According to Gene Warner of the Buffalo news, just several days out of the Bears and Bills playing in Toronto, there are still good seats available in all price ranges.

The game will be played at the Rogers Centre, and they’re faced with a somewhat tough sell, seeing as the local buzz for the game probably isn’t too high. The Bears and Bills combined have a 4-10 record, all four wins belong to the Bears.

Warner cites unnamed sources who expect the game to be announced a sellout by kickoff. That would avoid the embarrassment of having the game not only blacked out in the Toronto area, but also in Buffalo.

This is a similar situation that happened last where when the Bills played the Jets in Toronto. The game was announced a sellout, even though tickets were still available on the Bills website and the Bills in Toronto website. The Rogers Centre seats 54,000 and attendance of last year’s game was announced at 51,567, and avoided a black out.

In theory, the Rogers Centre can announce a sellout at anytime, because the Bills have actually “sold” them all of the tickets.

“For this week’s game, we’re really, really happy with where ticket sales are right now,” Silvio D’Addario, vice president for events at the Rogers Centre told Warner. “We’re awfully close, and we’re pushing real hard.”

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