Ozzie To Sox: I Want You To Want Me

ozzie guillen 9 22 Ozzie To Sox: I Want You To Want Me

As the 2010 season winds down, Ozzie Guillen is craving validation.

He has a year remaining on his deal, and a provision that extends him one more year if the Sox win the division in 2011.  That’s not the situation he wants, but it’s the contract he signed.

He says he plans to be back, if he’s wanted.  And this is starting to look like a negotiation.

Guillen and Ken Williams have been clashing all year — two crazy alphas scrapping like brothers under the roof of poppa Jerry Reinsdorf’s house.  The tension is real, denied by none.

Both do a decent job, however, and both are loved by Reinsdorf personally and professionally.

So the best bet is that the upcoming cooling-off period settles the environment.  Reinsdorf has them hug it out, and Ozzie gets a couple guaranteed years tacked on.  Williams could also be Paxsonated to a grander executive tier, leaving Rick Hahn in charge of the day-to-day GM duties and providing a demilitarized zone on the Ozzie border.

Or it blows up in a flurry of Spanglish tweets, hallway staredowns and profane machismo.

Sox/A’s at 2:00 today, so you get us for an hour.  We’ll cover what we can in the short time, including the Bulls’ signing of Brian Scalabrine.  They must have identified a need at the “bad, slow, out-of-shape guy” position.

Tomorrow, it’s “Who You Crappin?” at 5:00, and the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour stops in Mokena on Friday.  Join us at Morgan’s Thunder Bowl in Mokena to get your weekend started.

  • bigtime sucker

    one more thing about this carmello deal. Objectively speaking, why isn’t Melo taking the three year extension? are things really that bad in denver? aren’t they periennal playoffs,. weren’t they two wins away from NBA finals? Wasn’t the problem last year their coach being gone and injuries? Doesn’t he have an allstar point guard to feed him? isn’t there a cba coming up? really what’s his problem? would he have signed this extension if “the decision” never happened. David Stern needs to get a grip on this, the inmates are running the assylum and this needs to end NOW

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    Brian Scalabrine?
    GarPax, WYC?????

    • bigtime sucker

      CHET, i will defend this one
      he’s a 12th man, a practice guy and the end of a quarter 3 point shooter to spread the floor so rose can drive and the obligatory white guy everyone wants in during a blowout. don’t worry, barring major injuries, he won’t see meaningful minutes

      • bigtime sucker

        also, remember, wyc is for things people say, not do. they never said they weren’t bringing in scalabrini, so techicnally this isn’t a crap even if scalabrini’s game is crap

      • Chet's Inflated Ego

        You are correct, sir, on the Crap.

        I saw a report that Scalabrine’s contract with The Bulls is “non-guaranteed”. I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing in the NBA, except for those 10-day contracts. I mean, he just always looked like crap when playing for the Celtics.

        If he can play a role on the roster, so be it.

        I am excited about the possibility of Melo.
        I just am not holding my breath until GarPax pull it off.
        I also liked your point yesterday related to the Nets offer.
        That was a smart point.

        The NBA maven on SI.com (forget his name) says that Portland would be the #1 destination for Melo, didn’t include The Bulls among his top-5.

  • bigtime sucker

    Ozzie is the only marketable asset in the sox organization, they HAVE to keep him. The sox would have no NATIONAL value if they didn’t have Ozzie, and he had this team overachieving for much of the season, but when you have to play as hard as they have to overachive, you are going to hit a wall, and they have. I wouldn’t neccessarily pin that on Ozzie, although he was dead wrong about Thome.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      BTS is 100% correct about Ozzie being the “face” of the Sox.
      Whenever Booyah has the Sox on, they billboard the games with Ozzie’s name and/or photo.
      One Booyah rumor has him going to The Marlins.
      I think that is nuts (he was a 3B Coach there years ago under Jeff Torborg and Jack McKeon) but is just being dangled out there as bargaining leverage for Ozzie.
      I think his off-season home is in Miami, ditto for Joey Cora.

      Also, I confess that I was also wrong about Thome.
      I didn’t want The Sox to sign him for 2010.
      BUT I had the hope that Kenny would have signed a legit bat and not gone with Ozzie’s plan of Kotsay/Jones.

      Is Manny done???

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I don’t believe ‘Melo to Portland for a second. I read that, and they’d have to sell Denver on Oden. Ugh.

    I firmly believe Carmelo wants to be a big market player. That means one of four destinations: Chicago, New York, Jersey, and as an outside shot, the Clippers. They’ve got the cap room, and several intriguing pieces to trade… and if Griffin can come in and be the 18 & 10 guy they hoped, they’re really only a player away from being really scary.

  • General Soreness

    “Carmelo Anthony is being dangled by the nuggets”….Classic!

    The Sox would be crazy to let Oz go. He is a good manager. He had these scrubs over-achieving for a good part of the season (even though he did lobby to have some of these scrubs on his squad). We all know what he can do with some talent on the field.
    I like Kenny but if someone has to go it should be him. Manny was the biggest waste of $$$$ that I have seen on the South Side. Maybe the Hahn idea would be the best solution.

    Lastly, Jesse Jackson Jr. is a sanctimonious scumbag, just like his father (and most politicians, for that matter).

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      Yeah but JJ, Junior has real, real good taste.

      Was dangled by the nuggets a Joe Bartosh line?

    • bigtime sucker

      i wonder what daddy thinks about him dabbling with a white woman. I don’t personally have anything against that, it just seems inconsistent with the whole operation push thing and his father’s overall “mission”. Jr. rely’s on his father’s stature in the black community to get votes and this might tick them off just a bit.

      • Chet's Inflated Ego

        I thought that Daddy was an Equal Opportunity shtupper also.

  • rubs93

    All hail White Granville Waiters 2010!!! We need to come up with a Jersey Shore name for Scalabrine any thoughts?

    • bigtime sucker


  • Goat

    Who cares about the Scal signing? Seriously he’ll never play a meaningful minute. Asik, Thomas, Taj are all ahead of him on the bench. JJ probably is too.

  • Lydell

    Remember, Kenny once suffered the indignity of being traded for Eric King. A Paxsonification could prove fatal. But in fairness, Oney would frolic in the moat until he finds work.


    “I Want You to Want Me”? Since when has Bernsy quoted Rockford’s own Cheap Trick? Anyway, the White Sox demise came when they lost the last 3 games of the 4 game series at Comerica Park in Detroit and suddenly stopped hitting and clutch hitting to boot. It also doesn’t help when the team has injuries to key guys in the bullpen such as closer Bob Jenks, setup guys Matt Thornton & J.J. Putz, as well as aging starter Freddy Garcia and his back, not to mention 2B Gordon Beckham with a nagging right hand injury that might very well cut his second season short.

    The SCORE’s own Chris “The Ranger” Rongey has tried awfully hard to tell any Sox fan listening to his postgame show as well as “White Sox Weekly” Saturday afternoons during the season about what a hitting coach REALLY does. I’ve got to think that hitting coach Greg Walker might be among the fall guys for the Southsiders’ demise at the end of the season, regardless of what happens with manager Ozzie Guillen. At this point, I can’t tell if Ozzie’s staying or going elsewhere based on the reports I’ve read. It’s enough to give this White Sox fan a headache.

  • Chi Orphan

    “They must have identified a need at the “bad, slow, out-of-shape guy” position.”

    I love this.

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