Black Leaders Pick Davis As ‘Consensus Candidate’

CHICAGO (CBS) — A coalition of African-American elected officials, pastors, business leaders and others have chosen U.S. Rep. Danny Davis as their so-called “consensus candidate” for mayor, after more than two months of discussions.

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“After two months of organizing, implementing strategies, research, and interviews, the Coalition voted to select Congressman Danny K. Davis as the consensus candidate for the Mayor of the City of Chicago,” the group said in a written statement on Saturday.

Shortly after Mayor Richard. M Daley announced in September that he would not seek another term, the coalition began the process of picking a single black candidate to throw their support behind.

Late last month, they narrowed down their choices to four candidates: Davis, State Sen. James Meeks, former U.S. Sen Carol Moseley Braun and attorney Larry Rogers. That group was later whittled down to two finalists, Braun and Rogers, but last week the coalition called back Meeks and Rogers for more interviews based on negative feedback from some members of the group.

The coalition met Friday night to make its final pick and announced Davis as their choice on Saturday.

But it seems unlikely Davis will be the only finalist to run. Meeks has repeatedly said he plans to run regardless of the coalition’s choice, although sources have told CBS 2 that he might be willing to sit out the race if Davis were picked.

And Braun’s spokeswoman, Renee Ferguson, told the Chicago News Cooperative that the coalition’s decision to pick Davis wouldn’t affect Braun’s plans. Braun has hired a campaign staff and opened a campaign office, but has yet to formally announce she’s running.

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  • Neil

    How could a crook like Danny Davis run for the mayor of Chicago?
    This is the guy who got the money and a free trip to Sri lanka on behalf of LTTE.
    He took money from the LTTE, a ruthless terrorist group in sri Lanka and they paid for his passage as well.Danny davis is a crook and it tells from his face.

    • dawarrior

      Any crook would be better than the crook that’s been in office for the last 20 years!

  • Jim

    It appears that the Business Leaders were paid off, in order to make the decision that Danny Davis is the best candidate that they could come up with. This is just getting more and more ridiculous. Another vote splitter whom will not be elected. just like Carol Braun. Easing the way for Rahm. Voting Republican is the only way to deal with this scenario.

  • Terri

    Danny Davis is the ‘official’ BLACK CANDIDATE (I take it CONSENSUS is the racist euphemism for BLACK in this case)

  • phillmarines

    Being black I’m fed up with this black leaders B.S. no one speaks or picks my choice for any thing.Voters do your homework and choose what’s best for chicaago PERIOD !!

  • phillmarines

    Any good Republicans out there ?

  • Jason

    There are not separate Democratic/Republican primaries for mayor. Sorry.

  • Chuk Jideonwo

    Stop kidding and be serious for once. Danny Who? Mayor Rahm Emmanuel UnOpposed!!! No horse trading; democrats should get their acts together NOW and rally around Mr. Emmanuel’s candidacy for what it is worth. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. A White-House connected and experienced mayor will do Chicago well any time, any day, especially in 2012. DO NOT FORGET 2010 so soon.

  • Allen

    Daley understands that the time is near for making unpopular budget cuts and tax increase decisions. He’s leaving to avoid having those unpopular moves added to his legacy. Why anyone would want to pick up the mayoral gauntlet at this point is beyond me.

    • Thomas

      I will be voting for the best candidate, not a BLACK candidate. If the best candidate happens to be Black, then so be it. I By endorsing Davis at this point, the so-called leaders have ensured his defeat.

  • pwayne

    Enough of this black consensus baloney. Danny Davis, Carole Moslty Fraud…Rev Meeks….all are not the best candidates for Chicago. Time to stop treating the black voters like children. They don’t need a black caucus to decide who to push on the black community. Rahm Emmanuel has a broad support and will not be beaten in the mayoral race. He is the best qualified candidate. We need a mayor with energy , vision and intelligence. These other three candidates are losers.

  • KarenB

    Let the Black Coalition fight about who will be the next Mayor. Because when its all said and done — it won’t be Braun, Davis, Meeks or any black that thinks they can win. It’s going to be Rahm Emanuel. He has the juice and the connects. He will be th next Mayor of Chi-Town. P.S. Carol Braun ran for President and then ran off with the money that was donated and she never even said good-bye, or thanks to her staff or nothing. I know— I was one of them who helped her. Won’t be doing that again.

