State Collects Millions As Gas Stations Pay Up

CHICAGO (WBBM) – State officials say they have collected millions of dollars in unpaid taxes from gas station operators since they began an aggressive enforcement effort.

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Last year, the Department of Revenue and the Attorney General’s office began a voluntary compliance program, increased audits and intensified collection of unpaid taxes from gasoline station owners, generating about $12.5 million over a 10-month period.

Recently, the effort was stepped up with the filing of criminal charges against five gas station operators. Since then, an additional $9.3 million has been collected for a total of approximately $22 million.

Gasoline sales are reported on a monthly basis. Officials determined that a fraudulent practice had developed of evading the payment of the taxes by falsely reporting gasoline sales figures.

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  • Bobbi70

    Gas Stations aren’t paying their taxes – even though we are paying ours for their overpriced gasoline?? Go get ’em. Give them a hefty fine too and maybe the price of gas will go down, unless the CEO farts again to drive the prices up.

  • FR

    Please report the names and locations of the stations that did not pay the taxes. Why only report part of the story and omit the important part so people can boycott the non-paying stations.

  • kp

    Most Gas Station operators operate on 5-10 cent margin per gallon. If you add up all the gasoline taxes,, these operators make practically nothing compared to compared to how much state government profits from one gallon gasoline..

    Unlike sales tax on other things that is added on to the consumer’s bill, operators do not recover gasoline sales tax from consumers, but must pay the tax out of their meager margin on gasoline and non-gasoline sales. 10% sales tax on $3/gallon amounts to 30cent that operator have to either markup or recover from non-gasoline sales.

    Unlike all other gasoline taxes that are levied on per gallon basis, state sales tax is levied on dollar price, not per gallon. Therefore, as gasoline price goes up, so goes up the sales tax liabilities too. Thus many operator find their sales tax burden rise exponentially even as their gasoline sales plummet due to rising gasoline prices and/or recession. But government does not care. It rakes in its taxes weather operator is profitable or not. Government taxes is the single most factor for many mom-pop gas stations to be non-profitable.

  • Aaron

    What a load of b. S. Unless u see how much they actually pay for gasoline & markup. . Don’t let them fool u with the 5-10 cent. B. S. South Asians are extremely greedy. They make a killing in the gasoline business. To help monopolize the industry & re funnel the money to takeover hotel motels LI
    quor stores Pharmacies etc. Those people like Jews aka Bernie madoff are too smart wise & sneaky. & like Jews they are cheap to pretend they have no $$$. But just look at their properties. Liquor store inventory help tells u n how many people it takes to run it. Just ONE. Remember big $$$ means big profits!

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