If you think it’s late in the game, too late for the Cubs to fix Wrigley Field at our expense, remember what Yogi Berra said about the game ain’t being over until it’s over.

You never know what may happen in the bottom of the ninth in the Illinois General Assembly, especially during a session like the one that’s on now. A short one before the holidays when nobody’s watching, so the politicians can sneak into the budget things they want that the rest of us don’t.

And remember that the president of the Senate down there in Springfield, John Cullerton, is a Cub fan, a player down there in a Cub uniform. No doubt about that.

John Cullerton is a major player in the General Assembly, and the Cubs are in his district. And the Cubs owner, Mr. Ricketts, is a billion dollar constituent.

That’s why the “fix up Wrigley” game ain’t over yet.

Mister President Cullerton is still swinging his big bat, which means that his little teammates in the Senate may follow him to the plate. In which case, it won’t be the Cubs, but the taxpayers who strike out.

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