Early Season Didn't Look As Promising

Before the Bears’ season even started many people thought that the it was doomed. And when the losses came, people’s out look became worse.

“You didn’t think they were going to get to this point after those losses,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And you started to look around, and maybe a little fear started to set in because those were bad losses, when you talk about mediocre teams like Seattle and Washington at home. And then they tried to pass them off as good football teams. And we all knew that [wasn’t true].

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“And they have a three game winning streak now. [The win over Miami] was their most impressive victory since defeating the Packers in week three. Some of these other wins they’ve had, you look at the opponent and say ‘oh boy, well that opponent is pretty lousy.’ This Dolphins team, while beat up [on Thursday night], is a physical football team. They play a style of football that the Bears have struggled with in the past. And the Bears had no struggle with that physical brand of football that Miami played [Thursday night].”

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