Political Heavyweights May Be Forming Anti-Rahm Alliance

CHICAGO (CBS) – Look out for the race for mayor of Chicago. It’s getting tougher sooner than expected. Some heavyweights in Chicago politics seem to be ganging up on one of the candidates aiming to replace Mayor Richard M. Daley, a guy they want to knock out of the race.

They’re quiet about it, but are talking to CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine, who says it all comes down to three words: “Anybody but Rahm.”

It started in City Council where aldermen balked at electing another dominant mayor. But it’s now spread to the point where it’s leading to some unprecedented alliances.

It was an unusual gathering of Chicago’s most powerful Latino and African-American leaders at a West Side restaurant for breakfast Wednesday morning.

“It’s a group of friends just getting together to talk about our city,” said Ald. Ricardo Munoz.

Right. And when general managers meet, they don’t talk trades.

“Not a discussion to try to heal something that was bad, something that was in trouble prior to this,” said Ald. Ed Smith. “But we just thought we needed to talk about some pretty important things.”

Ald. Davis and Congressman Luis Gutierrez seemed joined at the hip Wednesday. They were also with Chicago Teachers Union officials, blasting the school board for not rehiring — with the federal money it got — the same teachers it had laid off.

“These teachers need to get back to work right away,” said Gutierrez.

The school board claims some of the teachers weren’t needed; others weren’t qualified.

At the same time, Rahm Emanuel was touring charter schools on the Southwest Side, praising the dedication of non-union teachers and their reaching out to parents.

“Parental participation is mandatory,” Emanuel said. “Every parent has to pick up report cards, attend parent-teacher conferences, they’re at 100 percent participation. And it’s clear once you get parents and teachers forming a partnership, the potential of those children are unlimited.”

The symbolism of Emanuel with charter school teachers and Gutierrez with the union, was obvious. So was the response of sometimes Emanuel-critic Gutierrez.

“I believe I am a good coalition builder,” said Gutierrez. “I hope to be part of a coalition that elects the next mayor of the city of Chicago. I certainly want to participate in the creation of such a coalition.”

Gutierrez, who last week declined to enter the mayoral race, citing his dedication to immigration reform, could end up having as much influence as a non-candidate as he might have had if running himself.

CBS 2 Political Producer Ed Marshall contributed to this report.

  • phillmarines

    Right on ! anybody but Rahm!

    • Drew

      Were do I make a donation?

      • TC

        Ditka for Mayor!

    • Grumpy

      Does this mean that Jay Lavine who is Rahm’s publicity agent/lap dog/body guard/boyfriend who pretends a reporter during the day can actually write a story about Rahm that isn’t dripping with his love saliva?

      • You heared me

        no more effing politicians, tv talk show empresses, and no more stutteringmail order preachers from Chicago. Your toddlin’ town has effed up America for the next three generations.

  • phillmarines

    No more Daley Dictators… PERIOD ! Old guard aldermen included.

    • J Jackson

      Doesn’t Rahm have residency issues?

      • Jeff

        Do you think in Chicago they really care about that?

      • GeeWhiz

        So do the dead voters!

      • billy

        YES! He rented his homestead. He is also voting illegally too. He doesn’t live in Chicago. What address is on his drivers license? Is that legal?

      • Demobust

        Did not stop is former boss, did it?.

      • TheChairman

        Yeah, he’s a dual citizen… his TRUE allegiance is to Israel.

    • Chuck Harris

      Your comment is TOTALLY on the MONEY!

    • Fatty Matty

      The city has already gotten what it deserves. Chicago has been ruled by liberals for decades and you have high unemployment, ridiculous property tax rates and a decaying infrastructure. Chicago is heading for an economic collapse brought on by the union thugs and their friends in city hall. Suck on it Chicago. I used to love Chicago but even the blues and Gene and Georgetti’s can’t bring me back. $45 for a parking space? $250 hotel rooms? For what? The thrill of being shot?

      • coltster

        Spot on Fatty Matty. I worked for the city for 20 years and trust me, it was bull always having to deal with petty politics. Chicago is not what it once was and I rarely go into the city anymore.

  • allwornout

    It is not legal for rahm to run. that’s it,,plain and simple, short and sweet. illegal still means it is against the law,,,,right?

    • Adrian

      I thought so, up until the justice department ordered ICE not to deport illegals. So to answer your question, the “new” illegal does not pertain to Rahm. Hope that answered your question.

    • disgusted

      That depends on what your definition of “is” is.

    • No_Fear

      Not any more in this country. You are no longer a criminal if you are illegal. The term illegal has been scrubbed. You are now merely “undocumented”. Rahm would be an “undocumented mayor”.

    • ogieyoungnhip

      Not if you are Obama or one of his little band of merry men

  • Namron

    Jay four words, “How was the Arrest”

  • J.S.

