2 Investigators: School System Ignored Safety Concerns

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CHICAGO (CBS) If your child feels unsafe at school, and you want them transferred to a new school, what do you think would happen?

Families say officials with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) drag their heels and even prevent transfers, further endangering their kids. 2 Investigator Dave Savini found the district has been lacking a policy to deal with this safety concern.

Since 2008-2009 school year, Edwina Meyer has been trying to get a transfer out of Scammon Elementary School, 4201 W. Henderson St. She says she feels unsafe.

“It’s terrible,” Meyer says. “It’s like so much happened in that classroom.”

She says she has witnessed multiple X-rated acts while in class.

Meyer was reportedly not alone in witnessing this behavior. Laura Flores says her daughter also witnessed the sex acts.

“My daughter was psychologically damaged by it, in the way she had nightmares, she fretted about going to school,” Flores said. “She was afraid.”


Flores and Susan Meyer, Edwina’s mother, both say that during the past two years, they wanted their daughters transferred to different schools for safety reasons. But they say school officials fought them, even though they acknowledge the sex acts occurred and fired the teacher.

Edwina Meyer says even after the teacher was fired, problems persisted. She says she was bit, inappropriately touched and she says denied access to the bathroom. Meyer says she wet herself and was forced to sit in her own urine.

“I don’t have an explanation from anybody why it’s happening,” Susan Meyer said.

She removed her daughter from Scammon and has been trying to have her placed in a new school.

The problem is there have been no official CPS policies to help students transfer when they felt unsafe.

Meyer wanted her daughter, who has special education needs, to go to a new school, Lorca, which opened just blocks from her home. She says CPS officials refused.

Finally, they were told Edwina Meyer could switch, but to a school five miles away without bus transportation. That is impossible, says her mother, who has no car. That left Edwina sitting at home.

“She doesn’t deserve this,” Susan Meyer said.

After CBS 2 contacted Chicago Public School officials, they agreed to provide Edwina bus transportation to a new school.

For other students, there also is help. This year, a new CPS policy allows students to transfer for safety reasons, but applying for a move does not guarantee you will get one. District-wide, 17 students have applied for safety transfers citywide this year, and five were denied.

“The district makes every effort to accommodate all of its students and their individual needs equitably and fairly, and we will review and monitor our internal procedures,” a schools spokesman says.

Click here to review the new policy.

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  • Chad

    This story missed the major problem at this school- the principal! I have a friend who teaches at Scammon, this person has way too many terrible stories about the petty and inappropriate principal. Misusing funds, punishing teachers who stand up for students and each other, many things that would get you fired at any normal job. The teachers are doing the best they can and try so hard to teach these kids while existing in a stressful and toxic environment. Very sad situation.

    • Anonymous

      Chad is right on the money. The bigger issue here is an abusive principal that does not respect special education and is totally out of compliance with special education law. CBS Chicago should have looked into that issue, which is a much bigger issue than the new transfer rule, and effects students in many more schools besides just Scammon.

      • Robert

        And what is the name of this principal? The very next thing to be done is to start a strong campaign to have this low-life individual fired. Grow a pair and start naming names.

    • Unc

      Principal’s name is Mary Therese Weaver

      • Jesse Jackson Jr.

        I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that the principal and the overwhelming majority of the faculty voted for Obama. Why does that matter you ask? It’s a matter of character. Moving out of Chicago, a city filled with mindless sheep who will vote for Democrats no matter what, was the best decision I ever made.

      • Spinnaker

        Do you have a contact for her

      • cervantes

        bet principal and teachers are all black

    • concerned

      Where was the teacher in that classroom? May be is that some of the teachers in that school are not doing their best and therefore should look for another occupation that requires less responsability. You said it , very sad situation.

      • Chad

        The principal reassigns teachers to new classrooms frequently. She takes away their teacher aides leaving one teacher in an overcrowded room when they are supposed to have two adults.

      • Scammon Parent

        Chad, are you a parent? We need to do something! What is happening at our school?

      • summus

        they fired the teacher and guess what— the kids still kept acting like animals– Imagine that! Who else can we blame? Certainly not the parents!!! It takes a village right? right? right? VOTE DEMOCRAT

      • Stefany Arruela

        there are 2 teachers in that class room .

      • Stefany Arruela

        there are 2 teachers in that class room , and that girl is posting up on fb she is hanging out with her bf alone at her house .

    • Scammon Parent

      This has incident has nothing to do with national politics. It is Scammon’s failure.

    • ascammonparent

      Why not check out some facebook pages of Scammon teachers that were “harrassed” seems like they hate their new schools too and post about their students!!

      • Wilson

        Hi Mary. How are you?

      • Earl

        What does Facebook have to do with bad leadership? Who said anything about “harrassed?” Sounds like you are trying to blame the teachers for bad leadership.
        After the first incident, the principal should have considered putting those students into regular classrooms and had the special educator co-teach with a classroom teacher. It is obviously too much for one teacher to handle those students.
        Since Wilson wrote “Hi Mary,” and Mary T. Weaver is the principal’s name, I’m assuming that “ascammonparent” is the principal. I think we got her number.

