Families Protest Skimpily Dressed Waitresses At New Restaurant

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (STMW) – Parents and children holding signs and shouting “Stop this show,” put on a show themselves in protest of a new sports bar and restaurant on its way to west suburban Naperville.

About 30 residents, including families with children, gathered Friday afternoon in opposition to Show-Me’s.

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The sports bar and restaurant slated to move into the former location of Famous Dave’s, 1126 E. Ogden Ave. upon approval of a liquor license, features a wing and seafood menu and a wait staff of girls in short shorts and midriff-revealing tank tops, dubbed “Show-Me’s Girls.”

“I’ve been living here for 14 years, my whole life,” said protester Emma Sliwinski. “I don’t want to see this godforsaken place loaded with drunks, drug addicts and strippers.”

“We don’t want this to open here. It’s not what we want our corridor to Naperville to be,” said Emma’s mother, Joyce Sliwinski, who in addition to protesting Friday, added her name to a growing petition against the establishment.

In response to the outrage, Mayor and Liquor Commissioner A. George Pradel will be holding an expanded meeting of the liquor commission Thursday afternoon to hear residents’ concerns.

But while residents said they planned to attend and have their say, some seemed to think it might not matter.

“He wants to hear everyone out at the liquor commission meeting and then just rubber stamp it,” said resident George Isaac, between leading the group in chants.

“We moved here to get away from this ugliness, and the mayor’s bringing it to our backyards,” said Samantha Isaac.

As the city’s liquor commissioner, Pradel has final say on whether the restaurant will be approved. As part of his decision-making, the mayor visited the franchise’s Springfield location last weekend.

Though he has not publicly given his support either way, he called it, “a really laid-back crowd and just people having fun and enjoying fellowship.”

But residents are concerned about the image of the restaurant as viewed from photos and restaurant reviews posted online. “Horribly disturbing photos,” said Emma Sliwinski. “Really pretty girls in those really short shorts.”

The next meeting of the liquor commission will include a public forum and be held at 4 p.m. in the council chambers of the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle. St.

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  • Glog

    Next?……..Families protest CBS2Chicago.com for unnecessary crotch shot. I mean, really, maybe a pic from a bit farther away might be a bit better here?

  • Obviousman

    Vote with your wallet. This is a democracy which believes in capitalism. Don’t eat there and they will go out of business. Eat there and they wll grow and expand. It is that simple people.

  • w.w.

    If you dont like it dont go there oooo thats a hard one tof igure out . I bet Napervilles Gonna like the tax dollars. and they want to complain about the photo? heck it makes me hungry looking at it

  • Naper Boss

    LOL it’s no different than Hooters, I have been to show me’s in other cities. If you protest one, you have to protest both. It’s not full of drunks and strippers lol. Maybe you should be better informed.

  • jeff in naperville

    More of the same from the Naperville Puritans. Whats next? we all have to wear black with shoes with buckles on them? Whatever happened to live and let live? Who made these people the moral majority in Naperville? This is America morons, its called the free enterprise system, they put a place in, if you don’t like it guess what DON’T GO THERE!!!!!! Bunch of sexually frustrated soccer moms looking for their next crusade, sit down shut up and better yet move to never neverland, or whatever fantasy land you came from.

  • Fed_Up

    I say they should wear veils to hide their faces too !! Naperville Tea baggers want to “Take back America”…..yeah, back to the 17th century !! Keep voting for Republicans and it will happen ! Bunch of freaks !

  • joe

    Free advertising… nice work Sliwinski.

  • George S.

    This is what happens if we elect Tea Baggers. Remember that on Tuesday.

  • Dallas in Denver

    I wonder if the “protesters” were actually hired by Show Me’s advertising agency to drum up publicity just like this. If I wanted to open a place like this, that’s exactly what I’d do. Keep it up, Church Ladies! Show Me’s needs all the publicity it can get!

  • Oh, Naperville

    Ha, you guys just don’t want your husbands spending all their time there!

  • Susan Schultz

    There is nothing wrong with this, sounds like another Hooters that’s all.

  • Paul G.

    First off don’t bring voting for any political party into this arguement. This is more about church goers and uptight women who know there husbands will be spending the time there watching sports and looking at young tight bodied girls instead of at home looking at there fat plain jane wives. This place will be no different from your local Hooters or any other sports bar.

  • Jo Ann

    Paul, the protest is about FAMILY VALUES! Not everyone is against FAMILY VALUES! Try buying a pair of high waisted jeans, YOU CAN’T! they’re all made so that when you sit down the crack of your butt shows, or the tops of your underwear hang out, AND THIS HAPPENS EVEN IF YOU’RE A SMALL SIZE 8. THIS COUNTRY HAS GOT TO GET BACK TO OLD FASHIONED FAMILY VALUES OR IT’S GOING TO FALL APART EVEN MORE!

  • jeff in Naperville

    Joann, so let me get this straight taking a 14 year old to a protest about this restaurant is teaching family values? Stop drinking the koolaid lady (its poisoned);

    Damn fascist non family value jean makers…curse them all……..time to get on some serious medication Joann……………………your delusions have become reality;

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