Daylight Saving Time Ends Tonight, Time To ‘Fall Back’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, meaning you’ll need to turn your clocks back tonight.

Standard time resumes at 2 a.m. Sunday, though most people find it’s easier to “fall back” and set their clocks back an hour before they go to bed to get an extra hour of sleep.

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While you’re at it, the Chicago Fire Department wants you to change the battery in your smoke detector.

Chief Joe Roccasalva says they’ve been making that pitch – change your clocks, change your batteries – for about 20 years.

Even so, Roccasalva said too many people forget to check their smoke detector.

“We still see it all the time. If you look at our statistics ninety percent of our fire deaths don’t have a working smoke detector,” Roccasalva said. “And is it most of the time that it does exist but the battery is not there. Correct.”

Daylight saving time returns in March.

  • Rob

    Can we vote, that in winter we should go forward at least 2 hours. It’s so depressing when it’s dark at 4:30pm. We use more gas, we use more electric, it does not make any sense. The more sun the better. At an environmental stand point. us humans will perform better in sunlight than darkness after work. :(

    • Jean SC

      Public comments on DST have gone around this circle for decades. We should be changing schedules as needed – leaving the clocks alone. Many government & private entities have had different winter & summer hours for decades. Stop being slaves to clock time!

  • Doug

    Thanks, BBM for not calling it daylight savingS time and for not suggesting we get an “extra hour”. Why do so many media insist on doing that? It’s as dumb as saying we lose an hour in spring.

  • joe

    Its better when its dark. A 24 hour cycle based on sunlight might make sense from the perspective of a calendar but its not the most efficient biological cycle. 28 hours would be better. Who cares about light or dark? Dark is better in my opinion. I hope the winter is cold dark and last forever.

  • jeff

    The only pitch I hear that makes any sense to do day light savings is putting that light in the morning hour so school kids are not going to school when it is pretty dark.

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  • poddys

    I agree with Rob, set the clocks forward in Winter not back. Here in the UK we set our clocks back last weekend, a week earlier, and now it’s dark before I leave work, as well as when I get up. It would be so much better if we have a bit of daylight for more of the year in the evenings.

    If it’s a problem with the schools – then change the school timetable in the winter. Don’t make the rest of the world change clocks along with you, or not, or change but at a different time. It’s ludicrous.

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    […] Daylight Saving Time Ends Tonight, Time To ‘Fall Back’ […]

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