    • RJLigier

      Homosexual/bisexual principal abusing the system. Nothing new here. Move along.

      • sox fan

        Yes, this principal abuses the system. The teachers have notified the officials but nothing has been done about it.

    • Helloseekers

      Well, you’re a dad. I don’t think there’s too many of those around Scammon.

    • rom

      what ever happened to responsible adults

      • luckysnp

        They all moved away from the minority neighborhoods.

    • TJ

      You’re got a serious problem if you don’t think anything is wrong with this story. Ithere Are you the principal?

    • Drymouth

      No one is listening! Teachers have been squawking about this principal for years! who does she know? Why is she still the boss? Why doesn’t she use her talented teachers appropriately? She has succeeded in removing almost all of her critics. Sincerely dry mouthed

      • dazed and confused flipflopper

        she isn’t quite done yet. Her goal is to have all rookies, so that she can fire them when she gets tired of them. Now that tenured teachers are not safe, everyone is watching their backs and being good boys and girls right now. While they SEETHE inside. I wish the regional CAO Amy Mimms would investigate her for REAL. ASk the staff confidentialy how they feel about her.

    • AB

      Considering the news is reporting this story and many news reports are biased, I would not jump to any conclusions about Chicago Public Schools from a few incidents, Although I understand the seriousness of this issue, we are always quick to blame a single person, for example the principal in this case. What about the mother of the little girl that performed these sexual acts? Parents have to take responsibility for their child’s behavior as well. The teachers and the principal can not control everything! I think that IS the bigger issue: the Parents of these out of control children. It starts at home and it is a shame what parents allow their children to get away with nowadays, an outright shame.

    • dazed and confused flipflopper

      It seems to me that Mrs. Weaver is truly over her head. Scammon used to be a school of distinction when Mr. Peter Bushbacher was the Principal. How can continuous complaints by staff be disregarded over and over again as the rantings of unsatisfied teachers! Some amazing teachers have left because of her! Not a good place to be

      • Truth hurts?

        That is because when Mr. Bushbacker was the principal he hardly ever came out of his office. Teacher never complained because he was never around to observe their teaching. Some teachers mistreated the students (bilingual) and he supported them. Teachers would walk into the office like it was their room or walk around with coffee mugs while teaching. He would not say anything. He was a nice person and was not tough. Is that why you say it was a school of distinction. Actually the teachers that complain of every thing and do no do their jobs are the ones who turned this school into a chaos.

      • FMW

        Truth hurts? – you’re an idiot. Sure, Mr. Bushbacher wasn’t perfect but at least he didn’t steal from his staff! Hey Mary – What happened to the Carmen Thomas fund? You should be put in jail for stealing from your staff and community. I know I would visit you.

  • sesterquest

    I was extremely disappointed in your story last night. You missed the bigger more important picture. I would have suggested that your focus not be the right to request a transfer, but the right to have your special needs child protected as they attend a CPS. You failed to mention the acts these young girls witnessed occurred while there were only 7 other children and a teacher in the class. Where were the educators? Where was the principal? I might suggest that you report on how this school refused to provide basic safety measures for these children on a regular basis, how 1 of these girls was found wondering the streets around school because the school failed to provide an aid to meet the at the bus. Again these are special needs students who require special accommodations that obviously this school disregarded. Parents of these children have to fight every day for basic necessities. You have just touched the tip of the iceberg!

    • LMAO

      Get serious, it’s Bush’s fault!

    • frank

      Definition of insanity.

    • Monica

      I agree that money earmarked for special ed, or in general education money is not getting to the children, it is being siphoned off along the way. However, high functioning special needs children should not be isolated away from the general population for budgetary reasons. they should just enforce that the schools provide adequate services if the service is to be provided at all. My son receives special education for a learning disorder, but otherwise can function appropriately in a regular class. Bottom line, if these children are not safe- whether receiving special services or not- the school should be investigated and possibly shut down. I also think that if I was not happy with the education my child was receiving, I should have the right to pull my child and enroll him wherever I want without delay.

    • ChicagoIsScum

      Agreed…any city that has a get-out-the-vote NAKED campaign running on television is just plain nuts. So sorry for these special needs children.

    • Drymouth

      a teacher at Scammon had 7 SPED students who were not serviced for a good portion of the year. The teacher was ridiculed. Her evaluations plummeted, after she told the principal that parents needed to know.

      • Interested

        So the principal chose not to service SPED students, is she aware that this is against the law?

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Unbelievable, but so common all over America. Why not let the parents and child opt out of the school? Give them a voucher to use at the school of their choice. Give all the parents that choice. You know, freedom? Choice? Then bone heads like those in that school go away. Either that or they become obama campaign workers. Probably the latter.

  • Shawn

    Ah public school education…sounds wonderful….

