Updated: 10/20/10 10:12 p.m.

CHICAGO (WBBM/CBS) – With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, the candidates and the campaigns are all kicking into high gear.

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Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports Democratic incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican candidate Sen. Bill Brady hit familiar themes during the debate.

Quinn continually talked about his success in creating jobs in Illinois.

“I understand what jobs are all about,” he said. “We have to recover the economy. We inherited a terrible recession from George Bush but we are on the comeback trail.”

Brady accused Quinn of squandering and misspending, and said if he was elected governor, he’d call for a state audit.

“In addition to a dime for every dollar, I’m calling for a business audit completed by the auditor general so we can make transparent where state money is going,” said Brady.

The debate has highlighted key differences on social issues between the two.

Moderator, Better Government Association Executive Director Andy Shaw, asked Brady whether his anti-abortion, anti-gay views would turn off voters who otherwise support his message of fiscal conservatism.

“I’m proud of my beliefs and unlike Governor Quinn, I’m not using them to divide Illinois,” said Brady.

Quinn says his beliefs are better representative of of how the people of Illinois feel.

“My opponent wants a constitutional amendment against abortion, even in the case of rape or incest. I don’t think the people want that. My opponent also is opposed to a ban on assault weapons, weapons that are killing police officers and kids on the street,” said Quinn.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports that while publicly, Brady has been criticizing Quinn for his association to Rod Blagojevich, behind the scenes, one of Blagojevich’s former top aides has been raising money for him.

Dean Martinez is his name. And Bill Brady admits Blagojevich’s former deputy governor has been helping his fundraising efforts. Brady says he doesn’t see any hypocrisy in that alliance. Gov. Quinn sees it another way.

“We’d like to know more details about that,” said Quinn. “Apparently, the only time he wants to deal with the Blagojevich administration is when it comes to raising money for himself. We need some answers there.”

“Gov. Quinn is drawing for straws, these are fine people,” said Brady.

Quinn also says Brady supported former Governor George Ryan who is serving a prison sentence for corruption.

The debate was hosted by the League of Women Voters of Illinois. It doesn’t include the Green Party’s Rich Whitney or Libertarian Lex Green. Whitney and his supporters protested outside the event.

Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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