Education Activists Demand More Charter Schools

CHICAGO (WBBM) – A spirited rally saw more than a hundred community activists crammed into the Chicago School Board lobby in the Loop on Wednesday to demand an expansion of the Charter School System.

Activist South Side priest Father Michael Pflaeger asserted that both the teachers union and the school system are more concerned with protecting jobs, turf and power, than with educating the children.

Pfleger said he’s not pro- or anti-union, but says if neighborhood Chicago Public Schools continue to underperform, they should be shut down and replaced by charter schools.

The Rev. Walter Matthews, head of Clergy United for Education Reform, said he’d like to see the city’s current 91 charter schools doubled and he said all the regular Chicago public schools should be closed if they don’t perform.

The Coalition said each community should be allowed to determine whether its local school is performing or should be replaced with a charter school.

A charter school is a school usually created with an express philosophy and typically is not controlled by the local school district.

  • john

    I know Pflager and disagree with most of his rantings… not on this one. He is right on the money. Charter schools and vouchers… for every Chicago student… is the only way to bring Chicago’s education standards up to an exceptiable level.

  • Janet Larrew

    I dis agree . Students can perform on the test but many choose to under perform in Public schools. The main difference is that Parents most sign a promise that they will make the child follow rules and complete their work. In the public school we have no such agreement, If a child refusses to complete the work, often it is the teacher who is blamed. Parents dont feel they have to follow any rules and some accuse teachers of picking on their child. Even though the work is and should be completed by all the students in a given room. My child cant, wont and should not be asked to do this work.

  • Janet Larrew

    Chicago schools need our support instead of new schools. Teachers became teachers to make a difference, not to be punished. If parents would come to school, put the energy they have into supporting the whole school, then we would see the change. Every student has home work at night. If your student comes home and says I dont have any, create some and make an effort to find out why he/she has none. If your student comes home and says the teacher is picking on me , find out what occurred. Yes maybe he feels that way because the teacher asked him to finish his work. Find out first, dont just come in and threaten the teacher. Wedo have students who are quiet and work for a good grade. Some have IEPS and they cant do everything. Help us help them then.

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