Bernstein: Second Favre Accusation Worse Than First

Our news has been image-driven since Kennedy and Nixon debated on television in 1960.  Fifty years later, mouse clicks and pageviews are powered by what flashes, allures and titillates.

So it’s no surprise that the Brett Favre sexting story still centers on Jenn Sterger.  The phone messages and sausage shots were sent to her, and the burgeoning scandal originated with Deadspin’s reporting of her involvement.  Cheesecake photos of her in her underwear and displaying her phony cleavage, however, are keeping eyes off the second accuser.

Which is unfortunate, since the account from the former Jets’ masseuse is actually worse.

There’s no harrumphing dismissal of unreliable internet-site reporting with this one, either (though that reflexive response from confused, scared old J-schoolers lessens with each big story), since it was printed (!) in the New York Post.

The paper describes “…a seamy stream of phone calls, “e-mails and texts from Favre saying, ‘Why don’t you and your friend come over . . . I have all these bad intentions. ” according to her furious husband.”

And the confrontation that ensued:

“I called Favre back myself,” the hubby said. “I was looking for an apology.”

But he didn’t get one. “I feel like this guy tried to screw my [expletive] family,” the husband said. “He’s a [expletive] scumbag.”

The husband told Deadspin, “I called him on his phone and told him I wanted an apology. He acted all arrogant. He refused to apologize.”

The woman says she saved some of the lewd messages from Favre.

So what’s more serious — Favre lusting clumsily after buxom, single, team-employed sideline candy (who rightly brushed him off as the old weirdo he is), or stalking a married team contractor and refusing to back down when confronted by the enraged husband?

And his level of stupidity is mind-boggling.  One of the league’s best-known players — in the nation’s craziest media beehive, mind you — was leaving a multiplatform paper trail of text, audio and video.  The only explanation is that he had been doing this free of consequence in the quiet of the Wisconsin woods for some time, amid fawning, cud-chewing fans.  All while his wife was selling books about her battle with cancer.

(Sorta changes the ending of “There’s Something About Mary,” huh?  As several emailers to the show have pointed out, a movie about competing sexual creeps now unwittingly features another)

Another significant facet to this involves the media behemoths so intertwined with the promotion of Favre and the NFL that they find themselves in knots trying to handle the news.  The symbolism was not lost on many last night:  Mike Tirico presiding over Vikings/Jets — one serially-accused sex-stalker (suspended three months for it by ESPN) describing the actions of another.

Time will tell if more Favre-sext-recipients emerge waving evidence, like the steady eruption of Tiger Woods’ tawdry conquests.  The league will likely try to put a neat cap on things with a fine or one-game suspension.

But don’t let the availability of Sterger’s preening photos distract from the more serious aspects of an ongoing story.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    What a POS.
    I was thrilled to see The Ole Dongslinger chuck that Pick-6 with 90 seconds to go last night.
    Bernsie is right…the second allegation might have greater consequence.
    The primary reason all the media focus on Jenn is that they can show photos of her and what she spent her Bas Mitzvah money on.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    Bernsie’s comment about Tirico was spot-on.
    Too bad MNF didn’t bring in Sean Saulisbury as a guest-expert.
    At least it kept Gruden somewhat toned down.

  • Adam McElwain

    Favre is pathetic. I wonder if his wife will file for divorce? Or perhaps they have some sort of understanding? Either way I am sick of his arrogance and am tired of him being such a fake. He started the season beat up and it will only get worse as the season goes on. Favre is not very good at football anymore and his legacy is being ruined by the minute. I am enjoying watching Favre’s ship sink. It truly is what this old pervert deserves.

  • merklesboner

    Well, the ‘ol moral high horse is certainly out today, isn’t it? Who knew the NFL was full of aggressive, crude talking men? Heavens!

  • merklesboner

    Dennis McKinnon thinks Richard Dent was better than Julius Peppers. Richard Dent, the Colonel named so, because he could only do one thing right! But McKinnon fills the breach of being the Score’s angry, black guy, while Doug and OB continue their tired schtick as the angry, old white guys. It’s transparent and pretty dumb.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    Almost forgot…congrats to The Hawks on their first victory of the season.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    With all due respect to Favre and his junk, I’m going to throw out an actual sports-related question… Hjamlarsson’s hit last night-dirty or no? And how many games will he get?

    Personally, I think it was a bad hit but not dirty (which I define as intent to harm), and I’m guessing (hoping?) he’ll only get a two-game suspension. It was pretty bad timing on Hammer’s part, as we’re now down both parts of our second defensive pairing. So much for my dreams of never seeing John Scott skate again…


      I don’t think he needed to make the hit. Ten percent (maybe more) of the players would have made the same hit, especially with the puck in play, but that player could have done little more than clear it with a back pass. A better play would have been to peel off and set a trap behind him.
      The ‘hawks chose him over Niemi, and now they have some iffy goaltending and three guys will be out for a few more games.
      Can they pick up Havlat on a waver wire? Rent him? Heck, in the old days, they could rent players during the playoffs.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    I think because it was a hit from behind, which resulted in a concussion, he’s looking at some time in street clothes…I think 2 or 3 games is about right.
    Colin Campbell will be on top of this asap, might have our answer later today.
    Oh, thanks for focusing us on some actual sports news unrelated to sexting.

