Poll Shows Emanuel Leading Mayor’s Race

CHICAGO (CBS) — The newest, independently-commissioned poll of Chicago Mayoral Candidates, tonight shows Rahm Emanuel far ahead of the other candidates in a crowded race for mayor.

But CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports that some other findings in the poll might be more surprising.

Out of the 2,200 pepole polled by the Chicago Retail Merchants Association – which does not yet support any of the candidates – 39% favored Emanuel.

His closest rival was former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun with 12%, followed by Gery Chicago at 9%, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis at 7%, and State Sen. James Meeks and City Clerk Miguel del Valle with 5% each.

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U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, who is unlikely to stay in the race, got 2%; all other candidates got just over 1% each.

However, 19% of those polled said they were unsure about their choice for mayor.

But perhaps most surprising was that Emanuel was the top choice of all racial and ethnic groups, with 52% of white voters, 32% of African American voters, and 28% of Hispanics.

Even so, all isn’t rosy for Emanuel, who was at Tuesday night’s Bulls-Lakers game in Los Angeles, where he’s celebrating the holiday with his top talent agent brother.

Not only did his Bulls lose, but he’s also now fighting at least two residency challenges filed on Wednesday.

One challenge was filed by Paul McKinley, a member of an ex-offenders group with no candidate affiliation.

“If you’re already going into office breaking the law, then you are already setting a pattern, setting an atmosphere and a tone that its business as usual,” McKinley said.

The Emanuel campaign has sent a detailed e-mail to its supporters, claiming “political games are being played to limit your choices for mayor.”

On a conference call late Wednesday afternoon, attorney Rich Prendergast – an Emanuel campaign expert – raised a new defense saying, “Illinois law says once you establish legal residence you have to abandon it, courts look to intent of the candidate, and Rahm never intended to make Washington a permanent home.”

At least one more challenge is expected to be filed on Friday.

  • h

    I am disgusted by this. I really wish they could stop him for running! He is not good for Chicago, he is evil. People that vote for him are in for a rude awakening!

  • brooke ashley

    I agree with Comment 1 – Rahm Emanuel is the worst person to be running for Mayor of Chicago. He is a corporation man all the way. He is a prominent DLC member which is as far to the right as you can go being a Democrat. The people of Chicago should ask themselves what did he do in a positive vein for the people of this country when he was Obama’s Chief of Staff. Obama surrounded himself with all corporation people who just expanded on the Bush/Cheney policies. Chicago can do much better by electing anyone other than this evil man. He should be running for Mayor of Wall Street.

  • Robert

    I lthink he’s going to make a great mayor for chicago with his connections to washington, Rahm Emanuel is the right man for the job!

  • gman

    If we elect Emanuel mayor we are asking for more trouble, this man is part of Daley’s machine we need to get away from these money grubbing jerks. We have to elect some we trust.

  • Capone

    “Daley’s Machine”?? Get a clue gman…look what Chicago is today. We will never see another Mayor like him. No matter who wins this city will be hurt, but Chico and Emanuel are the best ones to do it. I can’t believe Braun got 12%. She stole the taxpayers f’n money!!!! but uneducated minorities are clueless and vote for who can prolong their entitlements so they don’t have to do anything for a living. Continue to not work for themselves…….The closer to the right the mayor-elect gets, the better for Chicago.

  • RJRaven

    I was born & raised here in Chicago, went to the USAF after High School, spent four years away living in SanAntonio, Rapid City, Albuquerque & overseas in Ankara Turkey, and was legally considered a resident of Illinois & Chicago, both State & federal Veterans organizations concurred. I then lived in Southern California for 14 years, and until I bought property as my PRIMARY address out there in Ca., I was still considered a resident of Illinois/Chicago. (I am now back in Chgo).
    Rahm Emanuel has the right to run.
    He was out of State/City in service of OUR country.
    You have the right to vote for him OR anyone else!

  • Larry

    Raven, obviously we are not talking about military service. Plus, there is an ordinance in place regarding residency that pertains to those running for mayor. You’re talking apples and oranges.

  • A. Hubert

    If voters elect Emanuel (or any of these other clowns) you are as bad as the voters from Massachusetts! What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Hello….McFly!!!

  • Charlie Barlie

    Chicago bites, Rahm Emanuel bites–so why not elect him to run your awful failed city?

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