bit.  It’s Cutler’s lack of connection with Devin Hester that came up at Halas Hall yesterday, however, and it is the subject of more media scrutiny today.

One game is just that, and the conclusions drawn are likely to be wrong.  Still, Mike Martz tipped his hand right after getting the job when he said that Hester was the Az Hakim of the team — best suited for the tertiary role as slot guy rather than trying to make him the Isaac Bruce or Torry Holt.  That lasted until the Bears told Martz what they paid Hester and what they said about him.  And Cutler’s initial take: “If Devin would have gotten open, I would have thrown him the ball” is worthy of a raised eyebrow.

Brian Billick joins us at 3:00.  Zach Zaidman reports from Halas Hall as we await the injury update from Dallas on DeMarcus Ware.  We will do “Who You Crappin?” at 5:00 and the Second Half at 3:30.

News on the ongoing federal probe of Lance Armstrong is twofold:  the (probably illegal) tape of a phone call by Greg LeMond has been obtained by prosecutors.  In it, a former Armstrong associate admits hearing him tell doctors about his use of PEDs.  Also, the French anti-doping agency is ready to hand over Lance’s urine sample from the 1999 Tour de France — the one that tested positive for EPO.  Getting interesting.

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