Purse-Snatcher Strikes While Guardian Angels Patrol Area

CHICAGO (CBS) – The Guardian Angels are out Wednesday night, escorting commuters on the Pink Line after a deadly attack. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports that another woman was robbed near the scene tonight.

Bobby Butler was trying to stop a robber from snatching a woman’s purse Monday night. But the “robber” opened fire, killing Butler.

The Guardian Angels say they’ll be out until the last train leaves the Central Park station Wednesday. They’re warning riders about a string of reported attacks in the area.

CBS 2 was there when an el passenger says a man ripped her purse from her hands.

Important papers, keys, and the contents of her purse were tossed on an el platform minutes after the reported purse snatching. The victim says it’s what happened when she refused to give money to her would-be attacker.

Blanca Garcia will get her belongings back. But it happened while volunteers were passing out flyers in a case where a robbery cost a man his life.

“It’s just incredible that we can’t be every place at one time. But when we are someplace, it could still happen in such a close proximity,” said Franklin Harris of Guardian Angels.

Bobby Butler

Bobby Butler (credit: Facebook)

Bobby Butler, 55, was trying to help stop an armed robbery. That victim got off the el Monday night and walked to her car where she was attacked.

Paul Rutherford of Cook County CrimeStoppers retraced her steps.

“She turned around and seen the guy, and she froze. She seen that he had a gun. He had his hand on his waist,” said Rutherford.

He says Butler ran from about a block away to the woman’s side.

“He yelled, hopefully tried to startle the guy and maybe he can run away,” said Rutherford. “But this guy was determined to grab that purse.”

The suspect shot Butler, then ran off down an alley.

Butler’s family joined hands tonight, hoping someone will help them find his killer.

“I don’t hate that he tried to help someone. I just wish it would have been a better outcome to the situation,” said Jeffrey Butler, Bobby’s brother.

Butler’s family says he was just released from jail about six months ago. He had started a new job and was trying to turn his life around.

Unfortunately, his family will now spend the rest of the week trying to collect money to pay for his funeral.

  • Antonio Carey

    RIP Bobby

  • krissy

    rip bj you were a good man and a good friend i was glad i got to no you when you live acroos the street from on gregory with gina and barb

  • Jay Bee

    The Guardian A&%holes should be ashamed of themselves for riding Mr. Butler’s coattails for some publicity. Mr. Butler is a real hero. All they do is beat up dangerous taggers. They are self-appointed and are accountable to no one. They have no authority yet pass between the train cars while they are moving as though they do and slow the train when they step onto the platform in their home-made uniforms to strike their arrogant at-attention pose for a moment before stepping back on. Please forgive me for ranting about them when the real story is Mr. Butler’s sacrifice but they stepped into the frame and needed to be smacked. God bless Bobby Butler and those who mourn him.

  • V-MAN

    Mr. Butlers story left me VERY ANGRY!
    This man steps in and in heroic fashion tried to help…. with NO regard for his own safety he did what I believe MOST people would NOT do!! The media then opens all of Mr. Butlers personal “closets”. We ALL have things in our past we wish we could change or wish they simply did not happen. What a terrible thing to tarnish a mans name after such a heroic act. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Butler

    • Fred Rivera

      The Guardian Angels are nothing but a bunch of self-promoting sissies. Real men do what they have to do. Sissies dress up and strikes a pose.

      • r.smith

        To Fred and JB.. You have NO CLUE as to what your talking about. The Guardian Angels risk their lives for strangers – even you! Id bet you’d welcome theirsight if you were being attacked by some gang of thugs!

  • r. smith

    Thank god for people like Bobbie Butler and the Guardian Angels. R. Smith, Florida.

    • Jay Bee

      I’ll tell you what I know. Nobody asked the Guardian Sissies to risk their lives and frankly you’d have a hard time convincing me that they do.

      I’m on public transportation all the time and all hours. In the last two or three years I have never seen them on the Blue Line when I’m riding it between midnight and 3:00 AM but I have seen them plenty of times on relatively crowded Red Line trains at not-past-their-bedtime hours. They seem to want to be out there when they can look cool in front of lots of people. At times when there are between 40 and 70 people in a car which means there would have to be, conservatively speaking, 15 or 20 cell phones in the hands of people who know how to dial 911.