    One of those dumb backwards homeschoolers

  • John Breland

    Your tax dollars at work. Personally, I think we should dismantle the whole public school system nationwide and put the bloodsucking bureaucrats, administrators and union thugs in jail.

    • p3orion

      When do we start? November 2.

  • H2K

    Rahm be fixin’ this. Oh yeah

  • Edgar Friendly

    Bob, dude…I agree with you but there’s no reason to bring a race thing into it. We Americans are not about his race – it’s about he’s a wannabe 3rd world socialist dictator.

  • Janice G

    But the people of Chicago WILL vote for all DumbocRATs in November!! You know that!!! Alexi ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Janice G

    Our president discontinued vouchers feeling they are against the students (real reason, they are against teachers unions which he supports and they support him)

    • Janice G

      Go Obama!!

  • Janice G

    Viva La revolucion!!!

  • Clunky

    This is all George Bush’s Fault

  • Justin

    Principals are not part of the teacher’s union. Get your facts straight.

  • Matt Herren


    Principal – Mary Therese Weaver

    Try google.

  • frank

    I think a stronger word than ‘dummies’ needs to be inserted here. I don’t even have kids and I’m still livid that this kinda thing happens to kids. It’s the liberals and the unions who are causing this travesty. The liberal game has been for decades to dumb people down to the point then don’t know the difference. Then promise the idiots all kinds of freebies….and what’s the payoff for the politicians? Votes. We’d all better hope that November brings change….

  • Scammon Parent

    The actual website is scammonschool.com

  • Joyce

    The actual website is scammonschool.com

  • Chad

    My comment is “awaiting moderation” so I am reposting and adding. I’m guessing Mary flagged me?

    Obama or liberals have nothing to do with this- the system has been in place for years. Blaming the other party does not solve the problem.

    Shame on CBS for using the sensational story of ‘sex acts’ when the real problem is the principal. I don’t believe half of this story. By the way, this parent has a restraining order against her for physically attacking a teacher!

    I have a friend who teaches at Scammon, this person has way too many terrible stories about the petty and inappropriate principal. This story could have covered misusing funds, punishing teachers who stand up for students and each other, disciplining teachers for not being invited to their weddings – many things that would get you fired at any normal job. The teachers are doing the best they can and try so hard to teach these kids while existing in a stressful and toxic environment. Very sad situation.

    There are currently many grievances in process at this school. Union teachers were fired this summer. Mary’s contract may have been renewed illegally. People in the system are trying to resolve these issues but it is very difficult.

    The problem is not Obama, it’s keeping people like Mary in charge who want to run a kingdom and do not care about children.

  • http://thedailyconservative.net/2010/10/08/claim-chicago-teacher-allowed-sex-acts-in-classroom/ CLAIM: Chicago Teacher Allowed Sex Acts In Classroom… | The Daily Conservative

    […] (Second column, 4th story, link) […]



  • M in Chicago

    We live in Chicago and send our son to private school. It costs a lot and we pay a fortune in property taxes for a public school system we wouldn’t dare expose our son to. Even more maddening is that even in the private school system there is political and social bias that we are constantly battling.

    Long story, short, parents have to have a greater role in their child’s education. It mights seem intrusive to the educators but they have my most precious possession and I will not let them fill his head with garbage. I feel so bad for the parents that don’t have the options my husband and I do.

  • Hazmat77

    Typical school officials … no doubt FOO … Friends of Obama.

    What will it take to rid the USA of these hangers on scumbags?

  • dianeremarx

    TOO ALL WHO CARE: It sounds like you guys should coordinate with each other to do something about this principal and this school.

    • Wilson

      Hey, its Mary again.
      Perhaps we can have someone hack her facebook account, as she did to her teachers. Perhaps we can get a member of her LSC to tell us about the gift cards she purchased for them to secure a vote.

    • Earl

      Right on Wilson! Mary is all over these posts.

    • Hoffman

      Like how you REALLY care about the students Mary? Puh-lease. Is that why you have a veteran middle school teacher teaching kindergarten? Or why you utterly humiliated a 7th grader last year when you cut off her student council speech? I know you keep the special Ed. kids in a room the size of a closet because you really care about them, right? You are ridiculous and Wilson is right. Its only a matter of time before everyone sees your true colors.

    • Interested

      Is anyone looking into the allegations that people are making on this page?

  • Rimjob

    I am so glad I went to a catholic high school. Yeah I got beat up for being gay but at least I never had to piss myself

  • Mick


    I hope your comment ( go obama ) was sarcasm.

    If not, you just showed how “STUPID” you really are. Chicago has been one of the most crooked and corrupt cities in the U.S. for decades. obummer was trained there.

    I am from Crook county, I know first hand how crooked that county is.

    If it was sarcasm, I apologize, if you were serious–you are an IDIOT!!

  • Robert D

    Looks like the admins have removed the post that I replied to.
    The original post had a web site listed on it.

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