  • Jaimie in Hoffman Estates

    Favre is a numbnuts, alligations are, after he was confronted he told her husband to f-off pretty much!? What a d-bag, i would love to see him get suspended for this. There is no rush, to bring Jay back, against the Seahawks, this is another game that can be won, with a strong running game, and good deffensive effort.

  • Jaimie in Hoffman Estates

    One more thing, in leu of the way yesterdays show ended, i would love to hear Mike from Milwaukee’s weekly picks, and random thoughts.

  • Lydell

    Isn’t DEMANDING an apology as pointless as the sputtering “How DARE you?” Most apologies are transparent play-acting. And “How dare someone?” Lots of ways. Flung Guilt rarely lands where aimed. Give It To Clemenza.


    CNBC’s Darren Rovell seems to think all those Wrangler commercials starring Brett Favre might soon be pulled in the wake of the scandal. It’s my understanding that ESPN ran a bunch of Favre/Wrangler commercials during last night’s “Monday Night Football” game, but maybe not for long in the wake of the ongoing Jenn Sterger scandal.

    As for Favre’s team, I bet there are NFL fans everywhere that never thought their game vs. the Cowboys Sunday would be a battle of 1-3 teams. I think it’s safe to say the loser of this game at the Metrodome will be in a heep of trouble, and head coaches Wade Phillips of Dallas & Brad Childress in Minnesota might have to get their resumes updated.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      Real. Uncomfortable. Photos.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      I think the “Bad To The Bone” theme song makes those commercials worthy of an SNL parody, if they haven’t done one already.

  • George Oscar Bluth

    I agree that Cutler shouldn’t be rushed back to play the freakin’ Seahawks Sunday. I wouldn’t be upset if Jay was held out until after the bye week, frankly. This aint his first concussion and I’m very weary of lasting impact should he suffer another. Saving Lovie’s job this year isn’t important; having No. 6 healthy long term is.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      I agree.
      But BooYah is reporting that Cutler has been cleared to play against Seattle and that Caleb Haine is #2 and Collins #3.

  • Bobbi70

    Anyone believe you are innocent until proven guilty??? Favre may NOT be guilty and only time will tell. I will let this play out before I hang him from the rafters. He was “begged” to return to the NFL and if his players didn’t let him down; they would be 4-0. Put the blame where it belongs, guys, ok???

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      if his “players didn’t let him down”. Okay. You’re either trolling, or you haven’t watched a Vikings game all year. Fine. I’ll bite.

      Maybe his timing is off because, oh, he didn’t attend training camp, and their number one wideout is on the PUP list. Perhaps they’d be a tad more on-point had be been there working with them, developing timing with guys down the depth chart. Maybe that grubby hillbilly would have been better off tossing balls to the wideouts instead of to… well… yeah.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    Innocent until proven guilty only applies to criminal proceedings, not the case here. Moreover, we are the court of public opinion not of law (OJ won in court but not in public opinion etc.).
    He’s an insufferable asshat who should have stayed retired when he first retired from The Packers. If he had done that he would still be beloved or at least respected by all, and likely would have some tv gig such as on the NBC Sunday Night pre-game show etc. etc.
    Instead he has become a drama-queen joke that many of us root against.
    One thing good you can say about Miss Implants, she didn’t say “yes”.
    She didn’t get involved because he was a married man.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Point of clarification: OJ won in CRIMINAL court. He not only lost in the court of public opinion but also in civil court (to the tune of $33.5 mil).

      • Chet's Inflated Ego

        He won in criminal court where the presumption applies as well as the higher standard of proof: beyond a reasonable doubt.
        He got his sorry ass whipped in civil court by the Goldman family where the standard of proof is just a preponderance of the evidence.
        And of course his sorry, crazy, guilty ass in in prison now for that nut-job action in Vegas.

  • Jaimie in Hoffman Estates

    Very interesting points, that Bernsy made, most people hate on Lovie for principle reasons. They really cant come up with 5 reasons why they hate him, i personally have no problem with him, right now.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I can give you three reasons I can’t stand him: FIRE. AND. PASSION.

      Okay, just kidding on that one. But seriously, here you go:

      1.) Game clock management. Hasn’t reared its ugly head too much this season (knock on wood) but if you need it here’s a rundown from last December courtesy of David Haugh.

      2.) Talent evaluation. Yeah, I know the GM is the guy who brings in the players but Lovie’s ultimately accountable for who’s in the game. From forcing players into positions they’re not suited for (Devin Hester to receiver, Danieal Manning to safety) to playing guys who have no business being on the field (making Mark Anderson an every-down player TWICE, starting Todd Collins over Caleb Hanie) I simply don’t have confidence in his decisions on who should start.

      3.) His stubbornness, especially when it comes to the Tampa 2. Coaches have to adjust, and Lovie doesn’t seem to be able to do that. You ever notice how many coaches have success with a scheme but quickly become irrelevant because the league catches up to them and they don’t adapt (Buddy Ryan, anybody?). Lovie’s stubborn insistence on running a Tampa 2 has made third-and-long a gimme for opposing offenses. It drives me nuts.

      Sorry I can’t come up with two more, but that will have to do for now.

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  • Anthony

    Famous quote to Brett Favre:

    “I think you’re some kind of deviated prevert. I think general Ripper found out about your prevertion, and you were organizing some kind of mutiny of preverts.”


      Catch 22? It’s the best catch there is. . .

      In case you didn’t see it B.B., I thought the hit warranted a suspension.

      I agree with you on Lovie Smith. I don’t know what the alternative is (is Bill Cower really it?)

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