      In the 31 years I have been riding the CTA I have stepped up when somebody weak was being harmed each time the situation arose and there’s nothing special about me. I’m sure there are plenty of others aboard at the times I see these little Brown Shirts (look it up) willing and able to do the same.

      Now each time I see them passing between the train cars I ask, “Is there an emergency?” , they say no-if they say anything-so I then point out that the sign clearly says Do Not Open, Emergency Use Only, and Authorized Personnel Only, adding “So there must be an emergency” I never manage to keep them engaged in conversation long enough to ask if they are authorized and if so, who authorized them.

      Very often by the time I ask the second or third one passing through that door the same questions, they begin to bunch up near me. This is intimidation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not intimidated but having two or three young men all wearing the same color shirts and little hats is behavior meant to intimidate.

      The next time it’s so crowded that I am standing in front of that door and some Guardian A%$hole wants to pass through it, I’m not moving. We’ll find out if they are poorly trained enough to put their hands on me. Speaking of training, what happens when one of these wannabees trained in a dojo tries a move on somebody who actually knows what actual for real life-or-death hand to hand in an urban setting actually is because they found out in the service of our country and certainly not so some nerd with self-esteem issues could put their hands on him because he won’t accede them any authority? Happy Thanksgiving.

      • HAL TURNER

        Franks own words.

        Now tell me if you would believe anything that he or his website has to say?

      • R. Smith

        @JAY BEE.. I DO know what I am talking about when I refer to the Guardian Angels real well.. You see, Ive been a member of the Guardian Angels for 26 years and have been VERY active throughout all those years other than a 6 year period of time when there wasnt a chapter near me. I have been on well over 1000 street patrols (leading most of them) and train every week (martial arts, patrol tatics and legal issues) with the Guardian Angels. I also study Tang Soo Do (A Korean style of martial arts) and go to an official school for that twice a week. I am known throughout the world of Guardian Angels as “Jaws” – wich is my street name. I would like to answer a few of your questions.. One thing you couldnt understand is why they “pop out the door of the train when it stops and (as you call it) strike a pose.” When the train stops they are looking out the door to make sure other Angels n that train that are in other cars do so too. If a door pens and an Angel doesnt give the all clear sign from his car – the other Angels know something is wrong and they immediately come to that car.. They are also checking the platform for acts of violence. So you see, there are reasons as to why we do certain things and it is because we are very well organised and trained in specific ways how to perform our duties.you complain that they travel from car to car. They are simply trying to make sure everyones safe. You said you wonder what they will do when you are on the car next time and you “Block” their way.. I would imagine (unless your causing a problem) they will be polite and ask you to let them get by. If you refuse, you will probobly be moved out of the way – thats exactly what I would do. You say you doubt they actually can handel themselves and wouldnt know what to do against a worthy opponent. I can assure you that they are ALL well trained and DEVOTED to each member on that patrol and work extreamly well as a team even in cases where we are WELL out numbered. A PATROL OF FULL FLEDGED GUARDIAN ANGELS IS A VERY FORMIDABLE FORCE. You complain that we seem to try to look tough?? Would we have an easier time dealing with some of the dreggs of society we have to deal with if we were dressed up in little Mary Poppins outfits? You should be thanking us for donating our time to protect people. You say you do the same thing and protect people. So join us.. Hopefully you can make it through our training program. Only 1 in 6 do. Look us up on http://www.guardianangels.org

      • The Great Frank

        EXACTLY, Jay Bee!! the GA are a bunch of mindless vegetables dressed up in their stupid and absurd clown suit!s! I’ve seen them run like hell when confronted with gang members on the subways. They are big at beating up innocent kids who want to express their artistic side by “tagging”, but when it comes to the real deal, they’re just bags of b.s. with berets like Sliwa, their god! They are no different than the cult stooges of Jim Jones, only Sliwa is their cult leader. Ever talk to one of them? Talking to a stray dog will get you a more intelligent answer! They strut around in their clown suits like they are some kind of “crimefighters”, but in reality, they are stooges who Sliwa uses to make millions! Why do they have to beg for money? Why is “Third Rail”, a Chicago GA only good a beating up elderly passengers and tagger, but runs like hell from real criminals? Because like Sliwa, he’s a bag of b.s. with a beret! Go to http://www.therightperspective.org and find out the truth about this violent Jim Jones cult and it’s leader. Kick the out of Chicago and off the CTA, NOW!!