    • dawarrior

      Do you really think someone with so called ” juice” care about you. How do you think he got that ” juice”. He didn’t get it by helping the poor. He got on the backs of others. Open up your eyes, because you living in the Matrix. Chicago needs someone who understands what all people need, not just the rich. Rahm doesn’t know how it feel to live in the ghetto. He don’t know how it feels not to be able to feed his young. You need a mayor who knows these thing so he can fight with tooth and nail because he knows how it feel. When you rich all of your life, how can you possible feel what the majority feel. Remember 80% of Chicago is poor. who will represent these people fairly. Not to mention, wasn’t Rahm who left his so called friend Obama when he needed him the most. Did he ever hold a press conference to help explain Obama policies. When Israel wouldn’t cooperate with Obama about the building houses in the Palestinians territory, did he defend Obama?
      When Democracy was formed,It was meant to pick candidate from your own neighbor so that they could represent you because they knew your needs. How can a rich man know a poor man needs, if he never been poor. The rich will only look after his own interest. Wake up!!!!

  • Gary Pearson

    Black this, black that, black , black, black. I’m so sick of this. Isn’t this completely racist or am I missing something?

    • dawarrior

      I feel the same way when I turn on my TV. all I see is White, white white. When I go to the grocery store in the suburb just white, white,white. Is that complete racism or what!

  • Bob Hamilton

    The KKK will also be announcing the results of its search for a Koalition Kandidate soon. In keeping with the 1970’s theme of this years candidates, David Duke may be the chosen one. It would be the campaign of the double D’s, Danny Davis vs. David Duke. Both chosen by secret un-named members of the community based primarily on the color of their skin.
    Chicago’s version of the black KKK however, isn’t doing a very good of coalescing or of building a consensus. In fact, this group has done more to harm its own cause than the KKK could have ever done.

  • dawarrior

    They already have his name is Rahm. Look people, Chicago is is nearly 52% Black and we have had a White mayor for 20 years. Its about time someone has some balls in the Black community and elect a Black mayor for a majority Black city.
    If you want to talk racism, we as Black people are only represented in majority in Prison. Some of you racist who want every thing white always complaint when Black want their own. They want their own because they are tire of being under represented in every thing expect prison. Look around you white people if you aren’t too blinded by hate. Everything is control by you. Yet when Black folks want something you call it reverse racism. Well we are tired of your delusions. We want our own. Maybe if you share the table ,we wouldn’t have to see Black and white,but you don’t and we are tired.

  • jt

    I hate to say it but in the photo of Danny Davis he looks very old and tired , ready for a retirement home. Why couldnt they find a candidate that is younger and will be around for some years with some fresh ideas?

  • Jack Hoffman

    The black leaders have selected their candidate??? Seems awfully racist. Can you imagine a group of white politicians endorsing a candidate where the primary criterion is skin color! The backlash would be tremendous! And I’m stunned that their consensus pick wasn’t a non-black. Go figure.

  • Sky KingL


  • L D830

    why does it have to be a white or black person is it because the blacks r the racist ones and not the whites oh it’s -18 in the southpole maybe danny davis should move their he might get elected their

  • Mike

    da warrior needs help with his grammar or is that ebonics.

    • dawarrior

      Is that all you got white boy!!!!

    • Truth

      Are you doing what stupid white people do best, try to marginalize Black people who speak he truth. You’re a pathetic idiot.

  • Terri

    I thought he was already the mayor of Detroit!
    In all seriousness if voting was based on who paid taxes ‘blacks’ would have only 5% of the vote in Chicago.
    That being said, Chicago is in serious straights already do we really need to become Detroit?

  • Mike

    Well said Terri. Let’s get rid of the earned income tax credit then more people will pay their fair share of taxes.

  • jaycee

    He`s too old to be mayor just look at him

  • Sky KingL

    Dawarrior how about a 60 yr old oak tree???? BOY!

    • dawarrior

      Sky KingL, How about a little boy for you? Because you know white men like little boys? umm, I wonder why,could it be because you are incapable of handling a real woman

  • Truth

    Aren’t you doing what stupid white people do best, try to marginalize Black people who speak he truth. You’re a pathetic idiot.

  • Chuk Jay

    Hey people! Enough of the name calling and spitting of racial venom! The issue now is not KKK or Black Panther. Those are part of American History. The hot issue on the table is that some self-anointed black leaders have settled on a consensus black candidate, Danny Davis. Danny Davis? I do not understand why politicians have to play the race card at their convenience. Must the mayor of Chicago be “black” or white”? How about “brown” or “red”? The truth is that pre-selecting a candidate mainly based on the color of his skin is not only sub-optimizing but also against the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. Consider all potential candidates: Rahm Emmanuel, Danny Davis, Rev. James Meeks, former Senator Carole Moseley Braun, Larry Rogers, and Jesse Jackson Jr. (???). Who else? Which one of these do you think is best for Chicago during these hard times, all factors considered? Majority of voting Chicagoans will choose Rahm Emmanuel hundred times over before any of the others because he is a man for all seasons. If you have doubts, wait and see.

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