    Why would anyone want a new mayor that has a reputation of hiding the facts from the people or giving them a sufficient chance to read legislation and advise, failing to provide open negotiations, adding agenda items in to details of unnecessarily confusing and lengthy legislation, and forcing unionization and card check on everything – while denying workers the secret ballot on how or if to spend dues on campaigning for union boss choices rather than on preserving pensions?

    • Kent

      They want him because he is a liberal democrat. Logic is no involved.

  • firstpoppa

    Sounds like ALL of the current crowd in City Hall should be thrown out.

  • Aunt Bee

    “I worship the quicksand he walks in.”
    – Art Buchwald


  • Rob

    Is he a resident, or not? Why is nobody addressing this fundamental issue?

  • mertsj

    Oh for heaven’s sake!! What difference does it make??? Chicago will elect a crooked democrat. So who cares which one it is???

  • Kent

    Isn’t Luis Gutierez the same person who didnt know his property taxes of about $400 on his townhome several years ago were based on vacant land? just wondering. thief.

  • moron

    Spread the wealth!! Rahm is a serious threat to minorities tapping in to the corrupt gravy train of Chi town politics. Rahn, we want the money!!

  • pete

    Like it or not, Emanuel is the only hope Chicago has for not becoming the next Detroit. There is no real reason for a city like Chicago to even exist in this day and age.

    • JDH

      The chees definately “slid off your cracker”!!!

    • Joe

      “Like it or not, Emanuel is the only hope Chicago has for not becoming the next Detroit.”

      IOW, the only difference ‘tween Rahm’s style of corruption and his opponents’ is that he’s white, or that he’s more skilled at it.

      OR BOTH.

      • JAY


    • Tom

      Obviously you are unawae that Detroit has been run by Democrats/is the product of 50 years of Democrat policy. So, I’d say you may want to study up on your politics before making such idiotic claims…and then perhaps think about switching your vote.

  • Quiet I'm talking here

    Some of the nicest and smartest people I ever met in my half-century have come from Chicago. They deserve a decent government, and they need to vote for one, one that doesn’t include a pure operative like Emanuel. His eyes are on the prize and nothing but the prize.

    • DBinVA

      The problem is that it really doesn’t matter who they vote for. The elections are rigged.

      • mystic

        “it really doesn’t matter who they vote for. The elections are rigged”.
        Nor which country. The Last time I voted, ithe vote went not to Obama but to re-elect Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Mugabe’s right hand man has sent me a personal note of gratitude and promised my vote being cast in Zimbabwe would make no difference and then I cannot repeat what he said after that.

  • BubbaT

    Ship Rahm back to Israel and let the Israelis deal with him proper.

    • Will Kane

      Don’t you remember when he try the phony trip to Isreal and ran into problems. Isreal knows he is not one of them.

  • Trend

    Rahm a dama ding dong! Dead fish has residency issues, just like his former boss.

  • Texan1

    Are the Democrats of Chicago slipping? It sure seems it took an awful long time for Daley to steal enough money to retire.

  • Steve

    I’m sure Chicagoan’s will elect a mayor they deserve. Someone qualified to manage wellfare, murders and corruption.

  • Bob Hamilton

    The 2nd level wannabe’s at that meeting know that Mayor Rahm is going to shut down their do nothing operations pronto. They are terrified that he is going to clean house. They can stop worrying. He will.

  • dclady55

    Rahm thinks he is entitled. Hope they un-entitle him.

  • Mary Egan

    How can i become a part of this alliance?

  • angela

    The man acts like he owns Chicago. Hope he loses….

  • Betty Barclay

    The next mayor of Chicago will be black or Hispanic. Maybe it’s time for Rahm to get a job teaching at University of Chicago. He hates America enough to fit right in at U of C.

  • D.A.Devitt

    great website. SayNotoRahm.com. join the forum, they’re watching him

  • Def Leppard

    Just think! If you get Rahm, you get all that Obama goodness that the rest of the country is getting right now!
    Um, yeah. Anybody But Rahm.

  • Virginia

    Nobody bu Rahm Emanuel for our next Mayor. He is smart, qualified and has the the money to fund his campaign.
    Blacks and Hispanics need to support Rahm. Neither a Black or Hispanic will become our new Mayor.

    • Doug

      Wow Virginia what a moronic comment. Derogatory as well to Blacks and Hispanics. Do you really think that all of the Blacks and Hispanics just vote for democrats. I would be insulted. It’s nice to know that Chicago will always remain a hotbed of corruption and stupidity thanks to people like you.

      • Kev

        when haven’t they supported a democrat in chicago? when? But since everyone supports the democrats in chicago, then they deserve to live in a slum and high crime city. hope it ends up like detroit.

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