Vote Totals Narrow Between Walsh, Bean

Walsh Has Already Declared Victory; Bean Has Not Conceded

CHICAGO (CBS) – As the vote count continues in the northwest suburban 8th Congressional District, the margin between Republican Joe Walsh and Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean narrows.

According to the Bean campaign, the incumbent picked up an additional 328 votes in the count Thursday, for a total of 97,178. Walsh picked up 140 votes to give him a total of 97,543.

The margin between the two stood at 365 votes early Friday.

Bean for Congress spokesman Jonathan Lipman said the race is too close to call, and the campaign will continue to “work to understand the will of the voters.” He contends there are about 4,000 ballots outstanding.

Walsh, who has already declared victory, said he is unconcerned about the change in the vote total.

The Tea Party-backed Walsh ran his campaign according to the so-called “28 founding principles” of the United States, “not the least of which are limited government, free enterprise and the rule of law as established by our Constitution.”

Government spending, gun rights, and curbing illegal immigration were among the major themes of his campaign.

In the last few weeks of the campaign, the Bean campaign began airing attack ads portraying Walsh as a right-wing extremist.

The ad campaign took Walsh to task for supporting concealed weapons, calling for the abolition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and calling for a ban on abortion without exception, including in cases of rape and incest.

Sound bites used in the ad showed Walsh saying, “We’re at the beginning of a war,” “This is a revolution,” and, without specifying what he is talking about, “Some people may say that’s reckless, but so what?”

“Reckless? Joe, that’s dangerous,” Walsh says in the ad.

Walsh took Bean to task for the ad in his own campaign video.

“Melissa Bean, you’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “Ten percent unemployment, foreclosures up throughout our district, people’s entire savings wiped out, our economy is in tatters – and you attack me for my position on abortion?”

The 8th District covers parts of Lake, McHenry and suburban Cook County. It was represented for 35 years by Republican Congressman Phil Crane. Bean unseated him in 2004.

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  • geno

    i am glad to see that bean, halvorson have been beat. i hope they are proud of thier mind numbing support for nancy pelosi. i remember when halvorson was a guest on a radio show two days after the house passed its initial version of the health care bill that included the public option, she told the angry host Don wade, “if the voters dont like this, the they can fire me!” well we just did debbie! i bet she wishes that she kept her easy state senators position. Go Joe!

  • Lito

    I hope this flips around and Bean wins. Walsh is the worst type of politician, one who says whatever he thinks will get him elected. When he ran before he was a liberal, now he’s a conservative tea party guy. But he can’t even handle his own finances since he got his house foreclosed on while renting another house for $3000 a month. I’m not against republicans or tea party in general, just posers who will say anything to get elected

  • DG

    Let’s pray Melissa Bean wins — the Republicans are an evil lot.

  • Ralph Haseltine

    Agreed, the total hijacking of our government without the consent of the people has and will continue to cost the Democrats dearly. Running on promises in past elections of working with the Republicans to make a BETTER government, not a monarchy, has now begun to cost their party. If Obama can come to Chicago to try to boost his parties candidates in this last election, I think he can consider it a direct smack on the head when those he backed were ousted! Wake up and smell the coffee people! American people LIKE their freedoms for which we have fought and died. Do you honestly think we are gong to stand by and watch you tear down what has taken hundreds of years and sacrifice of lives just to that you can play king? I HOPE Pelosi DOES try to keep a minority leadership role…just so that she alone can dismantle what has been done to this country over the past two years. PLEASE stay in the lime light Nancy…as there is no more sure way for you to destroy your party by being it’s mouth piece…

  • kc

    DG and the democrats are evil.

  • C

    DG is a communist.

  • lee

    Yes, Joe, she’s concerned with civil rights as well as with the economy. If all you care about is money, did you ever stop to think what it costs for the STATE to raise a child to the age of 18 when the mother can’t afford to?
    Walsh wants to protect himself from his government by carrying aconcealed weapon?
    Who’s going to protect us from you, Walsh?

  • JJ

    Are DG, KC, or C’s comments supposed to influence me one way or the other? I’ve seen so much of this nonsense on these comments fields here and in Yahoo. You’ve only convinced me that you’re three bozos. “You’re a facist”…”well, you’re a communist…”well you’re big business capitalist pig”…”well you’re a limp wristed socialist enabler”…. well, I’m sure kc has convinced all democrats that they are evil and I’m sure DG has convinced all republicans that they are evil. C has distinguished C as a natural born name caller with a Shakespearean wit. The founding fathers would be very proud of all three of you.

  • jcj

    Bean is arrogant, cowardly and lazy. She hid from the voters by refusing to answer the hard questions, only choosing to accept to come out and see her employers on a surprise basis. Voted unquestionly the Pelosi way-very lap dog like. Telephonic townhall meetings where the questions are soft and pre screened so as to avoid answering any hard questions. Hiring thugs to intimidate anyone asking her hard questions when she did decide to appear in public. The election was about economics, not social issues, bad dem strategy

  • Mike

    Bean doesn’t deserve the position. Walsh is more representative of his district.

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