AMA: Medicare Cuts Will Hurt Seniors Severely

CHICAGO (AP) – The upcoming cuts in Medicare physician payments will be catastrophic for seniors, the president of the nation’s largest doctors’ group says.

Dr. Cecil Wilson, president of the American Medical Association, said Medicare payments will drop by more than 20 percent by January unless Congress takes quick action.

Many seniors will lose access to needed care because some doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients, Wilson said. He adds it’s a question of medical practices remaining financially viable.

The Chicago-based AMA is running full-page newspaper ads and wants a 13-month reprieve so a permanent solution can be sought.

Wilson spoke out against the cuts Monday at the AMA’s interim meeting in San Diego.

The AMA has long complained the Medicare payment system is flawed. But it’s unknown if Congress will scrap the cuts, or even give doctors the full reprieve they’re seeking.

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  • Bobbi70

    If we were ILLEGAL, Congress would protect us with a good health care plan. But we’re only seniors and they just don’t care if we live or die a terrible death. Let’s hope the GOP can repeal this stupid health care program and come up with a good one with justice for all.

    • Perkins

      Your stupid GOPers couldn’t come up with anything better and they can’t repeal it as long as OBAMA is in charge.

    • marie


    • Branqua

      I have news for you !!! The GOP implemented this.It has nothing to do with health care reform, that’s where alot you made your mistake voting,but you “AIN’T SEEN NOYHING YET”. Just keep listening to the rheteric that they speak, and slowly you will see what you get. Are you rich? If not,you will suffer under GOP leadership.

  • John Karas

    I find it interesting that both AARP and the AMA, both supporters of Obamacare, waited till after the elections to report that they may have been wrong in endorsing Obamacare.

    • Perkins

      The official statement from the AMA is that this is not a perfect bill but it does a lot for patients and since they are in the business of caring for PEOPLE and not POLITICS,they endorsed the affordable care act.

  • Katie

    Since Republicans have never wanted Medicare, I find it laughable that they are the ones fighting against the cuts. It is only because they want to rub the Presidents nose in it. None of them voted against Medicare Part D when Bush brought it, and borrowed to do it. It was never in the budget, along with the two wars. Since they were reelected by seniors, they will find it hard not to. It is because of the added debt by them, that the cuts are being made, along with fraud. I have seen my Medicare supplement rise every year until it takes a third of my pension. I am planning on being poor again for the rest of my life.

  • carolyn

    AARP is a for profit insurance provider. Not being a real advocate for seniors does not surprise me. I never thought that I would see the day when seniors would be treated so inhumanely.

  • mike koltz

    I will not relax until the Republicans explain how they voted for two wars (Irag and Afghanistan) and still allowed the rich to get a way without paying for it. You get what you voted for America… will get more of it now.

  • Kathi

    This is the final nail in the coffin! Thank you OBAMA and Mrs. Gorilla Obama, Peloski, and reed. Seniors don’t need a cost of living raise, we can get cat food 2 cans for a dollar. Burn in hell Obama and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chuck TELA

      GOD is in THIS. Become a VEGAN, and in FIVE YEARS you may NOT NEED your DOCTOR nor a HOSPITAL. You will START to see results in four months. The animals will thank you, and you will thank me! Genesis 1:29-30.


    • Kathi2

      Kathi thanks for showing us that you are a racist! And how stupid you are! You bring up hell, you must know exactly where it is. Thats your address!

  • Kenny

    Read the US budget. The Medicare Trust Fund will be bankrupt by 2045. The rising costs by physcians and hospitals need to be brought under control, or there will be no Medicare in 35 years.

  • mspaap

    Sounds like a person’s health is being judged by the physicians profect
    and not the amount of money it costs for care. I also find it odd that its not being mentioned that these cuts are eliminated the large amount of fraud rather than patient care.

  • jayfoxx

    wow i got cut off trying to speak my piece,,this world needs to shut down to much greed. why would you cut medicare, is greed driving you to kill off our senoir’s these dam republicans.. they dont care about know one. and how yall say president obama is responsible for what the republicains did, be truthful for god will make the final call.

  • Chuck TELA


    SIMPLY SAY, “NO!” ctt

  • JohnC

    Doctors have been dropping Medicare patients for a while now. Nothing new here other than accelerating the pace of refusal to accept Medicare insured patients. Everyone touting the merits of Medicare should take a good hard look at the future of the program. You squeeze the provider of the service and they’ll drop you. You can’t force doctors to treat you. Nothing is free. Maybe the bright side of this problem is the stopping of huge government inflows which inflate medical costs over time. Yeah, it will be painful for some but the gravy train must end if you want lower cost of care. Another government induced inflated sector is education. The more money that goes in — the more costly it gets. Its time to deflate it like the housing bubble. POP it now.

  • debbie

    why do they want to kill all the ones who voted them into office and have been voting for over a century.

  • debbie

    You call them free loaders the ones on medicare and medicaid. I ask you this? If a bill is passed to where seniors and disabled persons can get medical help they need and the program works and has been for years, why change it. I say maybe it is always just a game they play with us. Let’s pretend it was a real and everyone was taken care of on both ends ‘, would we be having such a debate on health.
    They made a program Medicare medicaid , funds would be there for that . At least thats what they say. I know there are more and more people recieveing these medical benifits everyday. So far we havent had a break out of any real serious diseases . But’ stop the treatment for these people and who knows what we will all suffer from. We play with all the major things in life and never look ahead of the real danger of what could happen . I belive it should stay the same and Doctors that take oaths to heal the sick, should really think about what they are doing. Do not wish for a pot of gold , Think about the rewards yu recive knowing you helped someone survive to live another day.

  • Robert Jeffreys

    Medicaid is what the problem is,notmedicare. Most all seniors pay dearly for their medicare insurance and the supplement thats required to cover what part B does not cover. Welfare individuals pay practically nothing. My cost is over 300 dollars a month and the same for my wife. Now the government is raising the deductible again. This has been done by the current administration. Wake up America.

  • Sue Paczkoski

    How can they do this to our elderly!!! They deserve better than this. When they need health care the most they want to take it away. Don’t they care or do they feel they are old and just let them die. They worked hard all there lives and deserve alot better than this. The people in Washington should hold there heads in shame. Just plain cruel.

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