Bricks Thrown Through Windows Of Political Offices On North Side

CHICAGO (CBS) – On the North Side of Chicago during the past two days, bricks have been thrown through the windows of some political and governmental offices. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

One of the incidents happened in a building in the Edgewater neighborhood that houses several government offices, including one belonging to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

Two smashed windows are boarded up. The middle one was just replaced. The motive is not clear.

The “S’s” are missing from Congresswoman Schakowsky’s title, smashed by a brick paver thrown through her office windows overnight.

“I think it’s totally amazing and disgusting that it happened,” said Louis Spraggins, who works in Edgewater.

So do people who work for Schakowsky and the other elected officials who share space in that building; officials like State Senator Heather Steans and Ald. Mary Ann Smith of the 48th Ward.

When asked if they think it’s politically motivated, Schakowsky’s District Director Leslie Combs said, “There’s just no way of knowing. There was no marks on the bricks. We have no idea.”

But they’re wondering. It’s the second time their windows have been smashed since Sunday.

Campaign office windows right up the block were broken, too. They’ve even kept the evidence on display.

And just a half mile away, around the corner, 46th Ward aldermanic candidate Andy Lam arrived at work to find an almost identical scenario: a brick resting on shattered glass and lying on his office floor.

“I feel saddened by this senseless act of violence,” said Lam.

Despite the coincidence, Combs said, “The Chicago Police told me that, at this point, they can’t connect the two [incidents].”

Connection or not, some think, “There’s better ways to express yourself other than violence or doing damage to other people’s property,” said Spraggins.

Chicago Police will only tell CBS 2 that they are investigating. But those who work in both offices say they are looking at increasing security, and possibly surveillance.

  • JeanSC

    In addition to security, surveillance, and police work, there are several options in more impact-resistant glazing available. Since I live in the districts of some of these elected representatives, I’ve sent them my suggestions in an e-mail already.

  • baggers are stupid

    It’s just the Baggers trying to intimidate Democrats. The Baggers have NO ideas, NO plans, NO proposals NOTHING.

    So they act like 8 year old school yard bullies. They are weak in mind and cowards who are too stupid to articulate their infantile rants in any other way.

    Life in prison isn’t enough for these Bagger brownshirt fascists.

  • Michael E Janssen

    It is a page right out of rules for radicals. These politicians have broken their own windows to paint themselves as victims. Rhom Emanual said it best ” never waste a good crisis”

  • Reality based sane human

    I guess the “manly men” of the Teabagger movement were too girlie to stomp on her head, like they usually do. Teabaggers are Nazis.

  • Mike

    Michael E Janssen may be right.

  • Sky King

    Hey Reality based,thats funny calling teabaggers Nazis,your Omama could be the next Hitler,which one is true,I will go with Omama being the next Hitler if he isn’t stopped and voted out,probably the worse thing voters did in American history voted for him and help put him in the WH..

  • Reality based sane human

    Typical of the ignorance of the Teabaggers, you don’t know what any of the words you so freely bandy about even mean.

    How can Obama be both a Nazi AND a Socialist?

    Read this (if you have advanced that far) and tell me which political party it is more closely like:

    “The 14 Points of Fascism”

    There it is:

    Nazis afe Fascists
    Republicans are Fascists
    ergo, Republicans are Nazis.

    So simple even a teabagger could figure it out with their limited capacity to think, and marked propensity to repeat any line they hear from those who laugh at them all the way to the bank.

    You teabaggers are sheep being led around by the nose. Grow up and use your brain for something other than a Rush sponge..

  • Yohan

    Looks like even young radical democratic hooligians are starting to catch on to the corrupt Democratic Chicago machine

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