Spiegel: Quade Deserves It, But Cubs Fans Deserve Better

By Matt Spiegel–

There’s very little intrinsically wrong with the Mike Quade hiring.  He’s certainly qualified and deserving of the opportunity, and did a fine job in his interim role.  It’s probably true that anyone, in a post-Piniella universe, would have gotten that same “new manager bump,” but Quade made the most of his chance, and will be a decent fit for this roster.

The larger issue is the men who did not get the job, and what it tells us about the state of the organization.

Ryne Sandberg and Joe Girardi never really had a shot for this gig; I remain convinced of that. G.M. Jim Hendry did not want them.  The Quade hiring is a victory for Hendry, the improbably trusted baseball boss of Tom Ricketts’ team.  Did Ricketts want to wait and offer this job to Girardi?  Seems so.  Even if Girardi would have said no as I think he would have, the fact that the Quade hiring comes before that moment arose is telling.   Hendry did not want Girardi last time, and did not this time either.  A strong personality, who would get paid a ton, and expect some probably deserved control?  No thanks.  That doesn’t fit into Jim Hendry’s current mode of saving himself and extending his stay in power.

Ryno would have presented some of the same issues.  If Sandberg was the guy, why not give him the same opportunity you gave Quade? He would have had similar success, and the 6 weeks of big league experience under his belt would have rendered the only remaining blight on his resume less meaningful.   Sandberg was not in their plans for this job, and now will probably leave the organization.  If it were you, just passed over, and you could take a major league job somewhere else, wouldn’t you?

The Cubs roster a mess, and the influx of kids is not going to be enough to clean it up right away.  It’s a big bus, and it will make a slow turn.  Cubs fans deserved a clean slate change of regime: a new baseball czar to pick his own manager and create a unified approach to building the kind of model organization Tom Ricketts has spoken of wanting to become.  This is not that clean regime change.

This move is the continuation of an organization letting the bad money invested in many slowly roll off the books, as you plot the long term rebuild.  I, and others, would be far more vocally behind it if we trusted the general manager left in charge.

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  • Paul Simmons

    Hendry must go or the Cubs will wind up in last

  • chris

    The cubs suck no matter what manager they hired

    • BJLOVE

      Intelligent Chris. You’re an asshat.

  • Bob Hricik

    Well written Matt. Hendry is protecting his backside here and with the way this went down. Quade’s performance over the last couple of months of the season also made it difficult not to give the guy the chance to manage for at least a full season.

    The Cub’s issues are not unlike my Tribes. Investing too much cash in the wrong people and not having a lot they can do about it. It is going to be hard if not impossible to eat those contracts so they are going to have to find a way to improve with their young talent. Fortunately their talent base has a better starting point than the Indians.

  • Alton Parker

    I’m a diehard Sox fan who naturally assumed Ryne Sandburg would get the job on the north side………not that I care (and I don’t), but I see another losing season for this organization. Too bad……OH WELL! :-)

  • Gonchar Bangar

    Cubdumb deserves Quade. What about “we’re lowering payroll and raising ticket prices” didn’t register?

    How do you think a company gets out of debt? They downsize!

    Nobody “deserves” anything in life. You get what you get!

    Time for Cubbie-dumb to grow a sack and stop whining.

  • Gonchar Bangar

    Furthermore, the last time I checked, Jim Hendry put together THREE legit shots at winning the NL: 03, 07, 08. It’s Jim Hendry’s fault? You clowns need to grow up, realize you’re all cursed, then get in touch with real life, and VOTE!

    That’s three shots in six years!!

    What more do Cub fans feel entitled to?

  • Stu

    What is the media’s infatuation with Joe Girardi? Is it that he played, albeit pretty poorly, for the Cubs? Is it that he kisses the media’s ass?

    He’s proven as a manger that if he is provided the team with the top payroll in the game, by atleast 40-50 million dollars, he can win you a division.

    One out of three years.

    If he isn’t given those resources, he wins less than 80 games.

    Watch the games. He is an average, at the very best, manager.

    A couple quick questions:

    Is the media this completely clueless everywhere, or is this a Chicago thing?


    Who or what the hell is a Spiegel?

  • Spiegel

    A Spiegel is the midday co-host on The Score 670 AM, The Danny Mac Show.

    Your disdain for Girardi is shared by many, and he’s been getting ripped on our show all series here in the ALCS.

    This piece is about how Hendry dictated this decision all along, regardless of who the right guy may have been. Ryno is lucky to have not gotten the job, and Girardi would have been wise to turn it down. The Cubs will be bad for a couple more years at least.

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