    Jay Bee. Let me see, your mad because you claim the Guardian Angels beat up some taggers? You are the same guy that goes around all the time saying the same thing because the Guardian Angels busted your friends tagging. Now, what time of night do you think your friends were tagging? Go to youtube and type Guardian Angels arrest or southside west side chicago and you will see real arrest, real crime, at all times of the day and night. The fact that you see them all the time is proof that they are out patrolling. All you are doing is vandalizing CTA property. By the way didn’t the Guardian Angels bust your buddy’s on the blue line? It was well past midnight. If not ask your buddy’s what time they got busted and where at? So I think your the one riding coat tails on this post.

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  • Jay Bee

    @DJMENTAL, I’m mad because Guardian A$%holes behave as though they have authority and they don’t. I mention beating up taggers because I have seen the video of a tagger in Chicago getting stomped by Guardian A$5holes which has been removed because the idiot GA who posted it had to be told that four or five guys jumping some skinny kid who scribbled or painted on something sorta make you guys look like the police Academy rejects punks that you are.. I never said I see them all the time–do you know how to read? I said that when I DO see them it’s on relatively crowded Red Line trains at relatively normal times of the day.

  • Jay Bee

    @R.Smith, I’m not talking about “Blocking” anybody’s way. Do you, like DJMENTAL have trouble reading? (I think I’m noticing a pattern here) Obviously you have never conducted one of your heroic patrols on any Chicago elevated/subway trains because if you had you would know that when I talk about GAs passing between the cars, they are not using the doors that slide open for everybody to use getting on and off the train platform. I mean walking from one end of the car to the other and then going into the next car through a door that is clearly marked Do Not Open, Emergency Use Only, and Authorized Personnel Only. So if the train is so crowded that I wind up standing in front of that door I’m not “Blocking” anybody. Guardian Rejects have no authority to use that door and if I don’t feel like moving so they can use it, “moving” me will be assault, plain and simple.


    Jay Bee you said you do not see them between midnight and 3am on the blue line. The arrest of the vandals was after midnight on the blue line. By the way spray paint in Chicago is a felony. Also if people fight back then they have to be detained physically. The video is still up, you just have to be friends with the people who own the youtube page. Speaking of youtube, the Angels have a bunch of videos where they make arrest on the C.T.A. Even arrest with people who have guns and knives. So please tell me what you are doing to help others or make this city better? I can tell by the fact that you mention graffiti writers that you also must be one? So in that case you are committing felonies? Other wise your only beef would be that the Angels pass through the doors? Am I correct?

    • Jay Bee

      DJMENTAL, I think I already pretty clearly stated my objection is that the Guardian A$%holes are self-appointed and accountable to no one and behave as though they have some sort of authority when they don’t. I rubs me the wrong way. I believe vigilantism is a slippery slope.

      While I don’t feel the need to have you validate what I do to help others, I will say that it doesn’t require me to dress up and travel in packs while I do it or post it on YouTube.

      I already explained to you why I mentioned the tagger and you keep coming at with that “You must be one of them” BS. Do you have some kind of learning problem?

      I’m gonna quote your colleague R.Smith to make a point. Here is his response to my statement that I wouldn’t move for any GAs using a door they have no authority to use; “You said you wonder what they will do when you are on the car next time and you “Block” their way.. I would imagine (unless your causing a problem) they will be polite and ask you to let them get by. If you refuse, you will probobly be moved out of the way – thats exactly what I would do.”
      Mr Smith makes it clear that he would assault a person refusing to recognize false authority.that GAs claim. That is thuggery. I feel like I’m doing something to make this city a better place by not laying down for it.

      • DJMENTAL

        Jay Bee. he said he would ask you politely. Now if you want to get all big and bad when someone asks you politely then I think you have a problem? You claim you do not see them at certain times and lines. I told you they have numerous videos on those lines and real crimes caught on tape. Don’t get mad because they have videos up. If they did not people like you would just say what you wanted to and no one could verify if you were lying. Now they can and your mad.

        We can tell you do not like the Angels by how you call them. Yet your argument is just on personal feelings because your buddy’s were arrested for spray painting. Why would any law abiding paying customer on the CTA be mad that someone arrested some vandals?

        If people want to dress up to help others, let them do so in peace. You do not feel the need to validate what you do, then do not criticize those that do something and not just sit by and not get involved.

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