‘Straight Pride’ Shirts Raise Protest In St. Charles

Some Students Complained It Was Form Of Bullying

ST CHARLES (WBBM/CBS) — Several students at St. Charles North High School are urging others to join them at a school board meeting next month to protest what they consider a too-lenient response in a t-shirt controversy.

Three students came to school this week wearing t-shirts that said “Straight Pride” on the front. On the back of the shirts was a Biblical verse from the Old Testament Book of Leviticus referencing punishment for homosexuals.

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Other students complained to administrators that the shirts were a form of bullying. The school investigated and found that there was “no physical threat to any student,” Jim Blaney, director of school and community relations for St. Charles Unit District 303.

As a result, no disciplinary action was taken.

Rather, the school intends to use the incident to teach students about free speech and social issues.

Blaney was quoted in the Daily Herald that the students “were told they have the right to express their point of view,” but should be aware of how it could be hurtful to others. The students said they did not want to offend anyone and “were merely expressing their pride in being straight,” Blaney said in the Daily Herald.

Blaney said principal Kim Zupec went to St. Charles East to clarify the matter, because some students had heard an inaccurate version of events second-hand, the Daily Herald reported.

  • eric

    We should uphold freedom of speech.
    Everyone seems to be so hypersensitive these days, but freedom of speech is the most important right that we have.
    I disagree with the individuals wearing those shirts, but they have the right to wear them.
    They do not have the right to impose their religious beliefs on others, however, and a school is not an appropriate place to display biblical passages.

    • callmeme

      You disagree with them for wearing the shirts? Does that also mean you would disagree with someone wearing a “Gay Pride” shirt? Hopefully you would agree with he shirt that I’d wear…”You are an IDIOT”

    • johnfromdowntown

      nor is school a place for the other side to express thier controversial point of view. what is good for the goose is good for the gander

  • unknown

    people wear rainbow & gay pride shirts all of the time, there’s no biblical verse that supports the behavior. but now all of a sudden it is “taboo” when someone straight wants to express their views? makes no sense. leave these kids alone.

  • Arjay

    Would it be tolerated if some kids came to school wearing “White Pride” shirts? I don’t think so. Since society is accepting of only the majority sensibilty, such as “straight” or “white” those of us in minorities want to be seen and heard as well. Hence the need for Gay Pride or Black Pride. White and straight pride seem to be a given in society.

    • Snaz Jo Jo

      I guess racism as practiced by minorities is okay.

  • KC

    Free speach works both ways.

  • Greta Switch

    There is a need for minority pride, there is no need for White Pride, nor Straight Pride, nor Man Pride. If Straight white people want to wear pride shirts they could wear Equality shirts and show how proud they are to be educated.

    • martron

      funny how when one group does the exact same thing as another all of a sudden it is a problem, there is a need for white pride, straight pride, man pride or whatever, stop suppressing others because they have their beliefs, if you had half an education you might see that your own statements do not promote the equality your trying to preach

  • HellHathNoFuryLIkeAWomanScorned

    “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled; but God will judge fornicators and adulterers.” (Hebrews 13:4).

    So if these straight kids are having sex with each other than God will punish them too!

  • AR

    Schools do not allow hate speech. They do not allow for things like white pride or such. To be fair though, if someone had a gay pride shirt they should not be allowed to wear it. Rainbows, however, are not banned, nor are crosses. There are ways to express your feelings on things and show support without looking like a close minded bigot or making people feel threatened.

  • tabasco

    Gay Pride shirt = I’m not ashamed to let people know I am gay, thats all.

    Straight Pride shirt with Bible quote condemning Gays to hell = I find you morally reprehensible and hate you if you are gay and feel that you should have eternal punishment cast onto your soul.

    Yeah, totally turn about being fair play in this case. It wouldn’t even be bad if the shirt just said “Straight Pride”, might even be witty or comical. Once you add a bible quote saying they will being going to hell basically it becomes hate.

    If anyone finds that telling someone to go to hell sincerely is not hate needs to get their head checked.

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