CHICAGO (WBBM) – Local, state and federal prosecutors will be monitoring polling places to try to prevent vote fraud on this Election Day.

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With a number of contests expected to be close, and activists working in many precincts as judges of election and poll watchers, county and federal prosecutors and Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office have all put teams of attorneys on the streets to field complaints of fraud.

Madigan said her office is deploying 162 teams, each of which will include an assistant attorney general, to monitor complaints.

Those who believe they see vote fraud in Chicago are asked to report it by calling (866) 536-3496 toll-free.

Madigan’s office has released a list of “basic voting rights.”

  • Any voter in line when the polls close at 7 p.m. or at any other time between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Election Day may vote.
  • Any voter who makes a mistake while filling out a ballot and has not cast the ballot can get a replacement ballot.
  • Voters who cannot understand English can get assistance casting a ballot from anyone other than co-workers, the voter’s employer or a representative of the voter’s union.
  • Voters have the right to take unpaid time from work to vote, but no more than two successive hours, as long as they have applied with their employer before Election Day. The employer may set the time of day.
  • No one is allowed to try to influence a voter in any fashion within 100 feet of a polling place.

Voters also are allowed to make or clip lists and take those with them into the voting booth.

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