Paralyzed Football Player Losing Insurance

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ten years after he was paralyzed playing football at Eisenhower High School in south suburban Blue Island, Rocky Clark is losing his insurance coverage.

He had been covered by a catastrophic health insurance policy that School District 218 bought for him — and continues to buy for all its students.

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“I just want my son to live,” Rocky’s mother, Annette, said Friday. “I just want him here with me, as long as God will let him be.”

But she says she received a letter in August telling her that her son maxed out his $5 million policy.

The Robbins woman says Rocky has hundreds of dollars in medical bills each month that aren’t covered by public aid and Social Security disability.

She has called the district in the hopes of getting him reinstated. School District 218 Supt. John Byrne said the old insurance provider told them there’s nothing more it can do.

Byrne said school officials are looking at other ways to help Clark, such as assisting with applications for another government health insurance programs.

Rocky Clark was once a high school athlete with a bright future. But that all ended on Sept. 15, 2000, when he was paralyzed by a neck injury during a football game.

“It’s been 10 years since my accident, and a lot of people didn’t think I’d last as long,” he said.

Rocky’s mother fears the alternative if her son’s care cannot be funded.

“Rocky will have to go to a state home and I’m not gonna have that,” Annette Clark said.

  • Jean SC

    Why don’t you ask those Republicans and Tea Baggers who are so into DIY health insurance, what they think Rocky and his family should do?

    • DaveZ.

      Instead of doing all that why don’t they just ask The Prez to do something about it ay. He did pass a health care plan so this type of stuff didn’t happen. Did he not?

    • The Original BZ

      …that’s what Cook County Hospital is for…let him go there for all that free medical care…considering the huge amounts of tax payer dollars that go to that place and the rest of this county’s medical services, he’ll get better medical treatment than any private health insurer could provide…

      • ashamed cook county resident

        Cook County Hospital is a disgrace! I wouldn’t send a dieing dog there. This kid is not some gang banger and the school district should have some responsibility in this…He was playing for them, afterall.

  • Marlene DeLisio

    I mett Annete Clark while I was at Ingalls Hospital in the waiting room and she was ther with Rocky. We both use Dr Fields , She is an amazing person and mother and she deserves to get the bills paid for her courageous son.
    If everyone trys to help her, we can get it done.

    Lets do it !!

    • L. Wallace

      If everyone would lend support and reach out to those officials who may be able to help.. Rocky is so deserving to stay in his house and get the help that he needs. Annette has worked so hard to help her son and it should be in our hearts to help Rocky and his Mother. Rocky and Annete, please do not give up hope. There are many who love you and pray that there will be a positive solution to this situation.
      Also, there should be a contact address/telephone number for those who want to give financial assistance to Rocky..


  • brenda

    dave yes the health bill was passed, and some of it went into effect in sept , and alot more will be in effect in jan 2011. So he needs to find out when the life time cap will be lifted, it maybe in effect now, or maybe not until next year.

    • Jlh

      The cap was lifted back in April 2010

  • brenda

    original bz……you are so nasty! hopefully you will never have to go through anything like this man is….oh wait, i guess you think that your are invincible!
    just remember when and if you have an unfortunate situation and need some help, i guess i will say the samething….taxpayers paid for iit.
    And you are faiiling to see that this man HAD insurance and is not asking for a hand out, sounds like he pays taxes too! it just so happened, he reached his cap, this is why obama lifted this cap on how much insurance company will pay out

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  • tim

    If he doesnt have any insurance it should not matter according to the hero prez. He can’t be refused any type of health care to begin with. Just tell them “THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL”

  • FRED

    They are just using that as an excuse. He clearly is disabled and can’t work. You just have some idiot causing waves who should be UNEMPLOYED!!! Or end up with their head BASHED IN!!!

  • meljo

    I went to school with rocky and my brother played football with him. We both were there that night of his injury. I was cheerleading and my brother was playing football with him. He deserves nothing but the best especially when it comes to his health. Hopefully something can be done for his family and him

  • outraged

    Does ANYONE know of a website or address where you can send money to the Clark family? This is an absolute outrage, and I want to help in any way I can!

  • indiana

    Why cant he qualify for mediciad like many others do?

  • Mary

    Many people use the extra pain and suffering money for situations like this, where medical care judgments don’t go far enough

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